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Luigi Bubba

The fascination for classical guitars has been present in Luigi Bubba’s life since a very young
age. (born 1964 in Crotone (I), lives in Bolzano). Although he first got in touch with the
instrument through his musical studies, he soon developed a strong passion for luthiery and
guitar building techniques.
Since then, he worked as a professional luthier for nearly twenty years, exhibiting his
instruments in countless national and international fairs.
His mastery of the craft starts through a series of professional luthiery courses where he
acquires specific guitar and violin building skills and techniques, that he will later enrich though
exchanges with different luthier. Of particular relevance for his professional development was
the time spent at Luciano Maggi’s lab, a guitar maker near Arezzo, where he refined his
technical skills and his knowledge of woods, and his sensibility in the evaluation of their
Over the years he was able to develop his own original building techniques by examining
countless guitars of historical makers and carrying out research. His guitars, based on the
classical tradition, embody an original approach that mixes historical construction techniques
with personalized forms, modifications and technical details aimed at enhancing their tonal
His passion and care carry over to his instruments which are entirely hand made, starting with
the raw wood and premium quality materials.
All the shellac finishes are hand made using the traditional French polish technique. Each
instrument is carefully developed and assessed through every construction phase, until it
reaches its final form.
The woods used to build his instruments are premium quality woods with excellent acoustic
characteristics. They are rigorously aged by slow natural methods and carefully chosen for
their ability to offer the best tonal qualities.
Played in Italy and abroad, his instruments are appreciated particularly for their clear and open
sound, the balance between the low and high registers and their lightness and manageability.

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