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Since 1981, Camillo Perrella has been designing and creating guitars of the highest quality, with a powerful sound and unique timbre. Made in a strictly traditional fashion, technically flawless, but also deeply personal and innovative, they are the result of incessant research into pure sound and the aesthetic of authentic beauty. A Master Luthier with respect for tradition, he loves to experiment, creating very elegant and acoustically perfect instruments.


After many years of experimentation, Camillo Perrella reached his own unique guitar concept.

Inspired by string instruments, the Perrella Top Guitar Model is totally free to vibrate: the shell around the guitar, the split fingerboard, top and carved back vibrate together thanks to two sound-posts toequalize the sound of the instrument.

With a beautiful and elegant design, very easy to play, with an amazing sustain, Camillo Perrella’s guitar is the answer to the modern approach of the guitar players.


Camillo Perrella’s Top Guitar Model has several original solutions inspired by string instruments:

– TWO SOUNDPOSTS embedded between the sounding board and the back, placed around the sound hole: moving the soundposts is possible to equalize the sound of the instrument and find the best energetic efficiency;

– CARVED BACK: shaped and toned as Stradivari or Amati used to do. In the traditional classical guitars, the back has only the task to reflect the sound wave, generated by the sounding board and to close the sound box determining the air volume. In Camillo’s guitar the back vibrates together with the sounding board, enriching the sound with its own harmonics. As his sounding board bracing has no tranver bars, the back gives the defective energy through the soundposts. 

– THE SHELL: made of wood and carbon fiber, interposed between the instrument and the body of the player, lets the instrument free to vibrate. 

– FINGERBOARD: it does not touch the sounding board, by the 14th / 15th fret up to the sound hole, letting the sounding board freer to vibrate.

– Maple for the back and sides.
– Ebony for the fingerboard.
– Cedrela of Mahogany for the neck.

– All instruments are varnished with shellac.

See Camillo Perrella and his work here. I am very happy to represent Camillo Perrella and his fine classical guitars to the playing public through my gallery at Savage Classical Guitar.

Camillo Perrella like many of his fellow countrymen, is a man of the earth, very natural, engaging, funny and warm. His guitars reflect his personality.

Camillo Perrella - Eugenio Ligato - Giacomo Guadagna - Mario Pistella
Camillo Perrella – Eugenio Ligato – Giacomo Guadagna – Mario Pistella
This was a great trip, meeting all of these wonderful people! Camillo is on the far left.

Flavio Sala plays Camillo’s work and for good reason. What a glorious sound with such power and elegance.