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Eugenio Ligato

Rich Sayage & Eugenio Ligato with Enrico on the right

Eugenio Ligato of Cosenza, Italy just sent me photos of the concert guitar that he has built for the gallery.  It is beautiful.  Simple words for an extraordinary guitar.  Photos below.

Eugenio came to the gallery on Monday, June 11, 2018, to visit me along with his father, Antonio and a good friend, Enrico, which was incredibly nice.  We talked for hours, went out to lunch and talked some more.  It was fabulous.  Eugenio is so very intelligent and quite thoughtful as a builder.  The guitar below was brought to me in person and was more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Simple specs below, listing and my own photos to follow.  Very impressed with this young man, the next generation of superb Italian luthiers.

Camillo Perrella - Eugenio Ligato - Giacomo Guadagna - Mario Pistella

Camillo Perrella – Eugenio Ligato – Rich Sayage – Giacomo Guadagna – Mario Pistella (left to right)

Me with Eugenio Ligato

Me with Eugenio Ligato

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