Savage Classical Guitar & Our Mission

  • Finding and Offering for sale the finest guitars in the world whether Classical Guitars – Flamenco Guitar or Acoustic Steel String Guitars
  • Be the Best at what I do and how me and Dan serve you in all ways. Dan Bouza is my trusted assistant and a very talented young man, knowing my methodology, setups, and sales procedures.  He is my right hand.  We put the personal touch on what we do, how we communicate, how we do business.
  • Be the best classical guitar store on the planet, hands down!
  • Offering the finest because I actually know what makes a fine guitar.  Some classical guitar shops pretend to know what’s up, offering a lot of “not so worthy” guitars.  Ask yourself, “how many not so great guitars did I see at the last shop I was at”?   Welcome to my shop – it’s been called the “candy store” and for good reason.  Come over and find out for yourself  LOL … It’s awesome here!
  • Offer our true expertise of 30+ years of restoration and knowledge as a performing studio and classical guitarist and professional.  There are no pretenders here.  We know our business.  I do this FULL TIME and have restored a hundred classical guitars in the last 35 years.  What other dealer can say that?
  • Deal honestly and fairly with you, whether you are a luthier, buyer or seller.  You are my customer and I take that seriously.  Easy to say.  Easier to do from my point of view.
  • Always be generous on both sides of the guitar, meaning the luthier and the client.  That includes a Full Accessory Package with all Concert Guitars AND free shipping on all guitars to the US and a discount on International Shipping…see tab “FREE Shipping” below.
  • I will always try to find the best price for you.  Call me after you call everyone else.
  • Make it a fun experience, one where you smile along the way, and most certainly, when it’s all said and done.  My classical guitar shop and business has grown on the back of my reputation as one of the nicest, fairest and openly honest people in the business.  I’ve been told “priceless”, but I’ll let you be the judge.

By Appointment with Rich Sayage – 631-335-5447