Setup (includes any or all of the following as required and is priced accordingly)
Nut adjustment

  • Height – depth of slots, nut itself
  • Angle of Slots – to compensate for angle to tuning machines
  • Slot adjustments – how the string lays ON the nut versus in the nut

Saddle adjustment

  • Height
  • Curvature – to match fingerboard
  • Intonation adjustments for each individual string

Fret level

  • Check relief of frets to neck
  • Neck curvature
  • File frets as required
  • Fret dressing
  • Clean & Polish frets
  • Clean fret edges – crown edges


  • Clean
  • Polish
  • Recondition

Tuning Machines

  • Tightening
  • Cleaning bits of metal out of gears
  • Oiling
  • Adjustment

Truss Rod adjustment (if available – acoustic or classical guitar)
Replace strings to your specification or my recommendation.

  • I only use Savarez Mixed Tension Corum Cristal or Alliance or D’Addario EJ44 -45-46s or Augustine Imperial or Oasis GPX Strings

Repair Work for Classical and Acoustic Guitars

  • Shaving fret ends – grinding and filing frets due to neck wood shrinking
  • Loose frets
  • Crowning and shaping of frets
  • Nut repair or Nut Replacement
  • Saddle repair or Saddle Replacement
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Strap peg repair

Finish repairs including lacquer and French Polish (shellac) including:

  • Wet Sanding
  • Polishing
  • Buffing

Having worked on various vintage instruments, I have the experience you need to get the job done correctly.
The focus is on maintaining the integrity and value of the instrument. These are my babies and I take care of them.

Please note that I am not doing full restorations any further.  I recommend Glenn Nichols in Massachusetts for detailed and excellent restoration work.

All repair and setup work is authorized by the customer.

  • I will inform you of my recommendations with detailed explanation.
  • Remember that my setups can be customized to your needs.
  • All work is done IN House. I do not send it out unless I feel it necessary because of time. The men that I use are some of the best luthiers in the North East of the USA

Additionally, my entire studio and workshop are fully and specifically insured for any and all contents regarding the full scope of my business. If you guitar is with me, it’s covered. My entire shop is covered by Clarion Insurance Group specializing in Instrument Dealer Insurance.

If it is sent to one of my luthiers, it’s covered for its full retail value. Period….no questions asked


I will be moving this section regarding Bellucci Guitars of to my blog in the near future.  It is pretty nasty reading, so please skip if you are concerned about damages to classical guitars built in Paraguay?  LOL

Now…very important.  In the past, I have done work on Bellucci Guitars – yes, the idiot and lying seller and purveyor of low end, Walmart quality classical guitars down in Paraguay.

No, Rich, tell me how you really feel?  OK, since you ask.

This jerkwad calls me last April of 2011 begging me to take down a 2 page review and photographs of one of his guitars, numbered in the 600’s mind you, where I detailed the problems, the fixes, the photographs, and so on.  It was horrible.  But you’re thinking that’s a one off problem.  Say nay.  I’ve inspected over 30 of his instruments.  I have repaired 9 of them.  I think I know of that which I speak.  Well, I tell him to offer an unconditional money back guarantee, at least to his North American clients and I will take the pages down.  After hemming and hawing, he in fact posts a suitable refund policy.  I told him to keep it consistent or I’m throwing the pages back up.  A month later, I get an email from a client who tells me his refund policy has reverted to his old ways.  I said, okie dokie, and put the pages back up after verifying his refund policy.

Listen, I don’t have anything to gain by hammering this lying idiot.  If anything, it is probably hurtful to me.  So why do it?  They are really that bad, they can be a bit expensive costing anywhere from $2200USD to $8000USD (why would you do this with anyone of a questionable reputation), and he really hurts people with the time and energy they spend on hoping for a great guitar and then being massively disappointed.  You are not going to get a good instrument.  It does not matter if Ana or Sharon or any other player is trying one of these instruments.  Did they switch guitars?  Are they now playing a Bellucci?  Seriously????

Please…please…please…Avoid his guitars.  They are too inexpensive to be of any quality, yet they are expensive enough that the throwing away of your hard earned money is going to hurt you.  He DOES NOT know how to build a guitar.  His men do not know how to build a guitar.  He uses green woods, not suitable for building.  He over finishes them.  The woods cannot breathe.  He uses incorrect frets (honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found mandolin frets on his classical guitars).  He doesn’t understand neck angles, set angles, heck, he doesn’t even get how to setup a guitar, nuts, saddle, whatever.  Come on…SERIOUSLY.  How many friggin’ guitars do you have to build to get it?  700 guitars later (maybe more) should do it, but no…it does not.

Look on his site at the Finish Section.   And I quote, “You’ll read a lot of nonsense regarding the type of finish that best sutes a classical guitar…..It is essential that you know that the type of finish will not make any difference whatsoever on the type of sound your guitar will produce. All finishes elevate the pitch of the instrument a little (most people will not notice the difference). The finish was first introduced to bring out the grain in the woods and offer some type of protection against the elements. The most luxurious type of finish today is Polyurethane. It is also the most laborious. It requires a lot of space, air compressors,  protective gear to apply and luthiers willing to do a lot of sanding and clean up work. This is the main reason why most European and US builders will try to convince guitar buyers that French polish is better, bla bla… It is not ! It is easy to apply and requires little or no infrastructure and practically no space to work and, since most US and European workshops are small, it fits Northern hemisphere builders to perfection.  French polish offers very little or no protection at all. 

OK, so first of all, French Polish is easy to apply?  Honestly, I don’t need to say another thing.  Mother of the Gods, this is as uninformed as it gets.  Ah, but 15 coats of thick Home Depot quality Water Based Polyurethane is the way to go?  Seriously?  hehehehe….moron.  Clearly it is better to choke the woods, inside and outside, attempting to cover up your incompetence and your green woods with Polyurethane, rather than use a tried and true method of finishing.

French Polish offers little to no protection??  Renato, you’re not supposed to play jacks and marbles on your guitar.

Better yet, if you dare to complain or not like the guitar he sent you, his customer service is to call you an insulting, inconsiderate liar and to block your emails as a spammer.

OH, and those positive reviews he posts.  Please.  A good friend of mine took a chance on one of his guitar, unknowingly.  Steve wrote back to complain numerous times.  Renato then proceeded to change the words of this email to a positive spin.  Steve was amused.  I was not.

Bottom line is you’ve been warned.  Buy from a reputable dealer or builder.  Yes, it probably costs more, but at least you’ll have a gorgeous guitar with recourse attached to it.   Now, I won’t post the pages again regarding the repairs on Bellucci, but I’ll send them to you if you ask.  I also stopped working on them 2 years ago, as they were a colossal pain in the ass.  Scraping tons of finish off of them, prepping them properly, and still with their problems because the woods seemed to be harvested the day he started building the damn things.  I will not repair them.  No one else in their right mind would repair them and quite frankly, you shouldn’t be buying one of these things.

By the way, I write this simply because I still get emails requesting refinishing and repairs of these god awful guitars (if you can call them that).   I will NOT work on them any longer, so please don’t write.

I also get HATE mail because of the unhappiness of people regarding their Bellucci (  They write to complain to me because Renato insults them and I get the emails as a venting point?  Well, I guess it’s understandable.  You have no recourse.  He’s in Paraguay for the love of the gods!!!  I feel bad for the waste of time and money and the emotional energy spent by people trying to negotiate with Renato.  He will disregard you after a certain point, especially if you decided to talk back to him about his guitars, he will simply keep your funds, or charge you $400 or more to send his guitar back to him.  Only to not have him be able to fix it because he’s the moron who built it in the first place? REALLY? LOL

Last check, his Refund Policy is that he has none.  You can get another guitar from him, but forget about getting your money back.  Not going to happen.

I feel it is my responsibility to warn people that they are throwing hard earned money away.

After all this explanation, someone questioned my motives?  Oh, he’s just trying to direct you to his shop.  Of course, I would rather you did business with me.  At least I have a REFUND Policy.  But please, do not come to my shop. I beg you to not call me if you are considering a Bellucci Guitar. Please feel free to go to one of my esteemed colleagues or luthiers in the business. At least you will have the chance to get the majority of your money back if you are unhappy with your purchase.   THAT is exactly how it should be and no other way.

You will not be so lucky if you buy from Renato Bellucci and

OK, rant is done.  You’ve been warned.  Thanks for listening and heed my words.  By the way, and I’ve said this before….Renato Bellucci is welcome to debate any of this with me in a public forum for the entire guitar world to witness.  It will be my pleasure.   I guarantee you, it won’t be his.


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