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About Mark Usherovich Guitars

Mark has more than 14 years of experience building fine, handmade concert classical and flamenco guitars. Currently located in Ontario, Canada.


      Mark Usherovich started making guitars in 2004 in Jerusalem, Israel. The timbre of bowed (violin and cello) and percussion instruments had a tremendous influence of the tonal characteristics he preferred in the guitar. Before he started building guitars, Mark made wooden skin drums as a hobby. This helped him to feel the rhythm and dynamic nature of musical sound. Later on, he was able to incorporate these qualities into his guitars.

      All guitars built by Mark Usherovich have their own distinguished sound personality. His interaction with a diversity of people and his extensive travel through different parts of the world has given Mark a feel for the rhythm and folkloric nature of those he has met. Guitar building for Mark is a personal expression of life.


  Mark’s more serious study of the guitar began when he met Tom Blackshear from San Antonio, Texas, whom he is indebted to greatly for sharing his knowledge and experience with Mark.

Tom passed on his unique fine tuning technique, and in many other ways helped Mark understand the acoustic nature of how guitars work: how to tune the body resonances, and how to control the direction and quality of the sound as its produced.

      As a result, Mark was able to use this understanding to develop his own construction by combining the sound of traditionally built instruments with modern ideals of power, dynamics, and playability.

      To this day, Mark and Tom remain good friends.


  Among the old traditional guitar makers, Mark finds the most interesting and inspiring Santos Hernandez, Antonio de Torres, and Miguel Rodriguez.

      Mark’s guitars are lightweight, and have an immediate response and a thick, bold sound. His instruments are one-of-a-kind works of art. They combine playability and response with tonal warmth and power.

  • extracted from Mark’s website

Mark, in my expert opinion, has a wonderful and scientific sense of sound, creation of such, tempering said sound, creating instruments that are at the top of what is required to create a truly superb classical guitar.  Couple that with an obvious passion for his art and the fact that he is such a down to earth nice guy, create the perfect partnership of mastery of his craft.

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2019 Mark Usherovich Signature Cedar Pau Ferro

2019 Mark Usherovich Signature Cedar Pau Ferro