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Classical Guitar by Woodley White

Woodley White Classical Guitar – November 2009

Hi All,

First thing is to say Happy Holidays to all my customers, luthiers and everyone that I do business with as a whole!  Merry Christmas.

So, we have a contest going, where I will pick the winner tomorrow morning.  Updates to follow.  (Note that Tim Tyler from Ohio won the contest, where his guitar is scheduled to be delivered on Xmas Eve…sweet).

I put up a Sale over the weekend, as some may have noticed.

10% OFF our already Discounted or On Sale Classical Guitars – Flamenco Guitars or Acoustic Guitars.

The only limitation here is that the guitar’s price must be $3899 or higher.  So, an Adalid Classical Guitar – Adalid Model goes for $4500, I have it on Sale for around $3900, she qualifies for another 10% off.  Minus another $390 gets you down and around $3500-3550 for the guitar DELIVERED!

Free Shipping to the 50US still applies.

USE Code “XMAS10OFF” – just copy and paste the code into your Checkout Page (you’ll see the box for it when you get there).

My prices are NOT adjusted.  The same price that was there last week is there this week.  (I’m too busy to worry about adjusting prices…I have too many guitars…it would take me forever to adjust the prices anyways).  If anything, I actually lowered a few guitars even further, so this is definitely the time to take advantage.

The sale applies to any guitar over $3899.  So…whatcha waiting for?  Call me, or write, or just buy the guitar you’ve been looking at and couldn’t convince yourself to pull the trigger. Pull baby…pull  LOL

Originally, I had this sale running until December 20, 2013.  But, I didn’t understand that this meant the sale was over December 19th at 11:59.  Nice?  Not.

So, I’ve adjusted it forward 2 days, meaning that this Sale is over December 23, 2013 at 11:59PM.

No rain checks, no back dating, no forward dating it.  This pertains to existing inventory in my stock, in hand, priced at $3899 or higher.  I run a sale like this to move out inventory that might be sitting around.   Take advantage of it.  I won’t be running a sale again for a while.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!



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