Manuel Adalid Classical Guitars

In Valencia , a city located south of Europe and along the Mediterranean Sea, we find ESTEVE, the most prestigious craft workshop of the SPANISH GUITAR.

It was in 1957 when Francisco Esteve ,Manuel Adalid and Antonio Monfort decided to create his first guitar workshop and begin their journey in the construction of this instrument.

Later, Manuel Adalid’s son committed fully to promoting the name of ESTEVE worldwide, incorporating new techniques in construction and design , adapting to the demands of the international market, but always keeping alive the spirit of traditional craftsmanship .

The team of 52 craftsmen working in Esteve is its main asset. A group by vocation, with a millenia of experience and learning between them, these are men who love their work and enjoy every piece ending, every creation that comes of their hands.

Thanks to all this, Esteve Guitars, as well as the name Manuel Adalid Jr. are known and appreciated throughout the world for its sound and excellent finish, by the exquisite materials with which they are built and for that rare combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques used in its construction.

Manuel Adalid Classical Guitars

Manuel, – his father Manuel Sr. – his son Manuel Jr III

Esteve , a Spanish guitar with soul that offers inspiration thru the skill of its interpreter’s hands and ears with purity and charm.

– taken directly from the Guitarras Esteve web site.
Playing his own Anniversario models, Torres – Hauser and Lacote models , it becomes very clear the man is obsessed with the best build in a classical guitar that he can offer at a generous price to the playing public.

Savage Classical Guitar will be offering a continuing sample of Manuel’s best work as well as his student and conservatory level instruments from his Francisco Esteve line of classical guitars.

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Manuel is a man of tradition, in all aspects of his life, from work ethic to the way he sits and speaks with you. He reminds of my own father, though he is only 10 or so years my senior. A love of life, and a love of guitar and the people who make music with them is very evident, when speaking with him. He has taken the Esteve name as well as his own, to new heights of quality and construction, experimenting endlessly with various techniques, those that have created his Especial and Anniversario models. His C/B construct, found in the 7 C/B – 9 C/B and other higher end models are a wonder of sound and projection. A true artisan, he is never satisfied, studying even to this day, with other luthiers to learn what they know regarding construction, modeling, polishing, shellac, and so on. It is wonder in and of itself, because as a master, you would think him steady in his ways, not needing to learn or think he has anything left to learn. My personal experience is what I wrote above. He never stops, taking precious time of his own schedule to fly here to speak with and learn more from the best luthiers our own USA has to offer.

Manuel Adalid and his private Alboraya Label

My latest developments with Manuel are to have his private label guitars here, in my classical guitar shop. I am the sole distributor of this very special piece of Manuel’s life and work.

Part of the studio’s inventory now carry Manuel’s Alboraya Label which are a product of his private workshop, where he is doing the design and the building. Only the finishing is handed off to his local expert French Polishing crew, which is a great idea, allowing him to build better and faster guitars. You can see the private Alboraya label in the following link.  These guitars have a different label and are personally signed by Manuel.  Believe me, these guitars are crazy good, including his ’37 Hauser Bench Copy (which is an identical reproduction of the Segovia Model from that era), his La Catedral guitars (a new development by Manuel regarding Double Top Construction), his Reyes Negra and Classical Guitar and a special Savage Classical Guitar Custom Shop Guitar developed with me and my clientele in mind. Believe me, these are seriously incredible guitars.

Manuel Adalid Alboraya Label

A differentiation of Manuel’s Alboraya shop versus his Esteve Adalid manufacturing facility is in order.  I understand that there is much confusion.  Rightly so, as Manuel himself, must bear responsibility for this confusion.  Branding has been an issue for as long as I’ve represented Manuel, and probably earlier.  I’ve spoken with him about simplification of the overall branding.

Thus, in 2019, Manuel finalized plans to call all production level guitars, even those higher end Torres and Hauser guitars, under the “ESTEVE” label.

Manuel’s personal workshop is classified as “Adalid Alboraya” representative of his home and personal workshop.

So, All Esteve guitars, from Model 3 through Model 12, The older Adalid Model 1, the Hauser, Torres, Romantic (19th Century Model), are all under the ESTEVE label.

His Alboraya shop is responsible for all Bench Copies, such as this one, his Hauser Bench Copies, and his custom Catedral models.  OK, hope this helps.

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Manuel Adalid Classical Guitars

Headstock from the Adalid Anniversario


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Manuel Adalid Classical Guitars

Adalid Anniversario Rosette Work