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Kenny Hill Torres F5 Classical Guitar Quilted Maple

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Martha Kenny Hill F5 Classical GuitarOne of the most beautiful guitars I have ever seen, with a warm silky tone and wondrous voice was sent to me by Mr. Kenny Hill of Hill Guitar Co.  Yes, I said Mr. Kenny Hill, because, holy maple wood, Batman, this guitar deserves some serious respect  LOL

Martha and I spoke for a bit, wrote back and forth, and a day later this beauty, which she appropriately called “Angel”  was in her hands.  Here’s what she wrote:

Hello Richard,

The guitar just arrived and is beautiful. Can’t believe the voice on her.

Thanks so much for the extra goodies. I do have a question about the Bee’s Wax spray.

Can you fill me in on how to use it? Also are the back and sides french polished? They look like maybe they are.

She now has a name. The back and sides remind me of angel wings,and with the beautiful voice she has,her name is ANGEL.


Thanks so very much,


Ramirez 4E Classical Guitar

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This kind email came from Larry in California, regarding the Ramirez 4E he recently purchased….

Jose Ramirez 4E Classical Guitar | Savage Classical GuitarHi Richard

The 2005 Jose Ramirez 4E arrived today and I couldn’t be happier with it. The condition is amazing; better than stated.
It plays easily and sounds amazing, and the new strings were a nice bonus.

I subscribe to most of the classical guitar forums, and most members say never to buy a guitar that you have not played, and to
especially not buy a guitar and have it shipped, so I was a little hesitant purchasing it.

What they neglected to mention is that one should deal with someone knowledgeable like yourself, and just not some
sales person at one of the big guitar stores.

Anyhow, thanks again for all you help and expertise and for such a fine guitar at a reasonable price.

Your truly,

Angels Camp, California

2011 Jesus Bellido Classical Guitar

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Jesus Bellido Classical Guitar | Savage Classical GuitarHi Rich,
The Jesus Bellido arrived today.  What a GREAT guitar! It completely exceeds any expectations I had for it, for a guitar at this price point.  I owned a 2009 cedar/EIRW guitar by the same builder, and sold it recently in hopes of finding something better.  With this one, I did!  Bellido is vastly under-appreciated as a builder.
Your service and expertise were first class, and I much appreciate the time you took to test-drive it for me while I asked a bunch of questions over the phone.  You offer a level of customer service which is rare in this day and age.
With appreciation,
David Norton
Salt Lake City

Hippner Classical Guitar #694 – Blacky

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On June 5th, 2012, Carl was kind enough to send me this email about his Darren Hippner Blacky, a beautiful looking and sounding instrument of Western Red Cedar & African Blackwood

Darren Hippner Classical Guitar | Savage Classical GuitarHi Rich,

I’m enjoying ‘Blacky’ very much – thank you for your help in letting me experience several good guitars and finding one that fits me so well (or at least – one that I can grow into with a great deal of pleasure).

I greatly appreciate your hospitality and patience in the process – hope to see you again soon!

Carl Serbell
[email protected]

2007 Thomas Fredholm Classical Guitar

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Thomas Fredholm Classical Guitar | Savage Classical GuitarI just purchased a guitar (2007 Thomas Fredholm) from Richard Sayage, Savage Classical Guitars.  My experience from the start was excellent!  I have bought instruments from guitar dealers all throughout the US, and am very impressed by Richard’s service.  He offers superb communications, a terrific selection of classical guitars, and is very knowledgeable about all the luthiers he represents.  In addition, if you are lucky enough to visit his studio, you can try several instruments in a nice relaxed environment.  And, of course, his prices are very competitive!
I would encourage any buyer of a classical guitar to talk to Richard!

Ronald A. Friedman M.D.

Old Testimonials

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Paul is a great guy, looking for a great guitar. The Francisco Navarro Grand Concert Rodriguez was it. Here’s what he wrote:
I just got it an hour ago. You were dead-on about an untamed sound! I’ve never owned an instrument like this. It’s so LOUD compared to the 1965 Gibson C-1 and low-end Yamaha flamenco I’ve been playing. I’m blown away…really no words to describe this feeling, except that my soul speaks through her sound. I’ll cherish this guitar always.

Again, thank you!

Francisco Navarro
Rodriguez Grand Concerto Model
Western Red Cedar
with Gorgeous Cocobolo Back/Sides


On March 17, 2012 Lance Beaumont contacted me regarding his Kenny Hill Signature #3226 Spruce Classical Guitar:


I picked up the guitar this morning from the post office. Two words: Holy Crap!!!!
This guitar is amazing! I am extremely pleased with the sound, feel, everything. BAM case is great as well.

Thanks for the care pack the came with the guitar.
If you ever need a great recommendation or a blurb for your website keep me in mind.
The service you provided and care that went into getting this guitar to me was superb.

Thanks Again, Lance

Kenny Hill Signature #3226

Superb European Spruce

East Indian Rosewood

Lattice Braced Double Top


n March 17, 2012 Jeanette contacted me regarding her Kenny Hill Performance #3234 630 Torres Sized Performance Spruce Classical Guitar

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Hill 630 Performance.
What a glorious sound! And, yes, it is also quite a bit easier for me to play than any of the standard size guitars I’ve had.
Since I love Bach and have done quite a bit in the past, I am glad to see that you have several books of arrangements of Bach’s
work which I will look forward to ordering.
Again, thanks for helping me with the selection of a superb guitar. Jeanette


Kenny Hill Performance #3234
630mm Model Double Top w/Lattice
Torres Sized Body – Gorgeous
Spruce & East Indian RW




On February 9, 2012 Janet wrote regarding her beautiful new Whisler CG with Cedar and Brazilian:
Hi Rich!

Just received my new addition to the family. She is beautiful and light with a very nice warm tone.
Just the guitar I need to grow with! Thank you for your prompt attention.
Question: what humidity should this guitar respond well to? I ordered both a hygrometer and humidifier so I am onto proper care!

Hope you are feeling better and thanks again. I will be sure to have more questions in the future I am sure!
Oh and as far as being at my disposal….hmmm got some painting for the summer…just kidding.

Health and Happiness-


PS Some day a Bob Desmond for me! I know there will be more pearl beauties in the future!!!


On February 8, 2012, David Lane wrote a wonderful note regarding his Hill Performance 650 Spruce – he also wrote to Kenny as well.  I’ll let Kenny post that one himself.

Dear Rich,

This Kenny Hill Performance Series guitar is by far the greatest musical instrument that I have ever played. My first playing session lasted over three hours. This guitar is inspiring! I am in awe! The Hill luthiers have crafted a masterpiece. They have done equally well in choosing you as a reseller for their wonderful instruments. I’d like to thank you for guiding me in the right direction.

 Please find attached a copy of the delivery receipt. The guitar arrived in immaculate condition. Please consider this to be a final sale to a very happy customer.

Thank you,

Dave Lane


On January 3, 2012 Kate wrote to me about her new Hill Estudio 628mm Classical Guitar

Hi Rich,

I received the strings and cloth today. Thank you.
Absolutely love the guitar. I’m really appreciating its sensitivity and how easy it is to play.
Sure glad I pursued finding you…I must have made it hard on myself somehow!

All the best in the New Year,



On November 23, Theodore from the Netherlands wrote regarding his Kenny Hill Signature, a beautiful guitar:
Hello Rich,

the guitar has arrived!!!!!
and it was love at first sight!
and love was growing with every tone I heard.
It really is a great guitar, I am very happy.
so thanks a lot…
When I ever come to NY, I will visit your shop.
with kind regards, Thea
Op 19 nov 2011, om 02:25 heeft Richard F. Sayage het volgende geschreven:


On 11/1/2011 1:56 PM, Brett Harris wrote regard the BACH TAB Collection:
Hi Rich,

Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound yesterday. The books look great! Now if only I had a few extra lifetimes to get through them all :).
Thanks again!


On October 10, 2011, Terence was kind enough to write and let me know how his Hippner is working out for him:

Hey rich! Its terence marciano, i bought a guitar from you over the summer. It was a Darren Hippner guitar. I just wanted to thank you for the great experience and let you know that the guitar is treating me SO great. Its opening up and responding very nicely and i could not be happier with the purchase. I’ve been recommending you to anyone who asks about where i got my guitar. So thank you again for the great first big guitar purchase! -terence


Pat is a good guy and very thoughtful.  Having bought a Hill Hauser ’37, he wrote the following on October 4, 2011 (I like to believe that I treat everyone the same if given the chance and Pat put it very well):

Dear Mr. Hill and Company:

I wanted to write and tell you about my experience with Richard Sayage, the proprietor of Savage Classical Guitars and a listed dealer of your guitars.  I live in Huntsville, Alabama where I practice law.  I have been playing for a number of years and have bought a few too many guitars that really have not fit my needs.  I had reviewed the Savage Classical Guitar website and from seeing your site knew they were an authorized dealer for Hill guitars.  Last week, I just happened to be in the New York area and called Richard Sayage to make an appointment to try some guitars, most notably a number of your models.  The Savage shop is located in Mr. Sayage’s home which provided a very comfortable atmosphere.  Richard was cordial, informative and very helpful.  He was very patient while listening to me butcher a variety of lovely classical standards on a number of his instruments.  One particular guitar (from another luthier) actually attempted to make a break for the kitchen.  It was caught, however, and forced to suffer a flurry of attempted 12th fret passages which placed one of the cats into a temporary coma.  At the end of what was probably the longest two hours of his life, Richard and I decided that a 2009 ’37 Hauser was the right guitar for me.  I believe it wept.

In all seriousness, Richard took a great deal of time with me and sent the guitar which arrived today in perfect condition.  He also sends a “care package” of strings and accessories which are a great deal for any player.  I know Savage has a number of your guitars for sale and wanted you to know that they are being well represented, cared for and promoted.  My buying experience with Richard was exceptional and greatly appreciated.  Your decision as to dealers was well made with Richard and Savage Classical Guitars.  Thank you for building a beautiful instrument and for taking the time to review this letter.


Patrick M. Lamar


09-03-2011, Maureen wrote regarding her Kenny Hill Estudio 628

Hi Richard,

I hope you had a wonderful spring and summer, and that the hurricane did not affect you and all your guitars.  Yikes.

This note is just to thank you again for all your help with hooking me up to the right guitar, I am truly in love with my Estudio, it ranks right under my boyfriend and cat , and I would be happy to let anyone else with small hands know just how wonderful it is, if you have anyone contemplating the purchase.

Best Regards,



On 07-02-2011 Wilhelmina wrote the following regarding her Francisco Domingo FG-27
Mr. Sayage,

Just a note that the guitar was delivered, thank you for this very fast service. All I can say at this point is that “she” is beautiful and sounds beautiful! I was not looking for a concert guitar as it will not be anytime soon that I will be concert material, however, you never know…. It will be a pleasure to practice on such a beauty.

Wilhelmina Somers
On 5-1-2011 Ray wrote regarding his Kenny Hill Rodriguez Classical Guitar:


I just wanted to thank you  for all your help.
After a week of playing and getting to know this guitar, I’ve noticed a real difference in pieces I’ve played for years. Everything sounds more musical, I’m able to bring out voices that I didn’t know were there!
It really was a pleasure doing business with you. I didn’t expect the personal attention you gave me, and the accessories were greatly appreciated.

Thanks again,
Ray Guarino


On 03-12-2011 Gerry Saulter of Serenade Duo wrote regarding his Kenny Hill Spruce Signature Classical Guitar:
Got the appraisal, thanks a bunch. No worries about tomorrow, we will see you in two weeks.

The guitar…OH MY GOD… here is a brief story.
So we played at Paumanok vineyards today. The building is great cathedral structure to begin with,
so the guitar usually sounds good, but it can get lost when alot of people are in the room.
Today however, my new Hill signature was heard clearly by everyone, including those patrons sipping wine on the deck
outside of the building with the doors closed!

With the port holes amplifying the overall sound around the guitar, Michelle & I reconfigured our set up.
Since she could hear the guitar so well, it allowed her to moved to my left, making it easier for us to see one another.
The overall sound (much more than just volume, inclusive of a greater tone, dynamic range, & color) has allowed her to
open up more. The guitar & flute sounded like one instrument, a flutar!

Kenneth has realized this guitar bigger in every way possible…except one. It actually has a reduction in extraneous noise,
such as squeaks, string pops, etc… it’s like he built in an acoustic Dolby noise reduction filter!
It is the most comfortable guitar via the left hand ever, I mean like a Stratocaster easy.
In a word, “remarkable.”
I thank you a thousand times over.

A Bientôt!
Gerry Saulter

Follow up by Gerry to Kenny Hill
Dear Mr. Kenneth Hill:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I recently purchased a 2010 Signature Double top Lattice, Spruce top/Cedar underbelly. The serial is #3004.
I am the guitarist for the Serenade Duo, based in NY. I have been lucky to have a touring & college teaching career. Michelle ( my flute playing wife ) & I have been playing professionally since 1990. We debuted Weill recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in 1997 as Artists International chamber music award recipients, & never looked back. Between 1998-2003 we won 4 additional presentation awards at Weill, & Merkin Hall. Additional Weill Hall concerts include an endorsed concert with Aranjuez strings in 2001, & A guest artist with Carlos Barbossa-Lima for his 50th anniversary concert in 2008. Our touring has taken us to such destinations as Boston, Chicago, Texas, Kansas, Puerto Rico, & multiple seasons of touring in Paris, France. We have dates scheduled in London this August where I will certainly be playing your guitar. In addition I am an endorsed artists with D’Addario strings, & Alhambra guitars.
Over the past decade, I played a Dieter Hopf Virtuoso, & on occasion, an Alhambra signature that was given to me. I played two of your signatures last friday @ Rich Sayages’ shop, one cedar & the spruce that I subsequently purchased. I tried both of them back to back against my Hopf with Michelle, ( as 90% of my playing is in ensemble) & her comment was ” Get them Both!”
Long story short, I purchased the spruce, put my Hopf on the market via Rich Sayage’s website. & I’m considering selling my 1969 Segovia 1A Ramirez to get the Cedar!
I”m sure you have heard all the praise before, but perhaps mine is a new perspective, as I am a dedicated ensemble player. I am an avid tennis player, & like my favorite sport, I believe that there are single players, (soloists) & double players (ensembles.) Your design not only produced a remarkable volume, with greater balance, sustain & tonality, But somehow the guitar has something of a Dolby noise reduction built in. Usually very loud guitars are just that – they can’t determine between good sound & the bad, such as finger & string noise. This makes them very hard to control.
However with my new Signature, I have a limitless guitar volume & tonality with perfect control.
In addition, the blended sound between the flute & guitar is remarkable. Your design created a guitar that is not “like a piano,” but remains a true guitar voice, with all the sublime guitar qualities that go into a great ensemble featuring guitar. along with my wife’s flute, it is as if a new instrument was born….A Fluitar!
Words alone cannot express my thanks. We will be producing a new album with Centuar records this summer, & I am thrilled to be playing only your guitar on that album, as well as & in all our concerts & tour dates for years to come.


Prof. Gerry Saulter
Serenade Duo
Deputy Chairman, Music Division
Director of Private Instruction
Five Towns College
305 N. Service Rd. Dix Hills, NY 11746

Cell# 631-513-0602
Home# 631-584-3632

P.S. A word about your dealer here in NY, Rich Sayage. Rich is the most sincere & honest person I have ever met in the retail end of the guitar business. His “No Pressure” approach is perfect, & his patience is endless.
He is building something very unique & beautiful here in NY.


On 2-24-2011 Bill out of FL wrote regarding his Kenny Hill Cedar Signature Classical Guitar:
Rich.. Other than good sound quality and fabulous volume when required, my other initial impression of this instrument is the fact that the timbre of open and closed strings is very similar, unlike many I have owned or played.

I am always struggling to find new fingerings, so as not to need an open string, which normally destroys the uniform timbre of a passage.
On this instrument, I can use open strings at will with no degradation of the musical line.
By the way, I like your use of open strings in some of your original compositions; Villa Lobos started it, and you are carrying on!!


This very kind letter speaks for itself.  She is such a nice lady.  It was such a pleasure to be of help to her…

February 16, 2011

Richard Savage is my Guitar Hero, a musician and instrument vendor who retains old-world integrity and honesty.

He is knowledgeable, kind, and answered my endless stream of questions about the guitar I was interested in, and how to take care of it.

He took the time to find out exactly what I needed in my new guitar, and even offered to apply some additional non-permanent fret markers for this

beginning classical player! He looked up the humidity level in my area to further confirm his care recommendations.

He never pressured me into buying one single thing, and clearly indicated his interest was matching the customer with the instrument of his or her dreams.

I ended up purchasing a Kenny Hill Estudio 628 for an amazing price, with a hard shell case, extra set of strings, and customer care kit thrown in gratis!!!!!

I spent many, many months looking for the right guitar at the right price, before I found Richard’s website,,

which is the absolute most informative and wonderful website I came across. You will find so much information on the site about the different guitars and woods, and about how to take care of the instruments. Additionally, Richard provides music clips so that the prospective purchaser can hear how the guitar sounds in the different woods. Richard is the best!

M. Gelfo

Vero Beach, Florida


On 2-9-2011 Fred out of CT wrote regarding his Kenny Hill Player Series 640mm Scale Classical Guitar:

Thanks for your professionalism and pleasant communication.
You are my “go to” guy with classical guitar needs.


On 2/4/2011 10:19 AM, Rgreen1965 wrote regarding his new Kenny Hill Player Series 628mm Scale Classical Guitar:

Last night the power came back on, and I was able to unpack the guitar and tune it up. It came through fine, and sounds great.
Thanks for your quick response and great packing job. I will certainly recommend your website to anyone looking for a guitar.
Bob Green


12-18-2010 regarding a Kenny Hill Player Series Spruce 640mm

Hello Richard,

Guitar arrived on Monday!
Stunning instrument – thank you very much for your professionalism.
FYI – I have my sites on the Avalon A32J Legacy Series in 2011. I’ll be looking forward to discussing with you.

Best Regards and Blessed Holidays,
James C.  Santa Cruz, CA

On Sat, Dec 18, 2010 at 8:43 AM, Richard F. Sayage <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi James

You’re good to go. Box is en route to the PO right now. Might get there Monday or Tuesday.
Priority Shipping was expensive, but best to get it to you ASAP. Happy Holidays! Rich 🙂


10-17-2010 regarding a Kenny Hill Signature with Spruce Double Top

The guitar is amazing!  I am sure it was hard to see it go.  I greatly appreciate the extras.

I did not know that there was a such thing as the special tuner you provided.  I always had an E tuning fork, and that was it.

Perhaps that was due to a great instructor who wanted me to use my ear. It is a nice bonus!   I am most excited about your Volume 1 Sayage Solo Works.

I spent time on your site today listening to other guitars and works.  I think I am an addict!  My wife and kids went out today and I had much alone time with

the guitar.  Thanks again for your help.  Mark

Mark W. Scottsdale AZ


11-11-2010 regarding a setup and new nut on a Fritz Mueller Guitar

Richard, I got the guitar yesterday, and spent a lot of time playing it. There is an improvement in the ease of playing on the lower frets, and the Savarez strings have a
very clear sound. Thanks again for your expert help.
Take care


09-07-2010 regarding a new Kenny Hill Player Series 628mm Scale Classical Guitar
Absolutely love the new guitar, Rich. My fingers are numb. Thanks for
spending a chunk of Friday with Alexander and me. We are quite busy
butchering all of your compositions.

Mark G.


04-24-2010 regarding the  Complete Weiss Collection
I received my complete Weiss collection from you this week. I am writing you to thank you for a very fine job on the transcription.
I have my BM in classical guitar from University of Denver and although I did not pursue a career in my instrument, I do really enjoy playing works like your Weiss collection.

I have been a fan of SL Weiss for a great many years, because there is always something special about his melody and texture.

I studied lute transcription to guitar while in college and know the great challenge you face in that. You kept it straightforward and simple, a masterful job.

Compliments to you Richard and also a good selection of Weiss.
God Bless You,

Matthew Woodbury


01-27-2010 regarding Select Bach Transcripts Volume II with TAB

Thanks, Rich.  That’s terrific.  I greatly appreciate your transcriptions, and look forward to this latest compilation.

By random coincidence, I’ve heard the prelude to Bach’s violin partita no. 3 a number of times in a number of places over the last two weeks —

this inspired to check on your website to see what’s currently available!

Marshall in Detroit

Follow-up email on 02-02-2010


Thanks for sending the very-recent compilation so fast.  It’s a beautiful collection.

I salute you and all your efforts to help struggling amateur guitarists like myself approach fantastic works of music!

And please pass along my thanks to your client who urged you to publish this specific book (Bach Vol. II).  This is a great one.

Best regards,


12-09-2009 regarding an Avalon A32J with Lowden Flite Case sent to Bob in California via FedEx

Richard –

Thanks for the great service. You do a great and professional job! I passed on a lot of opportunities for this one. It seems to have everything I am looking for.
Thanks for the effort. I will let you know when it arrives.

followup email on 12-14-2009
Hello Richard –

I received the Avalon A32J today and all is well. I love the guitar. It is exactly what I was looking for.
No more being tethered to an amp in my den (though it sounds very good on my Polytone here in my office). Thanks for the goody bag as well.
This thing blows away the top of the line Taylor NS74 or whatever it is. This has to be better than the Lowdens or Larivees as well.
The big lower bout really gives some nice deep tone on the Avalon. The Avalon even smells good! The wood smell is amazing – like being in a forest.


10-22-2009 regarding a book order, where Marshall needed special handling for shipping.

amazing, thank you very much, I received the music today and just finished playing through the whole sonata. wow,
thank you, i have been trying to find this music off and on for close to 5 years.

I will be purchasing more of your transcriptions and I will be sending fellow guitarists and my instructor your web address.

Best wishes and thank you for your time,
Marshall Carter


September 30, 2009 – regarding a repair job done to a Bellucci Classical Guitar with pick-up system.

Finish was completely taken down, sanded, refinished sparingly (as it should have been done originally), new nut, new saddle, new bridge, new saddle slot, etc… a real buzzing mess. I had put regular tension strings on the guitar, thought better of it and sent High Tension strings along with the guitar,
recommending that the customer replace the strings right away.

Hello Rich,
Sorry for not writing sooner, but my internet provider, which is also my phone provider, had problems and service was restored just few minutes ago.
Yesssss!! I finally received the package. I received it in excellant condition.
I mentioned the problem we had had to the mailman and he said he had no explanation except that it seems that there was a system breakdown in this case. That this was very unusual.
Well I opened the package and right away tried out the guitar. I was very unimpressed with the sound.
So I decided to replace the strings with a set of Savarez HT Alliance bass strings and a set of Hense HT carbon trebles I had ordered just before I had sent the guitar to you..I tied the strings to the bridge with a “string tie block:” I had designed, with which the strings are tied to the bridge with out wrapping around the top of the bridge. It acts as a sort of 12 hole tie instead of a 6 hole tie. Thus prevents the strings from marring the top of the bridge and allowing more downward pressure on the saddle.

Once this was done she really began to ring and the volume was duplicated (doubled). If Renato could only hear now!!
Rich I want to thank you for all the support you have given me throughout this transaction. You are a true professional and considerate person. A true credit to your profession.
By the way that is an unusual looking saddle you made. I have seen compensated saddles before, but this one is more elaborate.
Can you make another one so that I may keep as a spare?
Win from Puerto Rico


August 19, 2009 – regarding the sale of the Hippner #163

Frank M. from NJ wrote:

Only one word to describe it; outstanding!  It fits perfect, sounds amazing and is in almost pristine condition.You did a very nice job on the action.  Great case too!



July 28, 2009 regarding a finish restoration – top restoration and setup on a Cabral Classical.  Shiro is a professional guitarist specializing in South American music.

I had the good fortune to also meet his lovely wife at my home, where we spent a delightful afternoon together talking and playing music.

Hi Rich,
Yesterday, I did a rehearsal at the concert hall of Argentine Consulate in NYC to play Cabral’s guitar for the first time in 15 years.
It sounds marvelous and also the color of the top has been settled down and it looks much natural than that day I received her at your place.
I’m proud that I had an excellent choice to bring her to you.
Here I send you some pictures including two we took at your home.
Thanks again.
I wish you well and give my warmest regards to your lovely family.
Shiro Otake

Follow-up by Shiro on September 25, 2009

Hi Rich,
I have played the Cabral guitar at four great concerts in August and September.
It’s terrific. Since I have received her from you, it sounds better and better really day by day.
Here I send you some pictures of me and my girl.
(Argentine Embassy, NY Bargemusic in August and Japanese Ambassdor’s residence in Mexico City, Templo Mayor -Great Aztec Piramid Ruins-also in Mexico City in September)
Thanks again, Rich.
I have another Cabral that I’d like to fix the head peg part.
I will call you when I’m ready.


July 11, 2009 regarding the Hippner 573 Torres with Spruce Top and Brazilian RW shipped via FedEx to California

Arthur V. wrote:
Yesterday in the evening I received the guitar Hippner 573 “Torres” and I am very satisfied with my purchase, without doubt this is a beautiful guitar, very light and it has a beautiful sound.
P.S. In your opinion do you believe that a new classical guitar will get a better sound after playing it for a period of time?
For your honesty and your attention thank you very much. -AV


April 17, 2009 regarding a setup and intonation job on a Luthier Guitar
Hi Rich,
I just wanted to let you know that I’m extremely happy with the way my guitar turned out.
It took a couple of days for the strings to break in but once they did I was amazed how much the tone and playability has been improved.
Once again, many thanks.
John G.


April 9, 2009 regarding an Adalid 9C/B Spruce Top
Hi Rich,

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know how much I’m enjoying the guitar. She has opened up a considerable amount.
I got the new saddle put in, and also one of the braces was a little loose. Everything is fine now and we have no buzz. I can’t wait to do business with you again man.
I was impressed with all the guitars you had and would have bought 3 or 4 if I could have afforded it. Please let me know if you get one of the Hill Double Tops or any lattice braced guitars.
That’s my next quest! I have been saving up!

Shawn Brock
this is a follow-up :
… You and your family are A1 in my book and your hospitality is far above any dealer in the industry. You don’t have to abbreviate anything on my account.
If anyone has any questions I’ll tell them how it is. I mean every word of it. Let me know if this customer doesn’t get the Hill. I’m interested. Do you have it on the site yet?


April 6, 2009

Hey Rich,

I wanted to thank you for all the help with guitar. She is really just a great instrument and I couldn’t be happier.
I can’t wait til I make her sing as beautifully as you do with your guitar.

Eric M.
Las Vegas


David is a wonderful guy, and a good player with great taste in music.  This was received August 12, 2008

Hi Richard,
Congrats on selling the “87 Ioannou!
I’m really loving the Whisler.  I’d been looking for about 10 months!  And I am so glad I waited.  (Sounds like a real love story, huh?)
It’s such a relief to now just settle down and practice…
I also want to say it’s been a pleasure to “do biznis” with you…and to have made your acquaintance.

FYI, here’s a copy of the message I left Ken Whisler on his website:

I just bought one of your guitars, “July ’08” on the label, from Richard Sayage (“Savage Guitars”)in Long Island.  I absolutely love it!
Madly! A wonderful work of art!  The sound is beautifully warm with well balanced and distinct registers.

It plays very smoothly, and,  though light, feels solid.  These qualities are more than enough, but you’ve also created such a visually unique and very tasteful piece,

that it’s very quite remarkable.

I don’t know of a prettier guitar.  I came to try out 3 or 4 others.  Then I tried yours, and just couldn’t leave without her.  Thank you so much for my new love.

David Kahn


August 18, 2008

Richard, I’m very impressed with your original compositions.  I plan on buying a few including Prelude 10.  I also am an Encore user….

Great job on the music and I hope to hear more originals in the future.

Larry. B.


October 29, 2008
Thank you for your beautiful publications and for your inspiring web site.

Are you ever going to make a CD of your favorite pieces?

Best wishes……Steve


October 30, 2008

Hi Rich, The work you did on the Bach Violin Sonatas & Partitas is very impressive.  Everything lies so well in the hands.

Your work on all the Fugues is the best I’ve seen yet.  Keep up the excellent work.

Steve C. California


November 19, 2008 – regarding the Hippner Original Model Series #565


 My wife relented when I called to tell her the guitar arrived–so I opened right away.

The more I play it, the more I like it.  It really grows on you.  Your descriptions were amazingly accurate.

I had my Loriente setup and it plays very easily.  When I first saw the frets on the Hippner, I wondered how it’d feel, the frets are shallower than the Loriente.

Much to my ever growing smile, the Hippner has such an easy action.  Wow!  =)


Thanks for the sheet music too.  You’re very generous.  Do you know the brand of strings on there?  They seem to help minimize squeaks.

Well, I’m very impressed and happy with our entire exchange.  Thank you, thank you.

My students, and some colleagues–especially the band teachers, are anxious to see and hear it.  I’ll be glad to show it off.  🙂

KL from Missouri


5-30-2008 regarding delivery of the Hippner 478 8 String guitar
Hi Rich,

That’s great! I certainly appreciate the tremendous care and attention you are taking with the handling of the guitar.

Would that some of the record dealers I order old 78 records from were as fanatically punctilious.


Hi Jack and Carolyn,

The guitar was picked up at 10:45AM from Bay Shore, NY. Emails from FedEx should follow, along with tracking info, etc. Write with any concerns.
Jack, the guitar is de-tuned, to allow for the top to expand and contract without tension. It is sealed (in its case, of course) in plastic, along with packing material. The box is a heavy duty shipping box. Additionally, my experience with FedEx is that they do the right thing with these boxes and shipments. It is clearly marked and they will treat it as such.

Once you give me your address, I will forward a bill of sale to you. Talk soon…all the best.



Dear Richard,
I was looking back at your webpage and it is nice to read in your notes
that it seem that your business is going well, I am happy about that.

I have been working on your composition of Valerie’s Air, a very nice piece!
I enjoy to play it with the 456 Hippner, as you mention a expressive instrument.
Are you planning to make a CD of your original songs? I will be on the list to acquire one 🙂

Any future thoughts about the online guitar classes??
Also I was wondering if you sell the tab version of Afro-Cuban Lullaby – L Brouwer
I really love your interpretation in the Kenny Hill Signature model.

Thanks for your basic advice on playing, they really work!
Hope you have a great week,


Adrian M.


Mr. Sayage:

Just a note to give you some feedback on my experience with your transcription of Weiss Sonata IV:
I’ve had a blast with it. I find the music about as close as one can expect to the music as played by Barto on his recording.
He’s always fooling around with the ornamentation (in what I have to admit is the most tasteful way imaginable…the guy is just incredible, in my opinion), so it’s a bit different, but otherwise the transcription is terrific. If I had the time and a couple of decades to work on it, I’d get a lute and do it right, but that seems preposterous.

Today I ordered the Sonata you number as XX, but I’m pretty sure that it’s the one he recorded as 45. I had been thinking of trying to commission you to do the introduction and courante, but my brief views of the music on the website leads me to believe you’ve already done it! If it’s different, I’ll still have a good time with it.

By the way, your aside about memorization making it possible to get up to Barto speed was right on. The courante in IV is coming right along, though I’m not yet up to speed when sober. After a drink or two I at least imagine that I’m getting close.

Thanks for your efforts, and I’m sure I’ll be ordering more.

Gary B.