Hi All,

A little help on navigating the site.


There are categories along the top…Home…About…Blog…etc  These are clickable within themselves, and then sometimes, there are pull down menus or sub-menus.

For instance, if you click “About” itself, you will go to a page that I wrote talking a bit about the creation of the business, photos, and some personal discussion.  But, if you hover over “About”, a pull down menu will bring up a list of Luthiers, which has some links to pages I wrote regarding some of the luthiers that do business with me.

Then there’s the second menu (lower menu), where you will find Classical Guitars  – Flamenco Guitars – Acoustic Guitars –  Accessories – etc.  Again, clickable on the main category, such as Classical Guitars, but of course, there are drop down menus which include various categories, such as the full list of luthiers that I represent, On Sale, Used Classical Guitars, or Gotoh or Alessi Tuning Machines and so on.  So, i f you click Classical Guitars, that will bring you to a number of pages listing all of the classical guitars that I have available.

One of the good things I’ve added is a PRICE Filter.

To get to the Price Filter, click Classical Guitars itself (the category as a whole).  Once that loads, the Price Filter will show itself to you on the Right Hand Side Bar.  You can use this to focus in on what’s available to you in a certain price range.  You slide the lower range and upper range separately.  It will also work within any category of product within the site, Accessories, Sheet Music, and so on.  Sweet!

To remove the filter, just click the category (for instance…you were searching or filtering within classical guitar)  Just click the top menu “Classical Guitar” and it will all reset and allow you to select a different filter, if you wish.

Everything is clickable, every main category, and the sub-categories that may show up if you hover over a main category.

Note that I’m filling in the pages that are empty of content, but this is just time and effort on my part.

Shipping Options

This is the one detail in the new site that is driving me a bit nuts.  The new site is a WordPress site at its base, but seriously added to in terms of functionality.  One of these functions is Shipping.  You might ask, “Hey Rich, how’s that working out for you?”.  I would answer, “ack”.   I like the simplicity of my old site, but admittedly, I do like a lot of the functionality of the updated current site.  But, I digress….

I have it working very well, but things come up.  That’s why I’m here.

If you ever have a question about shipping, write to me or call me.  I’ll answer you as quickly as is possible.  I know it can be difficult to make these kind of decisions over the web or the phone.  Believe me, I’m here to help.

Rich  631-335-5447

[email protected]

Call or write with any questions, or things that you think I’m missing.  I’m always open to suggestion, and hey, I’m human…I make mistakes.  I always appreciate your help with anything that I missed or errors on my site.   Thank you kindly.  Best…Rich