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A fine musical instrument is a work of art that becomes an extension of the musician’s self and fabricating the finest quality of instrument begins with sourcing the highest quality and calibre of materials. Luthiers across the world have long recognized the unsurpassed excellence of violins by the Stradivari family, and it is spruce from the very same Val di Fiemme forest in the Italian Dolomite mountain range where Real McCoy Guitars sources the wood for its sounding boards. This, the very same wood from which those renowned violins were once constructed, is unquestionably the finest spruce wood to be found anywhere for crafting an acoustic stringed instruments.

The sides and backs of each Real McCoy Guitar are constructed of select rosewoods ethically harvested and sustainably raised from locations in Asia (East India). The guitar neck is full-sized and constructed of Spanish cedar wood: it is of traditional form and features an ebony fretboard. The tuning machines are Nicolo Alessi Classical Guitar Machines , which are of fine quality and precision crafted for concert guitars. These features in combination provide the exact playing platform needed to execute the most technically challenging acoustic pieces.

Inspired by years of friendship and mentoring of the late great luthier John Gilbert, Real McCoy Guitars each feature an optimized Gilbert-style bridge as well as a modified John Gilbert bracing system for enhanced power and tone. With a traditional form, this guitar delivers the clarity,

sensitivity and sustain demanded by the performance and recording needs of fine musicians everywhere.

Tim McCoy is the “Real McCoy” behind Real McCoy Guitars. He is a luthier and master craftsman whose passion for guitar was born of a deep appreciation of music and performance, and an immense talent in the artistry and craft of woodwork. For more than twenty-five years, he has studied and perfected his art learning from other master luthiers in particular, the renowned John Gilbert.

Inspired by the close mentorship experienced, Tim’s guitars demonstrate the influence of a number of John Gilbert’s innovative techniques, especially in the bridge design. Through the years, Tim has continued his pursuit of crafting the optimal concert instrument: He has regularly attended conferences, workshops and events, and has studied the work of luthiers throughout the world, especially in his travels through Europe and Asia.

With a love of fine craftsmanship and an intensely-focused, rigorous attention to detail, the guitars, and other stringed instruments, that Tim crafts are known for their exquisite tonal balance.

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Spruce of the Val di Fiemme forest
Spruce of the Val di Fiemme forest
Tim McCoy classical guitar
Tim McCoy at work