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Kenny Hill Signature Classical Guitar #3822

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kenny_hill_signature_3395_cedar_958This note from a nice gent in Illinois who ordered this incredible guitar.



Thank you for helping me to acquire this fantastic instrument.  You’re right, anyone who doubts these guitars clearly hasn’t played one. Powerful, sweet, balanced, comfortable–these are some words that come to mind so far.  And the best is yet to come as this beauty opens up and matures.

Take Care,



See our current inventory of Kenny Hill Signature Series guitars.  Usually available in Spruce or Cedar Tops and in 650mm and 640mm Scale Lengths as well.  I try to keep them in stock, but it is not always possible.  They sell fast.

Kenny Hill 628mm Player Series

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Kenny Hill Player Series
628mm Scale in Spruce

Jade hails from Texas, and was concerned about the sound and volume of the Hill Player 628 Scale Classical Guitar.


So I picked up the guitar and boy oh boy is it amazing. I’m in love with it already! The bass response is magnificent for such a small guitar! Kudos to you and Kenny for making this an awesome purchase. i was also pleased to see it came with a humicase, and thanks for the extra goodies as well! It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Thanks again,



If you’re interested in a Student or Conservatory Level instrument that will surprise you with the quality of the woods, build, playability and sound all for a more than reasonable price, please, take a look at our current selection from our Kenny Hill Player Series 

Classical Guitar by Manuel Rodriguez

Arthur and his Rodriguez Classical Guitar

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Classical Guitar by Manuel Rodriguez

Centenario by Manuel Rodriguez

From January of 2014 – Art purchased the above guitar, but it didn’t suit his needs.  He returned it to me and then was kind enough to write the following:

My experience ordering a classical guitar through Rich Savage
was positive and pleasurable.  Rich is a man of his word and
has a genuine interest in his customers satisfaction.

I can highly recommend this gentleman and his company
as a reliable and honest source for quality guitars.


Art Posner

Mark and his Kenny Hill Fleta with Brazilian RW

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Kenny Hill Master Series
Fleta Model with
Brazilian RW

This kind email came to me from a long time client.  We were able to work out a good deal and he ended up with a fine classical guitar built by Kenny Hill from his Master Series.  A Fleta model with Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood. See the listing here.


Rich was very helpful with my growing guitar needs. He helped me sell my Ramirez in a very timely fashion for a favorable price. In addition, when it came to buying a new guitar, he accepted another guitar I was looking to sell for a reasonable trade in value towards purchasing one of his guitars. Upon acquisition of the new instrument, Rich gave some nice extras. Strings, humidifier and tuner. He was not pushy to buy any guitar and took the time to allow me to play many guitars before I made my decision to buy my current Hill guitar. There is no other place on Long Island where you can get to try out so many fine classical guitars in one place.


-Mark Michaelson

Purchased Alessi Tuning Machines

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Alessi Tuning Machines by Savage Classical GuitarI worked with Rich in purchasing the new turners [Alessi F1 Ebony Tuners] for my John Price 1999 classical.   He greatly helped me in assuring that they would fit my guitar, and that if not, I could return them.   The installation worked out perfectly and they are a great looking/working tuner.  Very smooth and precise!   Definitely adding value to the Price.

Savage is a great store to work with:
Rob Cassarino


Check out
Alessi F1 Ebony Tuners
For yourself and give us a call today!
$399.99 + Free Shipping

Gil Carnal Classical Guitar

Gil Carnal Classical Guitar #133 – 2013 Cedar

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Gil Carnal Classical Guitar

Gil Carnal Classical Guitar #133

Gil Carnal Classical Guitar #133

A nice note from an even nicer gentleman.  Him and I sat for a good portion of a Monday finding him the right guitar and giving him the time and the space he needed to make a great decision.
It’s a note like this that constantly reminds me that I have built the finest classical guitar store on the planet and that I need to keep getting better, and to not ever lay back and be satisfied.
Gil Carnal builds a beautiful and powerful classical guitar and #133 was no exception.
Gil honors the craft and my boutique classical guitar shop with his wonderful creations.
Dated January 9, 2013
Hi Rich,

Thank you so much!! 

Keep doing what your doing! You have simply the best formula for the way people should shop 

for a guitar! My father would be proud of the guitar I chose with your help. Thank you!

I will tell many people about you and the guitars you have! 

Best regards always,

Robert A. Mann

Larry Breslin Classical Guitar LB-5/13

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Classical Guitar built by Larry Breslin

This wonderful letter is from Desmond in Australia, who was looking for a wonderfully expressive and playable classical guitar.  To accommodate his needs, Dan and I put together a recording of 5 concert guitars playing the same piece.  Based on his needs, he chose this wonderful classical guitar built by the very talented Larry Breslin of DeerHead Guitars.


Classical Guitar by Larry Breslin

Classical Guitar by Larry Breslin

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

The Breslin arrived safe and well.
She is a beautiful guitar, both to look at and play.

Your efforts in building a superb collection of guitars, together with an
excellent website complete with high quality sound samples to
showcase and compare the guitars, mean American luthiers, like
Larry, are now making sales overseas they would otherwise not
have made.

I would happily recommend you to others.

Thank you for all your assistance and help. It is much appreciated.
Best wishes

Kenny Hill Estudio 615mm with Cedar Top

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Hi Rich,
Classical Guitar by Kenny Hill Estudio 615
     Just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived safely.  Thank you for the nice case, the cloth and extra strings.
    About the guitar- I was gobsmacked when I opened the case.  I wasn’t expecting such a treasure.  I was thinking it would be like a student guitar.  But it has been beautifully crafted-no gluey edges or wonky woodwork  or sharp fret ends.
     The sound is crisp, balanced and projects beautifully- just perfect for the Bach Partitas.
     I still can’t believe the price point.  I was bummed when I hurt my hand, but this more than makes up for having to change instruments.  Thanks again for the easy transaction and the wonderful guitar.
Take care,

Kenny Hill Player Classical Guitar 650mm Spruce

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Hi Rich,

Classical Guitar by Kenny Hill Player 650 SpruceI hope all is well. The last time we met you are rebuilding your studio after Super Storm Sandy last year.

I have purposely waited approximately one year to write to you about the New World-Players Series 650 S I purchase from you last November. I have played it constantly since I purchased it and I still get excited about the sound and the playability of this instrument. I showed it to a few of my friends who are authentic classical guitar enthusiasts and they have been very impressed with craftsmanship as well as the sound of this guitar. It plays as well as any of the guitars I’ve tried. Even those costing over $5000 and up. The sound seems to jump out of this guitar. I’m so glad you talk me into buying the model with the spruce top rather than the cedar. I play with some people that attack their instrument with reckless abandon and the volume of this guitar keeps right up with them.

Many thanks for hooking me up with such a great instrument. As you know, I am a rock and jazz player whose classical technique leaves a lot to be desired. Since purchasing this guitar I have improved my playing significantly and now considered myself an average classical player. I hope to improve by leaps and bounds in the future.


Best regards,