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Lucio Antonio Carbone Luthier – Milan, Italy

Lucio Antonio Carbone

Lucio Antonio Carbone (right) with Richard Sayage in Rome 2018

Lucio Antonio Carbone was born in Milan in 1959. As a self-taught luthier, he built his first guitar in 1976 as a hobby.  His studies and work in Physics came to an end in the early 1980’s when he devoted himself to his real passion, the building of fine instruments.

At the beginning of his new career, his main interest was in the American Tradition of Steel String Instruments.  Towards 1986, he approached classical guitar construction, and by 1989 had opened a small store in his home town of Milan, next to his workshop, where guitars, strings and other accessories are sold.

Over time, Lucio has become the trusted luthier for several eminent brands, which rely on his workshop for their customer assistance.  This, coupled with his extensive restoration work on 19th and 20th Century instruments, has allowed him to gain wide knowledge of building methods and procedures.

This overall experience has led to educational opportunities, such as seminars and courses in Conservatories and Universities, as well as contributions to some specialized magazines.

His overall inspiration is to the traditional instruments in the style of Torres and Hauser, as defined by the elegance of voice and dynamic equilibrium.  Over the time of his extensive career, Lucio has had the opportunity to select and season woods properly, where his selections now start at an age of 20 years or older.  He finishes his guitars in the classical style of French Polish or shellac, all while using only the finest materials from woods, to machines to finishing.

My own observations, notes from Rome (meeting with Lucio in Rome was a highlight for me), all told me that this man must be represented in my gallery.  His instruments have a wholly traditional affect, in the Spanish and German style, all while evincing the pure Italian nature of coupling voice with power, lyricism with projection.  These are enviable traits in a guitar, clearly mastered by the majority of Italian luthiers, where Lucio Antonio Carbone stands out amongst the best of the traditional builders.

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