Douglass Scott

douglass-scottI have been playing the classical guitar since age 7, and have a Bachelor of Music degree. I still continue to practice guitar and to learn about music – history, theory, performance practice, etc. This knowledge and skill are indispensable in my guitar making. They play a big role in the instruments I build and in the way I can relate to my customers.

My first few guitars were made in the late 1990’s from lumber yard wood following Sloane’s and Cumpiano’s books for instruction. Some years later, In 2002, I attended a guitar building and repair school called Timeless Instruments where I built my 4th guitar and received a more formal orientation to lutherie. Soon after, I got a job at a well respected and established stringed instrument repair shop called Old Town Strings, in Victoria BC, where I was living at the time. The owner, Dave Cahill, is an outstanding repair person and in his shop I learned the gamut of specialized guitar making and repair skills.

I have also studied French polishing and a handful of specific hand tool techniques with the renowned master luthier and teacher of lutherie, Geza Burghart. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), I learned to refine my control over the guitar’s tone through several years of working closely with Mikhail Robert, whose instruments are prized by professional musicians worldwide for their unsurpassed acoustic quality.

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Douglass Scott