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Paul Weaver – Classical Guitar Luthier

BIO_photo_of_meMy love for the sounds of the classical guitar grew from the artistry of Julian Bream. The impressive tonal range and emotional force he conveys inspired me to pick up the classical guitar soon after finishing high school in Cincinnati. I began by working my way through Fredrick Noad’s Solo Guitar Playing and have been a dedicated player ever since.

I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, and been captivated with sound, through both music and languages. Thus building my own guitar seemed a natural ideal. So in 2005, in the French village of Villemagne-l’Argentière I took a one-on-one course with Thomas Knatt and found the art of lutherie. With Thomas’s help, I became aware of the guitar’s apparent simplicity: in essence a box built around a hole with strings stretched across it. However, at the same time I saw the tenacious attention to “details, details, details” necessary to craft a truly fine instrument.

Fascinated yet somewhat intimidated, I carefully researched handcrafting guitars while living in China, where I also studied their tonal language. Modern Asian cities can be chaotic. I found peace in playing guitar, and purpose in learning about its construction. Upon returning to the United States, I built another guitar with my father, an accomplished furniture and cabinet maker in Indiana. Holding that completed guitar in my hands, I knew I had found a passion and a path.

ORDER_photo1To pursue it I headed to the Pacific Northwest, home to a wealth of excellent luthiers and tonewood. It has been a pleasure to learn more about wood from those who manage and process it, and to interact with other luthiers. Extensive consultations with Jeffrey Elliott and Cyndy Burton have been a great source of inspiration, motivation, and knowledge. Talking with these experienced luthiers about wood selection, building techniques and French polishing has been fundamental in forming my solid foundation in this vast, ever-evolving field.

-Taken directly from Paul’s website.

Paul has upended his life, moving to Valencia, Spain where he now builds in his new studio, surrounded by some of the great masters of the art of luthery.  Paul is a dedicated and talented luthier, approaching Master Luthier status.  His guitars are beautiful, musical and vibrant in the old tradition.  We are proud to represent this fine young luthier.

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