Jean Rompré Classical Guitar Luthier


Detail Back of Headstock of a Rompré

Attracted by the tone of the guitar, Jean Rompré started making guitars as a teenager in the early 1980’s, a hobby that he pursued during his science studies until 1986, the year that he entered his first lutherie school in Montréal, Quebec. He then studied with Neil Hebert in Québec City in 1989 and finally with Micheal Dunn in Vancouver in 1990.

After two years of apprenticeship in a repair shop, he established his own workshop in 1992, in downtown Montreal, doing repairs, restorations and construction of traditional classical guitars. He was then invited in 1997 to teach guitar making and guitar repair at the École National de Lutherie in Québec City, a function that he kept until 2002 preferring to focus on construction.

The model created that year, an all solid wood carved back guitar with a raised fingerboard, became his main model and has been chosen by concertists, university teachers and other players of high level in Canada, the United States of America, Asia and Europe.

His one man shop is now located in a quiet country side in the province of Quebec, near Drummondville, where he currently produces around 10 guitars a year.



Jean Rompré Classical Guitar #149 Cedar w/EIRW

Jean Rompré
Classical Guitar #149
Cedar w/EIRW

Jean Rompré Classical Guitar #148 Spruce w/EIRW

Jean Rompré
Classical Guitar #148
Spruce w/EIRW

Jean Rompré

Western Red Cedar (to the left)

European Spruce (to the right)

East Indian Rosewood

An absolutely gorgeous pair of concert guitars

$13,000 +

These Classical Guitars are incredible in every regard

They must be played and seen to be appreciated

for their beauty and musicality