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Contacting Savage Classical Guitar – Dealer of Fine Classical Guitars and me, Richard F. Sayage is easy.

I have so many ways to contact me.

  • Email me at rich at savageclassical dot com or
  • sales at savageclassical dot com or
  • rsayage1 at savageclassical dot com
    • Additionally, you can email me at rsayage1 at hotmail dot com or savageclassical at outlook dot com especially International email. Sometimes, as I’ve noticed, I’m not getting emails from Europe. I can’t figure it out, but the hotmail email address above will definitely come thru my servers. Try it if you don’t hear back from me, as I usually email back immediately, if not within a few hours.  (The other reason is that the email server has become inundated with Spam type emails.  It’s become untenable).
    • You must allow thru your email server or junk mail settings. I’m getting quite a bit of bounce backs, making it impossible for me to communicate with you via email.
    • Note: I never send junk mail. Ever.  Heck, I’m too busy 🙂
    • When writing to me, please have the courtesy to send me your full contact information, a phone number, and your email address.  Some people have email addresses that are undeliverable when I respond.  Quite annoying.
  • Write to me at:

Richard F. Sayage
c/o Savage Classical Guitar
385 Central Ave.
Suite E
Bohemia, NY 11716

Please send individual guitars to the same address.  You do NOT need to insure your guitar.  My gallery takes care of all of that once my name is on the shipping label.

Please read the following page to understand how to pack and ship a guitar to our gallery.

Maps from Google – Map for Savage Classical Guitar in Bohemia

  • Phone me directly at: (631) – 335-5447
    • Phone is always on….ask for Rich
    • You may also text me at the above number.  Please ID yourself with your name if you text message me.
  • Hard line for direct contact to my studio is 631.647.4572 – I swear, I’ll pick up if I’m there 🙂  It also sometimes redirects to my cell phone!
  • Skype ID: savage.classicalguitar
  • Fax Number is the same as my office line – 631.647.4572
  • Business Hours:
    • Normal business hours are 10AM – 9PM Monday thru Saturday and 11AM – 5PM Sunday but I’ll be happy to speak to you if you call out of normal business hours.
    • Bear in mind that my number is a cell phone and my workshop (separate from the gallery) is part of my home. I’m usually there, and I can always find time to speak with you.

Richard F. Sayage …. talk to you soon. Call me Rich


International Shipping – this can be difficult to manage thru the web site.  I have done my best to make it a simple matter, but the US Postal Service sometimes can make things difficult.  If you go thru the Cart and try to Checkout and some error comes back about shipping in any way, call me or write to me.  I can send you a quote for shipping to your country at the lowest cost possible.

Importantly, ALL International Orders must use PayPal to Checkout!  Please read that again!!

Typically, I can send a guitar box Internationally for less than $200 and that is Expedited Shipping of 1-5 business days, excluding possible Customs and Duty issues, which, alas, can be interminable at times.

Bear in mind, that to some countries, it is simply and downright expensive, upwards of $300-$600 to send a typical guitar box weighing in and around 20lbs.

Not all, but some countries are very expensive.  Please see this page for a further explanation and a list of those countries that are more expensive to ship guitar boxes.

Additionally, as of November 26, 2019 all Brazilian Rosewood guitars (any part of the guitar is using RW, bridge, headstock, etc) are part of the Protective Legislation regarding CITES.  All guitars must be certified safe and legal.  This is almost impossible for currently owned guitars, owned by me or by you.  Please read the following page regarding International Shipping.  Any other Rosewood (outside of Brazilian Rosewood or CSA) is legal to send across borders with a total mass of less than 10Kg.  The link to our CITES Page is here.  Please read it carefully.

Please write to me  rich at if I can be of help in any way.  Rich