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July 2017 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar #54 2017 Cedar Myrtle

July 2017 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

Happy July 2017.  We have quite a bit of action going on here, with numerous guitars en route, Gotoh machines re-stocked, as well as Alessi Machines.

Sidenote – – I have 255 Concert Classical Guitars in stock?!  Yikes!!  See list below and crikey, there are more coming?  This is amazing to me and oh so very cool.

Guitars from Darren Hippner – Alejandro Cervantes – Fritz Ober – Kolya Panhuyzen – Enrico Bottelli – Gernot Wagner – John Price – Ramirez – Contreras – Dieter Hopf – Tom Malapanis – Rich DiCarlo – Juan Hernandez – Richard Prenkert – Alejandro Cervantes – Max Sipe – Michael Cadiz – Sakurai Kohno – Pete Barthell – Jose Ramirez – Luciano Maggi – Fernando Mazza – Marcus Dominelli – Jason Wolverton – Tom Blackshear – Seth Miller – Kevin Aram – Jeremy Cooper – ok, I’m done

We have also arranged for client financing through PayPal Credit.  In essence, they are offering you a 6 month loan Interest Free if paid within that time period.  Loan terms seem favorable as well, for those needing longer than 6 months to pay down the financing.  It’s a great option, one that might open the door to a special instrument you might have your eyes on.

Additionally – Use Code “summer2017” for 10% OFF Select Guitars from our Extensive Inventory!  ends August 31, 2017 – I’ve counted 80 guitars as listed under Summer2017 – check it out.

Nicolo Alessi has sent a complete re-supply of tuning machines to the gallery.

Gotoh machines are fully stocked as well.

PegHed Machines have also been re-stocked -prices went up significantly.  Sorry

As always, our selection of quality classical guitars is unprecedented.  Really really.  See list below.  Yikes!!   I personally approve every guitar that comes across my threshold.  If a guitar is not up to standard, it is sent back.  I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to my shop, appreciating the wide selection, where I trust and hope that you will find your perfect guitar.  Enjoy.

My best, always!  Rich – call me at 631-335-5447   – my personal email is here


An exciting development has actually happened, where the great Tony Acosta of Luthiers in NYC is getting out of the business, offering me the majority of his stable of classical guitars.  Customers of Luthiers should contact me personally for any and all Consignments and or sales going forward.
Tony and I agreed in principle to have his museum level guitars consigned here starting in a few weeks, where we will bring in 4-6 at at time, including Simplicio – Torres – and many other great historic names.
I’ve brought in Dieter Hopf – John Price – Tom Malapanis – Rich DiCarlo – Juan Hernandez – and many guitars from Manuel Adalid as well as his Esteve line (which I’ve already represented).

I was NOT able to attend the GFA this year in California.  There is simply too much work to be done here in the gallery, with the buyout of Luthiers in NYC.  My apologies to anyone who was expecting me.

I was looking forward to it, but in the end, I have to be responsible to my clients and the gallery.  Thank you kindly for your understanding.  Rich Sayage

  • 07-01-2017 – I have over 255 concert instruments available that live here in the gallery.  Come and visit.  It’s awesome here!
  • Seth Miller is in the house
  • Richard Prenkert #390 Cedar Madagascar is here
  • Kevin Aram Julian Bream model arrived today.  Beautiful guitar!
  • a pristine Sakurai Kohno Professional – J just arrived
    • Max Sipe is sending me a Cedar Myrtle guitar.  I love his work.
    • An Adalid Alboraya Custom Torres is en route from Manuel’s home workshop.  This guitar is extraordinary.
    • A ton of recording, and a whole mess of videos are being uploaded to their respective guitars.   You can see the lists below under Video and Recordings
  • More administration of the website and the gallery, as we have now surpassed 253 concert instruments available.  Are you kidding me?
    • Measurements for a number of guitars, including weights, notes on the guitars, polishing and string changes were done all morning.
    • I’m now going to sit and record for an hour or so, catching up on the 37 guitars that remain to be recorded!
    • Six new listings were created today
  • 07-05-2017 – Unusual in that I took 2 days off in the last 3 days, Sunday and Tuesday.  Does a body good.  Tanned and happy.
    • All measurement of every guitar are completed as of today.  I’m also chipping away at the recording list.  Video is being produced for gents such as Peter Argondizza – Hunter Somogie – and Aaron Benowitz – I’ll update as they come to life.
  • 07-07-2017 – recording continues, ad creation for various magazines and overall administration.  Waiting on a Juan Gonzales Cedar (with full CITES) and a few other guitars as yet held back.  Contemplating a Summer Sale of 10% off any given guitar. Use Code “summer2017” for 10% OFF Select Guitars from our Extensive Inventory!  ends August 31, 2017 – I’ve counted 80 guitars as listed under Summer2017 – check it out.
  • 07-12-2017 – An Arcangel Fernandez from 1961 might be en route.
  • A little slow here, as summer time is usually that way, (can’t begrudge people enjoying the outdoors, I’m doing it too), so we have spent some time and money on certain improvements to the gallery.  More on that later.
  • So, I’m losing a ton of weight, reading, playing golf, practicing my guitar, things are good, and wham…corneal infection as the result of a bad contact lens.  Now I can’t see out of my right eye, the one that was injured retinally 2 years ago, and I can’t play golf (at least not well).  OMG, this is a WTF moment, if ever.  Not one to go, “woe is me”, I’m out there every day for the last 2 days, struggling to see, play, etc.  It’s a hard game to begin with, try losing the sight in one eye and playing at a high level?  Yikes!!
  • 07-14-2017 – We’re going to run another SALE on Kenny Hill Estudios, where you can take $150 off the total cost.  Use Code “estudio150” to receive $150 OFF the price of any Kenny Hill Estudio in our Inventory – ends August 31, 2017 – no refunds, no backorders, only current inventory, no exchanges, guitar delivered, in a HSC is $695
  • 07-26-2017 – Quite a bit of work going on in the background, including a search for new real estate.  I’m not happy renting, so I’m buying a building or a piece of land and building my own custom structure. Nice!
  • A few guitars have arrived, including a 1986 Richard Bruné Concert Model – Steve Porter Concert Guitar #31 – Tim McCoy #58 (new) from 2014 – Alejandro Cervantes Signature Fleta Classical Guitar #427 Cedar Cocobolo – Adalid Alboraya Torres Especial 2016 Spruce Madagascar – Maxwell Sipe Classical Guitar #54 2017 Cedar Myrtle
  • 07-29-2017 – All guitars to date have been measured, weighed and all info updated.  I’m still WAY behind on recording, but I’m going to bang them out starting today.
  • A Philip Woodfield is coming to the gallery today.  A few others as well, over the next few days, but I’m scatter-brained right now.  Can’t remember nothing if I don’t write it down.  Absent-minded professor syndrome (AMPS, nice!  I like it, except for the AMPS itself?)

New or Expected Guitars

  • Steve Connor 650mm Spruce w/Madagascar RW – within 6-7 months?
  • 2017 Seth Miller Spruce with Oregon Myrtle – very pretty
  • Tom Malapanis 2014 Cedar with EIRW  – powerful guitar
  • Gernot Wagner 1993 Spruce Maple – again very powerful and very pretty
  • Rich DiCarlo 2016 Cedar
  • Rich DiCarlo 2016 Spruce
  • John Price Cedar and CSA
  • Dieter Hopf Gran Concierto 2012
  • Dieter Hopf (Professional)
  • Dieter  Hopf (Super Classic)
  • Juan Hernandez Romance
  • 1961 Ramirez Blanca stamped FM
  • 2016 Luciano Maggi Lattice – gorgeous
  • Various Flamenco guitars from Esteve/Manuel Adalid
  • Esteve 3ST58
  • Esteve 3ST63
  • Esteve 3ST64
  • Esteve 4ST
  • Esteve 7C/B
  • Esteve 7SR
  • Esteve 9C/B
  • Adalid 11
  • Adalid 12
  • Adalid Anniversarios
  • Adalid Lattice Models
  • Adalid Torres
  • Adalid Hauser
  • Alboraya Torres Especial
  • Kevin Aram Torres has arrived!  Gorgeous!
  • Luciano Maggi Classical Guitar 2016 Spruce CSA Lattice
  • 2014 GV Rubio – Hauser Elite – 640mm – Spruce Afr. Blackwood
  • 2013 John Ray 650mm – Spruce/Indian Rosewood
  • 2012 Marcus Dominelli 640mm – Cedar/Ziricote
  • 2016 Jason Wolverton – Spruce/Maple
  • Tom Blackshear #321 Reyes Model Spruce/EIRW
  • John Peter Barthell #143 Cedar/EIRW
  • Kenny Hill Performance 640 Cedar/EIRW
  • 2001 Sakurai Kohno Pro-J
  • Max Sipe Cedar Myrtle – GFA showcase guitar
  • Richard Prenkert is sending #390 a Cedar/Madagascar RW guitar this week – this is an extraordinary guitar!
  • Adalid Alboraya Torres Especial 2016
  • Juan Miguel Gonzalez is sending a Cedar masterpiece in the next few weeks
  • Richard Bruné #421 Spruce
  • Steve Porter #31 Spruce EIRW
  • Tim McCoy #58 Spruce EIRW
  • Philip Woodfield



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is always highly recommended


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