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Bob Desmond

Bob Desmond, Manuel Velazquez, Augi LoPrinzi “I have been building fine concert classical guitars since 1991. In that time, I have had much success and very few failures. I’ve had lots of help along the way, and would like to acknowledge the following makers for their contributions to my knowledge base.

Jose Matta was my first “teacher” and has become a good friend as well. Jose is a retired engineer, who fell in love with the classical guitar at an early age, and started making fine guitars some twenty years ago. Also, I would like to acknowledge Robert Ruck, for his tremendous help in the early and continuing years. Finally, I received some critical knowledge from Jeffrey Elliott, Cynthia Burton, Augustino LoPrinzi, Elman Concepcion and Ervin Somogyi, to all of whom I am deeply grateful. A special thanks to my dear friend Gene Duncan, who has encouraged me from the beginning and continues to uplift my spirit daily. Without his friendship I would be lost.

I was very fortunate to meet the legendary classical guitar maker, Manuel Velazquez, in 1992. It is through his teachings and encouragement that I have become a guitar maker. Maestro Velazquez has shown me, through his own instruments, what qualities a great guitar should possess.

With maestro Velazquez’ teachings always in mind, I go about my daily work, attempting to build world class instruments, in the style of Torres, Hauser, and Santos Hernandez. The work that I do is not easy, and that’s what I like about it.

I am continually challenging myself in the difficult work that I do, never being satisfied with my past accomplishments, but always looking towards the future, and what new challenges might lie ahead. I never build the exact same guitar twice, trying continually to improve my work based on past experiences. Each guitar is an entity in itself, entirely unique, one of a kind. Working in this manner gives me much freedom to make changes as I see fit. I usually let the wood lead me in the right direction.

I have studied many fine guitars from past and present makers, and this has become my main avenue of education. I’m continually surrounded by the guitar! Each night I go to bed dreaming of the next days accomplishments and what might be possible.

Engulfed in my work each new day, I appreciate every minute spent at the workbench, surrounded by many precious woods. I am forever grateful to my beautiful wife, Teresa, for letting me share my love for this wonderful instrument.”

My own thoughts on the great Bob Desmond of Orlando, FL

Bob is old school, in all ways.  Meeting him, you are immediately taken with his care for his work.  His pride in his work.

He doesn’t mail the guitars to me.  Every time I’ve taken guitars from him, he drives the 1200 or so miles to me and hand delivers them.    If that’s not old school, I don’t what is?  LOL

On February 11, 2019, I flew down to Orlando and drove back the next day with 4 guitars, this one among them.  I had to choose 2 from his batch of 7 available, and well, this one was a clear winner.  They were all gorgeous, meticulous in the build, sublime in their sound and play, but I could only choose 2.  The other 2 are the 1971 Hauser II and the 1978 Friederich I now have available.  Bob owned these 2 guitars, studied them thoroughly, made plans, drawings, measurements, thicknesses, attempting to discover the secrets of what made them tick.  Mind you, he was also a student of Manuel Velazquez for over 17 years.  This is why, with authority, I can say the below…

Bob is a great guy, super builder, with an ear and a dedication reserved for the best in the world at what they do.  He is a true master in his craft, one of, if not, the top builder in this country at this time.  His dedication, his knowledge, coupled with his ability to execute is truly extraordinary.  He would never say any of this, but I can and I have said it out loud.  This guitar and the others listed are some of the most beautiful and musical guitars I’ve ever laid hands on.  I am truly honored that Bob has chosen me as his exclusive dealer and representative to the playing public.  I can’t say it any other way.

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My current inventory of Bob Desmonds guitars can be viewed here

Bob Desmond in his workshop detailing his 2019 Desmond Hauser