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Daryl Perry – Classical Guitar Luthier

The below content is taken from Daryl’s site.

Daryl Perry Classical Guitar Luthier

Daryl Perry Classical Guitar Luthier

I’ve been making classical guitars since 1982. Early in my career, I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Jose Romanillos, who introduced me to the central ideas of the Torres school. I have been working with these ideas ever since, refining my understanding of them and developing the craftsmanship that brings them to life.

The ideas of Torres are flexible and adaptable and have formed the foundation for the evolution of the guitar from the 19th century, through the 20th and into the 21st century, as the demands upon the guitar have changed. My development as a guitar maker has been more one of discovery of rather than reinvention of the guitar. I make historical reproductions as a way of discovering and inheriting the tradition. My concert guitars are my contribution to its evolution.

It is my conviction that there is no substitute for the intimate knowledge of the materials that comes from working by hand with hand tools. This understanding is invaluable in unlocking the musical potential of these materials.

I have received a number of awards for my work, allowing me to do historical and practical research in Europe and North America.

In 1994, two of my guitars were displayed at Canada’s national museum, The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec.

Daryl Perry Classical Guitar #198

Daryl Perry Classical Guitar #198

A Perry guitar represents the finest in design, materials and craftsmanship.

It is the product of a deep commitment to make the most complete musical instrument possible, one with the potential for the fullest range of musical expression.

Perry guitars have a full, open sound with deep, well defined basses, clear singing trebles and a strong articulate mid-range. They have a broad dynamic range and an extensive colour palette, and are capable of excellent projection. They are heard in many of the world’s concert halls in both solo and chamber music performances.

Perry guitars are made using well aged spruce, rosewood, maple, cedar, mahogany and ebony. I work alone using traditional methods and produce a limited number of instruments each year. My uncompromising standard of craftsmanship pertains to all areas of the guitar – structural integrity, playability and all aesthetic details, but most importantly to quality of sound.

My work is inspired by the great makers of the past, notably Torres and those who were inspired by his work before me. A Perry guitar contains no carbon fibre, has only one sound hole, one soundboard and the fingerboard is not raised. Instead, it uses traditional designs that are known to produce great guitars.

Daryl Perry Concert Classical Guitar

This is my version of what I believe a modern concert guitar should be. It draws heavily on historical influences and places them in a contemporary context.

It has evolved in dialogue with some of today’s finest guitarists. In this guitar, I strive to keep the beautiful, soulful and transparent sound of the Torres instrument in a guitar that is both powerful and very well balanced. It is ideal for today’s concert halls and recording studios.

You can hear Fabio Zanon and Roland Dyens perform using my guitars.

Please see our current listings of Daryl Perry Classical Guitars

TOP:European spruce
BACK & SIDES:Indian Rosewood
NECK:Spanish cedar with V-joint
BODY LENGTH:48.7 cm.
BODY WIDTH:36.3 cm.
NUT WIDTH:52.0 mm.
BACK & SIDES:Indian rosewood, maple
GEARS:Sloane, Alessi,
Graf or Rodgers
Since each guitar is individually made by hand, it is possible to alter the string length and fingerboard width.