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Maxwell Sipe


Maxwell’s Guitar Shop

Lutherie is the perfect combination of art and craft.

My journey into lutherie is a natural one.  As a kid I was always drawing and making model planes and cars. Simultaneously, I was involved in music.  I had piano lessons starting in the 1st grade and I played music all the way thru college.  I graduated with a BA in music from the University of Portland and studied classical guitar with Jeffrey Ashton and Scott Kritzer as well as attending numerous master classes.  While teaching music and performing after graduation,  I was always preoccupied with other projects; building furniture, painting cars, fiberglassing, etc… which led to me to try my hand at lutherie.  It was a good feeling to be able to connect two of my passions – music and a hands-on construction project.  I made my first guitar in 2005 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

-Taken directly from Max’s website.

Maxwell is an extremely talented luthier and player as well.  Bringing his playing experience to the table allows him to build a guitar that will satisfy just about any other player, coupled with excellent workmanship, clean, elegant lines and a beautiful voice from his instruments.

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Maxwell T. Sipe