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About Eduardo Bossa

“During my entire life, there have always been two different aspects of my personality that have acted as my motivators. One side is the rational, scientific, exacting, and we could also say gentle side of me. The other side is the artistic, intuitive, unpredictable, and volatile part of my personality. Most of the time one of the two sides would try to take over the other, forcing me to choose a direction in life favoring one of these aspects. But they both would always be very present, alive and kicking.

That is how I became an engineer, and how I also studied classical guitar for many years. But every time I dedicated myself to one of these activities, there was always an unfavored side of my personality that would not let me be complete. And then I got interested in guitar making.

As a young guitarist I was always fascinated by the mysteries of a guitar. As an engineer, I wanted to know how it worked, why it was designed the way it was, and how changes to its construction aspects affected the final result. As an artist, I was captivated by the beauty of the sounds it produced, the aesthetic charm of the instrument itself, and the sheer musicality of the entire package. I studied every guitar I could get my hands on, I listened, I observed. I read everything I could about guitar making. But I could never find the courage to start making a guitar.

One day I met luthier Alberto Paredes, who very calmly and matter of factly explained that I could build guitars, I just had to work hard at it. So together with him I built guitars and repaired guitars. And suddenly I found that the scientific and artistic sides of me were no longer fighting each other, but rather working together to achieve my goals in guitarmaking. That is the day that I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to making the best guitars I could.

Now I build guitars in my shop in Cartagena, Colombia, using a combination of traditional and modern methods in order to offer beautiful guitars suited for today’s guitarists.”

Rich Sayage & Eduardo Bossa at Savage Classical Guitar

Rich Sayage & Eduardo Bossa at Savage Classical Guitar

Eduardo came to the gallery on May 4, 2018 to visit with me and show me 2 Recital Guitars that he was using for demo work to various dealers.  I told him to stop looking as I would be happy to represent him here in the USA.  I have his Cedar Lattice Recital guitar and he’s sending his Spruce Traditional next week from Florida, before he returns home.  He is an intelligent, thoughtful, precise and well-spoken engineer and luthier, building excellently crafted instruments at a price point that fills the gap between $2500 and $3000 here in the States.  It will be my pleasure to represent this luthier here in the United States.

Please feel free to peruse our available offerings from this delightful South American builder here