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Giacomo Guadagna

Italian Luthier

“I am Giacomo Guadagna and I was born 41 years ago in Ribera, Sicily.
I have always been a music lover and I began studying Classical guitar when I turned 15.
After high school I moved to Bologna, where I earned a MA degree in Musicology.

While I was studying at University, I traveled to New Orleans and Chicago where I had the chance to develop an interest in Blues and Jazz. Soon after, I began playing the electric guitar, and the passion for these musical genres pushed me into exploring the steel-string guitar and the Finger Style technique as well.

During my last year at University, my love for music had to be expressed by something more concrete and tangible: here it came out my curiosity and passion for lutherie. I have started attending courses related to the construction of bowed and plucked string instruments at the School of Pieve di Cento (BO). Soon after, I got enrolled in a three-year vocational program in violin-making taught by Master Marcello Bellei.

In the years to follow, I did my specific studies around the mosaic rosette under the supervision of both Master John Weissenrieder (based in Florence), and Master Rafael Lopez (in Cadiz, Spain), experts of Classical and Flamenco guitars. When I moved to Tuscany, I have decided to focus specifically on guitar-making.

Today, in my own workshop located in Castiglion Fiorentino (Arezzo) I am building top-quality models of Classical, Steel-string guitars and Ukuleles.” – extracted from Giacomo’s website.

Camillo Perrella - Eugenio Ligato - Giacomo Guadagna - Mario Pistella

Camillo Perrella – Eugenio Ligato – Me – Giacomo Guadagna – Mario Pistella (left to right)

I met Giacomo in 2018 at the Roma Expo – a wonderful experience for me personally and professionally.  I met so many wonderful people, too many to list.  Among them, a gentle and soft-spoken young man stood out to me among the crowd of many talented luthiers.  Sitting down with his guitar, I was taken by the beauty of artisanship and the melody of voice that exuded from his guitar.  I knew right then that Giacomo would be part of my gallery offerings.  He and I will have a long standing relationship, where we would expect at least 1 guitar a year from this fine young Italian Luthier.

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