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Who is Savage Classical Guitar?

Savage Classical Guitar is confirmed as the largest classical guitar dealer and gallery in the world. Our unique and 2500 sq. ft. spacious classical guitar shop is located on the South Shore of Long Island,  NY, where we take pride in offering an array of classical concert instruments that goes above and beyond even the most discerning ear.

Over the last 2 decades, we have developed our stellar reputation and passion for curating outstanding work from the finest luthiers around the world. We have made it our purpose to find guitars of unprecedented quality and sound, bringing them together under one roof.  It is because of this, our extreme attention to detail and quality, that we only offer guitar showings on a by-appointment basis. This ensures that we are giving you the time, attention and space needed to discover a guitar that will change your relationship with music.

Through this process and the unique classical guitar store we have built, we believe that we have crafted a unique experience for artists, collectors and hobbyists to find a new voice with zero pressure.  It is up to you to find the guitar…we simply aid you in your quest.

We believe in one simple principle: You do not choose the right guitar. The right guitar chooses you.

Contact us today for your first appointment 631-335-5447

The crisis regarding Covid-19 has had a  clear affect upon all of us, in one form or another.  The need for separation, social distancing and intelligent behavior has to be recognized by all of us.  Clean protocols need to be in effect, as they are here in my gallery at all times.

My point here is that we are always practicing clean protocols, wiping guitars, cases, boxes and packaging down with virus killing disinfectant (boxes and cases, not guitars!  Yikes).  The gallery is spotless as well.  I sustain inspection and cleaning on every single one of our instruments here every 3 months.  We begin our cycle at the beginning of every quarter, taking us 2-4 weeks to complete, where we are ramping up for a new round of maintenance as of April 1, 2024. Please note that Ryan and I are also vaccinated against the virus, having had my 4th Booster Shot in mid-November, while Ryan had his as well.  To be clear, you must be vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter my gallery!  No exceptions.

We are OPEN for business, where Ryan and I are working regular hours of late, where we are still “clean vigilant”, but the secret is, we have always been, this is nothing new for us, including the above stated cleaning and maintenance of our guitars.   I am available to you most anytime of the day via my phone/text and email, 631-335-5447 and – We are committed to sustaining our community with the beauty of music, the pure safe haven of joy regarding the instrument we all love and cherish, and the people that support our great society.  Be well, be safe, be smart all while knowing that I am always here to listen and provide you with this wonderful outlet of creating music.

New Arrivals

Classical Guitar Luthiers Recommended & Represented by

Savage Classical Guitar

I work with and represent over 140 Luthiers around the world

Luthiers who wish to work with Richard F. Sayage and Savage Classical Guitar

Please contact me via email

Call me at 631-335-5447

Luthiers A to F

Luthiers A-F

Luthiers G to M

Luthiers G-M

Luthiers N to Z

Luthiers N-Z

On Going Specials

 By Appointment ONLY! Please call Rich at 631-335-5447
$30 OFF All Alessi Tuning Machines
USPS UPS & FedEx Shipping of ALL guitars to the US & Int’l
Full Line of Gotoh Tuning Machines including 40G2000

Guitars priced $4K to $5K

Guitars priced $5-7.5k

Need Guitar Assistance?

Call Savage Classical Guitar and Rich Sayage at 631-335-5447

International Callers Please Dial: 1-631-647-4572

Also available on SKYPE:  savage.classicalguitar

Shipping Costs to US & International Destinations

Shipping Costs have become expensive to the point where we have to charge for the service.

I have made available USPS & FedEx (can be substituted with UPS) rates for Guitar and Case shipping, as well as Book, Machines and other Accessories

Please do NOT use MEDIA MAIL for shipping Guitars or Cases..thank you.

USE USPS Priority or FedEx Ground – other delivery windows and rates are available to you once you put your Zip Code into the dialog!

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