Our links to our favorite guitar sites, some of our friends and stores (other than us,duh!).

1. Strings By Mail


Strings By Mail has anything and everything a classical guitarist needs. From Sheet Music, to stands and you guessed it strings, Strings by Mail has it. They are our go to source for everything that we don’t carry.


2. This is Classical Guitar


This is Classical Guitar is one of the most comprehensive  resources on the internet for information on playing, caring for, and thinking about the guitar. It offers great lessons and sound reviews!


3. Classical Guitar Insider – Classical Guitar PodCasts with Bret Williams


Classical Guitar Insider with Bret Williams
Candid, funny interviews with the best musicians in the world conducted by master guitarist Bret Williams


5. Michael Batell – Instrument Maker – Classical & Flamenco Guitars


Instruments that blend traditional aesthetics and historic design principles with innovative modern techniques and methods.


6. Silk Guitar – WAYNE ROBISON


This is the website of guitarist/composer Wayne Robison. Wayne lives in the Boston area. He has played and been influenced by a variety of styles including rock, blues, classical, pop flamenco, celtic and new age. He is currently focused on original compositions for nylon and steel string acoustics.