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Richard F. Sayage

Original works, variations, acoustic work, all original “unmastered” recordings

So, I never considered myself a composer, of any caliber, regardless of formal and long term training.  I still do not think that, as this has always been a psychological purge for me.  I love music, the guitars, the power of expression given to us by a force, a will, stronger than any one of us.  Those few that can channel it, truly channel it, are richer than any mulit-millionaire, at least in my own dense opinion.  I am continually grateful that I have found a small way to express myself in the deepest, most meaningful of ways.

All of these pieces have a story.  Some I will tell as time allows, some will stay private.

Here are the unedited original recordings, when they were finally materialized.  The recordings are not great, the equipment less than perfect, the reproductions are less than anything I would put out in an official recording format but they are special to me.  This is me simply sharing some of these meaningful moments in my life.  Thank you kindly for your attention and appreciation.  Rich

Note that most of the classical pieces are in my Volume 1 Book.  The acoustic pieces are not published as written music as they are most private to me.  I’ve been told that they are rather beautiful, where I hope so.  The inspiration came from beautiful people, whom I cherish.

  • Prelude #13 Well Tempered Bk 1 – this is written by JS Bach, of course.  It’s a favorite piece of music that translated pretty well to the guitar.  I put this up in this listing, for reasons unknown, as clearly, I did not write this piece.  I suppose I just like the more delicate way I played it, back when I could actually play at a higher level…LOL
  • Dhiana’s Playtime – Acoustic piece written for and about my eldest daughter, playing in the backyard, seeing me, running over to tell me she loves me and then, going back to her playtime.  She is an amazing young lady, where she was an incredible child.  I am fortunate to have her in my life.
  • The Black Oak Harp – Acoustic piece, centered around a Black Oak, that I had the honor of looking at while visiting the Bayard Cutting Arboretum, hanging with my girls and their grandmother.  The music just came to me, fleshed it out, where this is the result.
  • The Black Gum Jambo – an acoustic piece, which is fun to play, written when I found myself in a better place, which turned out to be a temporary state, at best.  I have examples of this everywhere on the site, but I do not believe I actually recorded it as a sort of “master” recording.  Kind of weird actually, but I will get to it.
  • Samantha’s Reel – an acoustic piece in honor of my youngest.  It’s a fun and pretty rolling piece of music
  • The Lonely Walk – An acoustic piece, which is a meaningful piece of music in my life, which I cannot speak about.  I don’t even play this anymore.
  • The Passing of Mark – An acoustic piece, written for my good friend, Vic Alinovi, in honor of his son, Mark, who died young and full of promise.  I mourn Mark, Vic and now Vic’s wonderful 2nd wife, Caroline Alinovi.  Such beautiful people, such tragedy, such deep loss as to render the heart.
  • Classical Guitar pieces

  • Prelude #2 in A Minor – a most meaningful piece of the sorrow, the almost desperate need to reach out to an unforgiving world, in a world of suffering at the realization that a person can be so abjectly meaningless to another, with no thought, no care, doing what they did at the expense of the one they profess to love and care for.
  • Prelude in #3 D Major – This was written for an amazing cat, Crazy Cat, who died 1.5 years in to his incredible life, a wonderful companion, for my youngest daughter, Samantha.  She was heart-broken, as was I.  It took me weeks to recover, where I still think back on this beautiful creature.
  • Prelude #7 – D Major – a private moment
  • Prelude #10 A Father Remembers – for my beloved father.  I miss him terribly, for 15 years now, as of 2023.  It is difficult for me to play without becoming emotional.
  • Samantha’s Lullaby – the original version, of which I have many other iterations.  It is a fun piece to play, one that I played softly for the girls, which put them to sleep in a minute.  Golden!  LOL
  • The Morning Song – another meaningful piece that I cannot tell you of the story.  I have not played this in ages.
  • Prelude 13 – A Son Remembers – written in memory of my father.  Another in a difficult for me to play pieces.
  • The Sorrow of Angels – written in honor of my mother, Yvette Sayage.  A strong willful woman, who I miss.
  • Valerie’s Air_Sonata in A
  • 200210-Prelude15-1975 Hermann Hauser II 988 Spruce CSA – C Major, I love this piece, as an homage to Bach
  • Dhianas Prelude #1 –  E Minor, for my eldest daughter.

There are more, including a piece written for my Gandalf Cat, and one alternate tuning piece for my daughters.  I will update as I can manage the time.  Richard