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Fine hand crafted concert-quality guitars – Double Top, Traditional, Flamenco

Frederich Holtier was born in 1947 in Romania. He began his music studies at the age of eleven, learning to play cello. Later, he attended the Music Conservatory in Bucharest where he graduated with a Master’s degree in music theory and education. It was during his time as a student that he began to learn about the process of instrument building by helping his father build guitars.

He then embarked on a career as a music teacher. After six years of teaching, he decided to change course and enter the field of industrial design.

Frederich Holtier - Savage Classical GuitarIn 1988, he left Romania, emigrating first to Germany, then to the United States. Since 1995, Frederich has been building classical and flamenco guitars professionally.

He is a self-taught luthier. Despite the difficulties associated with this process, looking back at it now, he cannot imagine having done it any other way. The fact that he neither sought nor received guidance, gave him the freedom to follow his own path, free of myths and misconceptions. Frederich’s combined music and technical experiences give his work a distinguished character sought after by discriminating players.

He is a member of the Guild of American Luthiers (GAL) and has exhibited at the Guitar Foundation of America (GFA) conventions in Charleston, NC, Montreal, Canada, Oberlin, OH. Other festivals include: Healdsburg, CA, Akron, OH, Buffalo, NY, Sinaia, Romania and Acadia, Nova Scotia. *

*taken directly from Frederich’s classical guitar website

Frederich Holtier builds a superior classical guitar, one that is beautiful in workmanship and his craftsmanship, equaled in its sonority, resonance and bold direct nature.  The musicality of his classical guitars as a whole is plentiful in its expression and subtlety, all while exhibiting incredible power and projection.

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