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Here is a wonderful email from Beat Pfluger of Switzerland.  He ordered numerous accessories and books besides the gorgeous 2015 Max Sipe Cedar classical guitar from our shop.  It took a day to put together, but it would seem, we did good and Beat is very happy.  Max builds a sweet guitar.  Beat loves it.  What more can you say…Awesome!


2015 Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar Cedar EIRW

2015 Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar Cedar EIRW

Hi Rich,

now it is already more than three and a half week i got the Maxwell Sipe Cedar Guitar
from you, time to give you a feedback.

I would be very excited when I opened the box and case and saw the guitar for the first time
in a perfect condition. It became immediately clear i had Christmas already on Dec 9! 🙂
What a beautiful and amazing guitar!  A REAL GEM!! The last 10 days i had the time to play
a lot on it, it made me very addicitve. I love to play on this guitar than ever before on any
other instrument.

I’m very grateful that i could buy this guitar (and luckily nobody else picked it before…) so
I would like to thank you. Thank you that you offer such great instruments which makes
people a lot of joy! Thank you too for the Music you are writing and arranging. I am very
fond of your style how you play and compose. And thank you for taking your time and
handling my order and questions in a smooth and easy way!

I still listen many times a day the pieces you play with the Maxwell Sipe 2015 Cedar and 2014
Spruce. Thank you for sharing the information about the Sor Op. 35 no 17 D Major.
Are the first part (0.00-1.23 min.) and last part (5.00-5.26) of your playing on the MS Cedar
(151021-max-sipe-cedar-2015) and the one on the MS Spruce (140209-max-sipe-2014-spruce)
your own compositions? What are the names of this pieces? I fear this pieces (and others, easy
playing ones) are not available as sheet Music, or i am wrong? Please let me know…
Otherwise i have to listen many many times and figure it out by myself how to play ;)…..

Rich, I would like to wish you and your Family a happy new year. I hope you were able to take
a break from your work too to relax and spend some time with your relatives.
Wish you good health and good luck in 2016!

Beat Pfluger

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