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Eric and his 2014 Max Sipe Spruce EIRW

Eric is a really nice gent, where we were able to figure out a trade for him that worked out well for both of us.  He found a great guitar from Max Sipe that fit the bill of expression and musicality with excellent projection.  His gracious note is below.
I received the guitar today.  I love the smell of spruce.   Thanks so much for this trade.  The guitar is fantastic and think it will only get better with some playing time.  The care package is awesome too.  Thanks again.

Eric M. Carlin, MM

Guitar Instructor at Mansfield University and Nazareth College/Nazareth Community Music Program
Max Sipe 2014 Classical Guitar Spruce w/EIRW

Max Sipe
2014 Classical Guitar
Spruce w/EIRW

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