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Olivier Fanton d’Andon

399px-ofdandonOlivier Fanton d’Andon comes from a family of musicians. He learned the flute at an early age and later the classical guitar. He pursued medical studies, but decided to make musical instruments instead. He has received many awards for his lutherie work, culminating in his designation as “Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur,” the highest national distinction in France.

Born in France in 1953, Olivier Fanton d’Andon by a particular life course and his artistic temperament reaches a very high level of quality in the construction of his instruments,
He has won an irrefutable world renown for his extraordinary work: precision, perfection, mastery of art, permanent research, creativity, are all remarkable points of his work

He graduated as Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1986 and is not the only prize or reward he has so far received for his exceptional work
Established now for more than twenty five years, Olivier Fanton d’Andon is one of the great luthiers of these times, each instrument that leaves his studio is a real concert guitar

The technical inventions of Olivier Fanton of Andon are absolutely exceptional, many other luthiers recognize it as reaching an amazing level in the finishes of its instruments. Each nook, every detail of his guitars is realized with perfect care and an extraordinary precision. Beyond the lutherie, it is effectively Grand Art. Yes, you need the budget for it, but it is second to none!

Roland Dyens and Antigoni Goni are among the concertists who play a guitar by Olivier Fanton of Andon and as described by Roland Dyens these guitars are “a rainbow sound”

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My own lengthy discussions with Olivier, from the initial phone call, where we could barely communicate (my French is 35 years old and suffers from Most-Timers), to the numerous email exchanges (using Translate), have told me that he is a man of my own heart.  His very soul and being seemingly are transported into each of his creations.  This guitar he is finishing for us has been given a detailed description, but more, I can feel his excitement, his energy for the instrument.  He is committed to his craft and is a true master of it.  He is gracious, kind, generous with his time and yet I can feel his fierce pride in what he does, his statement to the world.  I am truly looking forward to receiving the guitar of this great master luthier.

I took a week with my wife in July of 2018 to visit Olivier in his hometown and then to Chateau Dun where he works.  This visit is recounted here

Olivier is in the process of finishing a guitar for our studio and gallery.  I’ll allow his description to speak for itself.   The guitar is expected in the Spring of 2017.

Check that as the guitar has arrived.  It is more beautiful than expected, and expectations were quite high!  See it here

  • Sound Board (Table): Spruce of the Swiss Jura – highly select and limited to 2 boards per year per luthier.
  • Sides and back: Indian rosewood.
  • Neck (Handle): Mahogany from Honduras, reinforced by an invisible ebony bar not visible; It is more elegant as well.
  • Fingerboard: Ebony of Gabon.
  • Head plate: Speckled speckled maple (as on the edges of a violin).
  • Bridge: Rosewood of Rio or the Indies, according to its mass that is to say according to the response of the guitar table before any easel collage.
  • Purflings and binding: Wood of violets.
  • Rosette (Rosacea); “Pistagne” baroque; Alternating wavy maple and mahogany bias; My signature for thirty years, in a way.
  • David Rodgers mechanics with dark mother of pearl buttons.
  • Astra gum lacquer applied to the French polish.
  • BAM Hightech case.
  • Scale Length: 652 mm.
  • Width of the handle at the top nut: 52 mm.
  • Width of the handle at the 12th fret: 64 mm.

These are past photos of earlier guitars, but probably quite representative of what is coming to the gallery.