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I was born in Padua on the 28th of April 1985. Since I was a child I have always had a passion for guitars and for music in general. Immediately after graduating I discovered the world of luthiery. I attended the “Scuola di Artigianato Artistico del Centopievese” in Bologna, after which I opened a shop, dedicating myself to the construction of classical guitars and specialized assistance for stringed instruments. For more than 11 years in Padua I have been taking care of the instruments of each of my clients with the utmost professionalism and building classical guitars to the highest construction standards.

Andrea provides a full range of services, including setups, repairs, restorations, finishing and French Polish work, which makes him golden in my eyes.  A luthier must be able to do it all, as should a guitar dealer.  We need to be able to assess a great guitar, measure angles, and make adjustments.  A man after my own heart, the epitome of the meaning, Luthier.

He lives and works in Padua (Padova), Italy, where you can find his shop on via Guanella 2.

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