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Customer Feedback

Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar #3897 Cedar Double Top with Lattice Bracing

Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar 7/8th size 630mm in Cedar Review

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Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar #3897 Cedar Double Top with Lattice Bracing

Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar #3897 Cedar Double Top with Lattice Bracing

Todd is a great guy who took a shot and purchased a Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar #3897 which is a 7/8th size 630mm in Cedar.  I know it’s a great guitar, but you have to play it to understand to truly get it.

On 1/14/2016 8:10 PM, todds1112000 wrote:
      The Hill arrived Tuesday at 10AM in perfect condition. I must admit you live up to your claim of taking care of your customers. The shipping…the extra accesseries…the emails and tracking etc…has definitely made this the best online guitar purchase of my life. Thank you so much for being one of the few good guys remaining on this planet. As far as the guitar is concerned…it’s a dandy. First double top I ever played. The response is amazing. At first I wasn’t so sure but it seems to be growing on me. It’s definitely different than anything I’ve ever played.
   On another note…about 2 weeks ago I purchased your Solo Works Vol. 1 because I liked the music you play on your guitar demos. This is another positive about you. The recordings are the most accurate sounding of anyone. Most places offer no sound demos to actually hear what you’re supposed to buy. You end up on you tube watching some idiot that can’t actually play a guitar recording it on his cell phone. Usually in his bedroom that looks like a teenager lives in it. Cordoba has good recordings also. The Tavi guy that performs them is awesome. Anyway….the song Diana’s Playtime in tab isn’t in your book I bought. It’s listed on the back cover…SCGT_1050…I tried to purchase it along with the guitar but when I entered the numbers in the search it showed not found. Is it available for purchase?
                              Thanks for the wonderful experience,
2015 Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar Cedar EIRW

2015 Max Sipe Cedar Classical Guitar Review by Beat Pfluger

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Here is a wonderful email from Beat Pfluger of Switzerland.  He ordered numerous accessories and books besides the gorgeous 2015 Max Sipe Cedar classical guitar from our shop.  It took a day to put together, but it would seem, we did good and Beat is very happy.  Max builds a sweet guitar.  Beat loves it.  What more can you say…Awesome!


2015 Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar Cedar EIRW

2015 Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar Cedar EIRW

Hi Rich,

now it is already more than three and a half week i got the Maxwell Sipe Cedar Guitar
from you, time to give you a feedback.

I would be very excited when I opened the box and case and saw the guitar for the first time
in a perfect condition. It became immediately clear i had Christmas already on Dec 9! 🙂
What a beautiful and amazing guitar!  A REAL GEM!! The last 10 days i had the time to play
a lot on it, it made me very addicitve. I love to play on this guitar than ever before on any
other instrument.

I’m very grateful that i could buy this guitar (and luckily nobody else picked it before…) so
I would like to thank you. Thank you that you offer such great instruments which makes
people a lot of joy! Thank you too for the Music you are writing and arranging. I am very
fond of your style how you play and compose. And thank you for taking your time and
handling my order and questions in a smooth and easy way!

I still listen many times a day the pieces you play with the Maxwell Sipe 2015 Cedar and 2014
Spruce. Thank you for sharing the information about the Sor Op. 35 no 17 D Major.
Are the first part (0.00-1.23 min.) and last part (5.00-5.26) of your playing on the MS Cedar
(151021-max-sipe-cedar-2015) and the one on the MS Spruce (140209-max-sipe-2014-spruce)
your own compositions? What are the names of this pieces? I fear this pieces (and others, easy
playing ones) are not available as sheet Music, or i am wrong? Please let me know…
Otherwise i have to listen many many times and figure it out by myself how to play ;)…..

Rich, I would like to wish you and your Family a happy new year. I hope you were able to take
a break from your work too to relax and spend some time with your relatives.
Wish you good health and good luck in 2016!

Beat Pfluger

David Pace 2013/5 Review by Andre J

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David Pace Classical Guitar 2013/5 - Cedar w/EIRW

David Pace
Classical Guitar 2013/5
Cedar w/EIRW

This kind email was sent by André from Canada regarding his new David Pace classical guitar:

Dear Mister Savage,

The guitar is safely in its new home.

I want to thank you for your kind attention, and also for all the hard work you’ve put into your business. Your website is in my opinion the standard toward which your competitors should strive.

It surely comes as no surprise to you that the instrument far exceeds my expectations. Pieces I’ve struggled with for years are now within easy reach (I’m accustomed to a stubborn 660+ scale Kazuo Yairi c. 1970), and the wide spectrum of tone colours offered by this guitar makes the effort infinitely more rewarding.

At 59, it’s a distinct pleasure to feel that inviting new roads can present themselves, and I’m grateful for the part you’ve played.

By the way, the U.S. destination we used (CBI) was very helpful. I recommend it to any of your Canadian customers who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Thank you for the bag of goodies as well, it is most thoughtful.

Yours fondly,

Andre J.

Eric and his 2014 Max Sipe Spruce EIRW

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Eric is a really nice gent, where we were able to figure out a trade for him that worked out well for both of us.  He found a great guitar from Max Sipe that fit the bill of expression and musicality with excellent projection.  His gracious note is below.
I received the guitar today.  I love the smell of spruce.   Thanks so much for this trade.  The guitar is fantastic and think it will only get better with some playing time.  The care package is awesome too.  Thanks again.

Eric M. Carlin, MM

Guitar Instructor at Mansfield University and Nazareth College/Nazareth Community Music Program
Max Sipe 2014 Classical Guitar Spruce w/EIRW

Max Sipe
2014 Classical Guitar
Spruce w/EIRW

Customer Feedback – Hill Performance Spruce 640mm

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A very nice note from a wonderful gent from California, who is thoroughly enjoying his Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar #3848 which is a Spruce w/EIRW and a 640mm scale length – Please see my other Hill Performance Series Classical Guitars


Kenny Hill Performance Classical Guitar #3848 Spruce 640mm

Kenny Hill Performance
Classical Guitar #3848
Spruce 640mm

I just wanted to let you know that this beautiful instrument made the cross country
trip completely intact, and, in a timely manner as you had promised. I had a medical
emergency with my wife, so I didn’t get to pick it up until today, but it was well worth
the extra wait. It is exactly what I was looking for in every way, and I can now make another
check mark on my “bucket list”. I’m sure I’ll get years of enjoyment from this guitar. Heck,
I had a hard time putting it down to write this note!
On a little aside, about 12 years ago I ordered a Taylor 512ce with a wider (7/8″) nut on the
neck. Since this was not standard issue, I had to wait a few weeks for that option. Upon
inspection, I found out that the “born on” date from the serial # happened to be on my
birthday July 9. I always took that as a good omen, and have enjoyed that guitar whenever
I play it. When I unpacked the Kenny Hill, I found the warranty registration card in the
case compartment listing the specifications, including the completion date…if you can
believe it, 7-9-14. What are the chances!
By the way, your “extras” package is outstanding: humidifier, tuner, strings, nail buffer, etc.
This is beyond the call, but nice icing on the cake, that shows that you know how much a
purchase of a fine instrument like this really means to guys like me.

Thanks again for the professional service. I will not hesitate to use you again if the opportunity
arises, and Savage Classical Guitars will receive my highest recommendation.

Rich Hunter
Duarte, CA

Please see my other Hill Performance Series Classical Guitars

Classical Guitar by Kenny Hill Signature

Kenny Hill Signature Classical Guitar #3803 Cedar 650mm

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A wonderful email from a really nice gent in Illinois, after receiving his amazing Kenny Hill Signature Classical Guitar #3803


Classical Guitar by Kenny Hill SignatureHi Rich,

The guitar arrived this morning and I let it warm up for a while before opening the case to welcome her into our home. I just finished playing an hour of Bach (Lute Suite #1 in Em) and I think I am in love. Not only is it a beautifully crafted instrument (gorgeous eye candy), it really sings! Plenty of volume, beautiful tone, incredible sustain, bell-like highs and deep, rich basses.

It was worth the wait…

Thanks, as well, for all the extras you threw in there! Nice to have an Oasis humidifier, the arm sleeve, tuner, some strings. This was a great and unexpected little touch and I appreciate that you did that.

Looking forward to many years making beautiful music with this.



Kenny Hill Signature Classical Guitar #3822

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kenny_hill_signature_3395_cedar_958This note from a nice gent in Illinois who ordered this incredible guitar.



Thank you for helping me to acquire this fantastic instrument.  You’re right, anyone who doubts these guitars clearly hasn’t played one. Powerful, sweet, balanced, comfortable–these are some words that come to mind so far.  And the best is yet to come as this beauty opens up and matures.

Take Care,



See our current inventory of Kenny Hill Signature Series guitars.  Usually available in Spruce or Cedar Tops and in 650mm and 640mm Scale Lengths as well.  I try to keep them in stock, but it is not always possible.  They sell fast.

Kenny Hill 628mm Player Series

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Kenny Hill Player Series
628mm Scale in Spruce

Jade hails from Texas, and was concerned about the sound and volume of the Hill Player 628 Scale Classical Guitar.


So I picked up the guitar and boy oh boy is it amazing. I’m in love with it already! The bass response is magnificent for such a small guitar! Kudos to you and Kenny for making this an awesome purchase. i was also pleased to see it came with a humicase, and thanks for the extra goodies as well! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Thanks again,



If you’re interested in a Student or Conservatory Level instrument that will surprise you with the quality of the woods, build, playability and sound all for a more than reasonable price, please, take a look at our current selection from our Kenny Hill Player Series