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July 2024 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

The image above is our 2020 Ashley Sanders #67 Cedar EIRW (Lattice) an absolutely phenomenal guitar by the Australian Master.

2013 Paolo Coriani #193 Spruce Brazilian RW

2013 Paolo Coriani #193 Spruce Brazilian RW

I hope that you are all well and thriving.   July 2024 with some high temps and humidity arriving.  Out practicing in the evening.  Game might be coming around?  It is starting to feel really good of late.  Happy about that.

The only thing that I truly know is the art of classical guitar, the building of them, the construction, the finishing, the woods and the music that they embody.  It’s easy for me as it has been a good majority of my life.  I love what I do, helping people, pointing them in the right direction, never selling, simply offering the best I can find.  I am so wholly grateful for the continued opportunity to lead the way in this so special business, by virtue of consideration, knowledge and experience.  

I’m also hearing rumors that I retired?  No, I have not retired, with no plans for the far future of doing so.

I’m hearing rumors that I moved.  I have not moved, staying in Bohemia, NY at the listed address for the forseeable future.  Allow me to clarify.  My personal life had blown up, where I wanted a new and fresh beginning.  I was going to move to Orlando, back on March 4, 2022.  I had fully packed, making all truck and logistical arrangements to move into a luxury high rise top floor penthouse office suite that I purchased in Downtown Orlando, FL.  It was both exciting and a touch scary, to be quite frank with all of you.  I was moving far from my family, with almost no support group (family or friends/colleagues) of any kind. 

2 days before the move, with everything arranged, my youngest daughter came to visit, making it clear that she was not happy that I was moving.  My older daughter confirmed her own feelings on the matter.   They did not wish to interfere until it became exceedingly clear that I was, indeed, moving.  Apparently, I was not taken seriously?  LOL, well, I made a few phone calls, found a few options for my move, my newly purchased space, called my assistant Ryan to inform him that I was not moving, say yay, resulting in me not moving.  I’m here for my children, where the business of classical guitars has not been interrupted nor have I moved.  I am at the same address that I have been at for 8 years.  That is the short of it, as the long of it is quite boring.  OK, moving on.

Hope you are all well and safe in these strange new times.  The site is updated and quite tight.  Recordings are up to date, photography, measurements, etc.  I try to leave no detail out, all while photographing other aspects of the guitar that many disregard. Weird?  Same with the data for the guitar.  Action, weight, CITES eligibility, etc. Please NOTE that the organization of CITES has determined that musical instruments under 10kg of mass are not included within the restrictions going forward.  This has taken effect as of November 26, 2019. Brazilian Rosewood (CSA RW) is still highly restricted, but all other Rosewoods are off of “our” table.  Very good news, quite rational, and well, it’s about time.  We’ve all done good work toward this end, myself included, along with various musical agencies (such as League of American Orchestras and ANAFIMA) that represent traveling musicians, as well as Taylor Guitars, Fender, Gibson, CF Martin & Co., Collings Guitars, NAMM have all contributed to this updated world wide legislation that went into effect.

Over the past few years, my reputation in my business has grown to a comfortable level, while the business itself has grown tremendously.  That is by no means an excuse to take it easy.  This means I work harder.   I perceive myself as a knowledgeable conduit for the player and the luthier to connect, where I have no business interfering, trying to sell, push, or anything of the sort.  Stay out of it once engaged, allow the player to connect with a guitar with zero interference.  Assist, not sell.  Give space, not intrude.  It works for everyone.  People have continually commented on the comfortable, leisurely pace of it all, enjoying themselves tremendously.  I am gratified to hear this, as it is the goal.  

I’m getting some questions about me and my style of doing things. I like that. I know I’m separating from every other dealer out there by being very black and white about my business philosophy, the information and details about guitars, my zero tolerance for BS in the business, (and we all know there is a ton of that out there), basically, there are few experts out there that can talk, fix, setup and repair guitar, I mean really talk these little babies that we love so much, the classical guitar. Another thought….I photograph the guitars.  I record them.  I measure them.  I inspect them inside and out.  As a luthier, I understand these guitars intimately (I speak about this a bit more below). On the recordings…I’m not attempting to  display virtuoso technique for you.  This is about you being able to hear the guitar, all while I am able to understand it better, being able to explain my own thoughts.  I read, somewhere recently, on another somewhat prominent dealer’s thought process regarding recording, where it was stated that a recording is useless to you, so

2021 Samo Sali #193 Cedar EIRW DT

2021 Samo Sali #193 Cedar EIRW DT

why bother?  Huh?  How about clarity in the recording, naturally done, zero engineering, black and white information, just as I do in everything here?  Photos, information, measurements, play wear, repairs, full description, etc.  I simply do not understand laziness, in our personal lives or business, where I believe that is it, simple laziness.  I write somewhere on my site, that I do this full-time.  Where does anyone get off lightly, being lazy in this most personal business of classical and other high end guitars?  The answer is, not where I’m concerned.  By the way, my recordings represent the guitar naturally, mistakes and all, where many say to me that the guitar they received sounds better than the recording.  I’m good with that (it also means they are better players than me, and I’m good with that too LOL).  I also do not put much stock in having a great player with edited videos, machined and engineered sound.  You are not getting the true and full picture of the guitar.  So, what’s the point?  I am not attempting to sell you the guitar.  I am offering the best examples I can find to allow you to make an educated decision about a guitar that you will live with for a long time.  This is quite different than selling, or tricking you, or deceiving you about a guitar.  Transparency is key, where I believe I do the best job of it by a wide margin.

Are you getting your questions answered in a polite yet expert fashion? No, then move on. Are you questions getting answered at all? No, then let’s move on. Are your emails being responded to in a timely and professional manner (or your phone calls)? No, then hells yeah, let’s move on. Call or write to me. You’ll immediately feel the difference. You’ll know what it’s like to “finally” talk to a guy that has your interest and the interest of the guitar at heart. It’s much like my sales approach, of which I have none. I listen, I have zero prejudice in terms of consigned or owned guitars, I put guitars in your hands, you make your choices, you make the final decision, I almost and literally have much of nothing to do with your decision making process. I’ll play it for you. I’ll talk to you about what you want or how much you wish to spend, but in the end, you have made your decision without any influence from me. Can we discuss the technicals of a guitar, hells yes, the more the better. How to care for it, how to maintain it, how to address possible and future problems, can we fix it, set it up, repair it, polish it, whatever you need later? I’ll say it again, hell yeah! That’s what an expert is in this business. I tolerate zero pretenders, and they are all pretenders, whether they want to hear it or not. Put them to the test. Get back to me when you hang up the phone in disgust. There, I’m done!

OK, on to business.  Guitars keep coming to me.  Most I like, some I return.  A guitar has to meet my exacting standards or it has to leave.  Quite simple.

One of my guys here in the gallery did an analysis of guitar dealers around the world, classical guitar specialists.  Our closest competitor of fine classical guitars has 70 Concert level instruments available!   Very nice guitars indeed, if not a bit over-priced and quite frankly, not up to par, from bad setups, to dead notes, to a plain ole and simple, “Really?”, for that kind of money?  The reality is that I have sold many guitars over the summer going into the Winter of 2022.  Our numbers are down, in terms of available guitars, but I am fixing that in short order.  I also created a Conservatory and Teaching Room with guitars under $4000, numbering 50+ guitars, including numerous Smaller Scale Guitars!  I’m not carrying anything under $2000 at this stage of our business as this is simply not where I wish to be in terms of price points.  Better guitars, top of their class, in every category!

All the guitars listed here, live here in my gallery, all filtered by me personally, with more on the way!  Yes, we are, without any doubt, “the” gallery catering to a discerning clientele on both sides of the guitar, luthier and player.  Actually, I’m sort of running out of room (OK, I’m really running out of room, starting to look for another place). Goes to show, taking care of people, I mean, really taking care of them, pays beautiful dividends.  Here’s the scary part…I’ve turned away many guitars in the past few months.  We could easily eclipse 250-300 instruments if I allow it.  It was on my mind, I had to say it out loud.   Thank you to everyone who trusts us with their beautiful guitars.

I have also developed a line of basic but high quality strings under our labelSavage Classical Guitar Strings – Affordable, straightforward and accurate nylon strings that anyone can use.  Total pound pressure of 80lbs (Flamenco – Low Tension) – 85lbs (Normal Tension) – 90lbs (High Tension).

Nicolo Alessi has sent a complete re-supply of tuning machines to the gallery.

Gotoh machines are fully stocked as well.  35G510 Series in all but the P Model are available in MOP and Black MOP.

2009 Michael Gee #561 30th Anniversary Spruce CSA

2009 Michael Gee #561 30th Anniversary Spruce CSA

PegHed Machines have also been re-stocked – prices went up significantly (again).  Sorry.

New issues with International Shipping.  Very Important for International Clients, including Canada…Please note that we will NOT accept PayPal or any International Credit Card as payment.  All transactions must be finalized with Bank Wire Transfers for any amount over $1000 USD.  Please see our discussion found here and scroll down to Customs – Duty and International Shipping .  Thank you!

As always, our selection of quality classical guitars is unprecedented.  Really really.  See list below.  Yikes!!   I personally approve every guitar that comes across my threshold.  If a guitar is not up to standard, it is sent back.  I’m also the dealer luthier, able to assess, fix, repair, polish and setup a guitar so that it presents its best self to you.

I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to my shop, appreciating the wide selection, where I trust and hope that you will find your perfect guitar.  Enjoy.


  • I updated the Classical Guitar Care page to reflect some further thoughts, as I’m getting some feedback about neck shrinkage, causing those sticky frets at the end.  Yikes.  Humidity is important.  The guitar (your guitars) need to be at and around 50% RH …. all…the….time!  One bad day makes a difference.  I work hard to keep the gallery at 50% RH.  The latest is the Vornado EVap 4 gallon version.  What a good machine (so far).  Good enough, I ordered another machine, with a year supply of wicks for it.  Great machine.
  • Please NOTE that USPS Shipping costs for Express Shipping have gone up significantly.  We are setting up to change our shipping arrangements but we are adjusting to use of FedEx Ground/Home and or USPS Priority Mail, except for our most expensive offerings.  Our apologies, but the cost has gone up by almost 100%.  I will update accordingly and let you all know what is happening.
  • A number of beautiful guitars have crossed my threshold.  Yes, I said “my threshold”.  I do not and will not distance myself (as per many recommendations in the last few years) from my business and my website.  It’s all me with the assistance of a few select people, most importantly, Ryan O’Rourke of Table Talk and his current band, Inner
    2022 Giacomo Guadagna Anniversary SE Spruce Maple

    2022 Giacomo Guadagna Anniversary SE Spruce Maple

    Love  –  I take full responsibility for all things that may go wrong here, which rarely happens, but hey, I’m human too.
  • 03-04-2022 – So here I am, on the precipice of a huge move, then whammo, not moving.  My daughters really got to me, where they didn’t want to be selfish, focused on my needs, not wanting to tell me that they were unhappy with me moving 1100 miles away.  They are amazing young ladies.  So, no changes, I am staying put.  Now, I would like the support of the Long Island community, including professors in the various schools, teachers, etc.  We are here, we are quite good at what we do, from sales to repairs and setups.  Time to take advantage of the ridiculous resource at your disposal.  LOL  Rich
  • 08-01-2022 – We are continually blessed with extraordinary guitars crossing our threshold.  I am always grateful to be able to offer you the best of the best.
  • 09-06-2022 – A great weekend off (4 day), practicing and playing, hanging out with the pooch, but also suffered the loss of my great cat, Gandalf, a gorgeous, loving, gentle Norwegian Forest Cat.  He was mauled on my old property, without protection from me (he lived with my ex-wife), left to the uncaring and thoughtlessness of leaving a defenseless animal outside, where he is primarily an indoor cat.  I am sick over it.  No complaining, only solutions.  I am most definitely on it.  
  • 10-05-2022 – Depressing weather, where I took a few days to myself, not feeling well.  Back in the gallery, photos and measurements are up to date, recording some today to catch up on 4 or 5 guitars left on the block.  Looking forward to my recording sessions.  I’m gratified that so many people appreciate my approach to the recordings, talking and such, giving them a “real” feel for the guitar and the recording process.
  • 11-30-2022 – A special arrival – 2009 Michael Gee #561 30th Anniversary Spruce CSA
  • 01-03-2023 – So a recording session last night with the 2022 Kenny Hill Signature #4356 Cedar DT EIRW 640mm turned into a bit of a comedy with my new cat, Musawi Floofer Kangaroofer Cat, creating a distraction.  I left the recording up because it was a real moment, making me laugh.
  • The 1954 Robert Bouchet #26 Spruce Brazilian RW has entered the gallery.  Updates are as complete as I can manage it so far.
    2014 Flammang #217 EL35 Spruce Mahogany Steel String

    2014 Flammang #217 EL35 Spruce Mahogany Steel String

  • 01-25-2023 – I am expecting a unique 1978 Manuel Velazquez, which is French Polished by Manuel 1976 Manuel Velazquez Spruce Jacaranda Ramirez versus his normal varnishing process and built in the style of the old Ramirez guitars of historic nature.  It should be here next week.
  • 2022 Frederich Holtier OM Acoustic Spruce Madagascar also arrived, both are photographed.  Ringing monster of a guitar.  A lovely OM bodied steel string that I am excited about.
  • 02-28-2023 – Recordings for the last few guitars are in process, including 2013 John Ray #167 Cedar Brazilian RW and 1976 Manuel Velazquez Spruce Jacaranda Ramirez.  I will also be re-recording the 2019 Edwin Aponte Spruce EIRW & 2019 Edwin Aponte Cedar EIRW guitars, after doing an extensive setup on them both to compensate for the NorthEast weather.
  • 03-09-2023 – Working on cleaning up the gallery, while recording, playing, measuring, organizing.  There is so much to do.  I worked until 2AM last night, where I didn’t feel that I made a dent in the entirety of what needs to be done?  Ugh, but we’re happy.  It’s good to be busy.  On a personal note, I adopted 2 Maine Coon puss cats, RumRum and TumTum, or Romeo RumRum Swiffer Cat and Thumper TumTum Thumbs Cat.  They have become fast friends with Musawi Floofer Kangaroofer Cat.  Adorable, where Rum is deaf, but a lover boy and TumTum is half blind with extra paws on her front legs, but a fighter and a mush cat.  These are my babies, my companions, where I could not be happier, loving and caring for these incredible creatures.
Musawi Floofer Cat

Musawi Floofer Cat sleeping in the sunshine

Romeo Rum Rum Swiffer Cat - Mush boy that give hugs and wants to cuddle

Romeo Rum Rum Swiffer Cat – Mush boy that give hugs and wants to cuddle

RumRum (left) and Thumper TumTum Thumbs (right) sleeping as cats do

RumRum (left) and Thumper TumTum Thumbs (right) sleeping as cats do











  • 03-20-2023 – a New 2023 Kevin Aram Torres Marlene Spruce EIRW 650mm has arrived in the gallery.  Another superb classical guitar!
  • 03-28-2023 – Silvia Zanchi will be sending her guitars on April 10, 2023  – 2023 Silvia Zanchi Italian Spruce Pau Ferro Ltd Edition and her 2023 Silvia Zanchi Italian Spruce Blackwood Ltd Edition – these are her finest work, made for the Roma Expo, which she attended, but did not bring these guitars for fear of them being damaged during the show.  In the meantime, Lorenzo Lippi the master’s master builder from Italy is sending his concert guitar to the gallery.  It is already on the way – 2023 Lorenzo Lippi #DN46802 Spanish Cedar Rio Rosewood – always a superb concert instrument by a man that I deeply respect as a person and a luthier.  The CITES paperwork will accompany this guitar, allowing you to register the guitar and woods with the USDA for International travel.  
  • 03-30-2023 – Esteve Model 11 in Cedar EIRW have arrived, along with 2 Hauser models…site updated to reflect the new inventory.  2023 Manuel Adalid Hauser #268 Spruce EIRW and 2023 Manuel Adalid Hauser #262 Spruce EIRW are listed and photographed.
  • 04-09-2023 – The Michael O’Leary has arrived.  2019 Michael O’Leary #236 Cedar Cocobolo Exclusive
  • 04-12-2023 – Adalid and Esteve guitars have arrived, a Hauser and a number of Model 11’s – Steve Porter has sent #52 a Spruce/EIRW with elevated FB – photography, listings, recordings are all in process.  Yikes!
  • 2023 Silvia Zanchi Italian Spruce Pau Ferro Ltd Edition

    2023 Silvia Zanchi Italian Spruce Pau Ferro Ltd Edition

    04-14-2023 – A gorgeous 2019 Kenny Hill Signature #4173 Cedar EIRW Equal Tempered has arrived.  Tempered Fretboard, elevated FB, Cedar Double Top, ported, in excellent condition.  Photography on Monday.
  • 04-25-2023 – Vicente Carrillo guitars have arrived.  A Herencia Cedar Madagascar 640mm arrived, as well as 1 Lefty Estudio 640mm Cedar is included and a Gabriela II DT Cedar 640mm Lefty!   Nice!!  Links below under New Guitars.
  • 05-10-2023 – A 2023 Steve Porter #52 Spruce EIRW 640mm has arrived.
  • 05-22-2023 – The new iteration of the Savage Classical Guitar Model 10 Cedar EIRW in 650mm and 640mm are on their way from Spain.  Beautiful Madrid style guitars that are wonderful and accessible price-wise.
  • 05-26-2023 – A special guitar has arrived, a 1996 Robert & Orville Milburn Hauser Spruce CSA which is in really nice condition.  Lot of voice with excellent power.
  • 05-29-2023 – Happy Memorial Day!  Enjoy the food, sunshine and your families!  I’m a little jealous, so I’ll just go play golf!  Yes sir!!  LOL  Hopefully, my personal models will be here soon.  
  • Another guitar arrived, photographed already, by Rafal Turowiak.  A FingerStyle Florentine Cutaway that is a bit of monster herself.  2022 Rafal Turkowiak #497 Queen Cedar DT Walnut Cutaway – this has to be one of the most comfortable, easiest playing guitars I have ever played.  The armrest is a simple and elegant comfort, with a lot of power coming out of a guitar you don’t expect it from.
  • 06-04-2023 – I just recorded Silvia Zanchi’s Pau Ferro classical guitar and wow, what an experience!  Such a responsive, gentle beast of a musical instrument.  This guitar sums up the Italian school and my feelings about them as a whole. 2023 Silvia Zanchi Italian Spruce Pau Ferro Ltd Edition
  • 06-07-2023 – All measurements for every guitar is complete!  Yes!!  Recordings are back on the menu, as Silvia’s Pau Ferro and the 1999 Robert Ruck were re-recorded.  Hoping to finish the rest by Saturday.  Lorenzo Lippi guitar was recorded as well.  More tomorrow!
  • 06-08-2023 –  I’m taking a week off in Orlando to work and analyze my game.  I’ll be back in the gallery on Monday the 19th, but phone, text and email will be operational in the mornings and evenings. 
  • 06-12-2023 – My Savage Classical Guitar Model 10’s Cedar EIRW in 650mm and 640mm are on the way!  Excited to see them, built in Spain for me by Manuel Adalid and his group of talented luthiers.  Savage Classical Guitar Model 10 Cedar EIRW & Savage Classical Guitar Model 10 640 Cedar EIRW
  • 1954 Robert Bouchet #26 Spruce Brazilian RW

    1954 Robert Bouchet #26 Spruce Brazilian RW

    06-14-2023 – I’m in Orlando, working on my swing and overall game.  Wow, was I broken, in the worst way?  Weird.  No more.  My buddy helped me, starting to fire away.  Nice!!  LOL  I’ll be back on the 19th.  Enjoy the summer!!!  Rich
  • 06-20-2023 – I am back from Orlando as of last night.  Great trip, learned quite a bit.  GFA visit on Thursday, I’ll be there around 11AM, staying until 2PM, as there are issues that need attending.
  • 06-21-2023 – A superb guitar from Juan Hernandez of Valencia is here on Thursday.  Photos and updates won’t happen until Tuesday of this coming week.  Man, what a great guitar!  Another older Italian guitar is coming as well, this made by Ottavio Caiazzo back in 1995.  1995 Ottavio Caiazzo #80 Spruce EIRW – There is a sad story that accompanies the guitar, as it his last one before he disappeared from sight.  Apparently he is presumed dead at the young age of 31?  His guitars were played by numerous Italian stars, including Aniello Desiderio, a monster player.  This guitar was finished by Alessandro Marseglia, a master himself, and a fan of Ottavio’s, long admiring his work.  The guitar is an absolute delight, refined in the Italian school of lutherie, evidencing a bit of honest play wear, but this guitar has traveled the world, by a great and well known Italian player.  It is the last guitar the great luthier ever built.
  • 06-22-2023 – Stayed way longer at the GFA today, more than I could afford, but totally worth it.  Met so many great people, some I have not met before.  Spent time with the great Kenny Hill, Carole Boutry of BAM Cases, Lucio Carbone of Italy, Mark Usherovich and his lovely wife, Zebulon Turrentine, Toby Rzepka, Thomas Baldwin, Joshia DeJonge, Greg Maloney of Gifted Guitar, Juan Hernandez (his son, Alberto), Manuel Adalid of Adalid Guitars/Esteve Guitarras along with Sergio Camargo, Aaron Ringo of Wood Ring Guitars, J.A. Williams (who builds an incredibly interesting and wonderful sounding guitar), Garrett Lee, Christophe Ravie and Valeria Torresgrossa of Alhambra Guitarras, and of course, the great Matt Rubendall from my hometown of Brooklyn.  These are all incredibly talented luthiers and well, just really nice people.  I am blessed to know them, and to do business with most of them.  I brought a few guitars back with me (I drove there), and have a few more scheduled as a result of the trip.  I’ll update as I confirm everything for all of you.  The guitars I mention above for the June 21, 2023 post are here in the gallery. Best, Rich 2023 Juan Hernandez SM Cedar DT Cocobolo came back with me!  LOL  Awesome!
  • 06-23-2023 – Christophe Ravie of Alhambra Guitarras came to visit me, while attending the GFA Convention.  He brought me a Concert Model Jose Maria Vilaplana built by their master luthier Javier Mengual2023 Alhambra Jose Maria Vilaplana NT Cedar EIRW – a superb traditionally built classical guitar that I found endearing, where as I played it, pushed it, got her to open up, well, yes sir, she started singing.  Listing of all guitars will be completed by this coming Wednesday, as I am waiting for Ryan to return from a 9 day music tour with his band, Inner Love
  • 06-24-2023 – Johannes T´Kindt of Granada Spain is sending us a new beauty classical guitar – 2023 Johannes T’Kindt CL36 Spruce EIRW
  • 06-28-2023 – 2 new guitars from the awesome Matt Rubendall of Brooklyn!  A 2023 Matt Rubendall German Spruce Malaysian Blackwood 650mm and a 2023 Matt Rubendall German Spruce Ziricote 640mm have arrived after a kind visit from Matt this morning.  He is an incredible builder, craftsman, setup and repair man, who also builds and crafts gorgeous knives that are magnificent!  I own a wonderful chef’s knife of his that is a dream to work with in the kitchen!  What a great and humble man who builds some of the finest guitars in the world!  Right here in NY?  Yes sir!!!
  • 07-03-2023 – Photos are all updated.  Guitars are to be measured and recorded through July 5, 2023.  Happy 4th!  Be safe, be well, enjoy your time off!  Rich
  • 07-04-2023 – Happy 4th!  
  • 07-05-2023 – 4th was crazy!  What a fireworks show at our friend’s house, Duke is the man!  Johannes sent us his latest creation, a beautiful 2023 Johannes T’Kindt CL36 Spruce EIRW that is such an incredible guitar!
  • 07-10-2023 – Manuel Adalid is sending us a dozen Model 12 Cedar Granadillos Classical Guitars, 6 of them in 650mm scale and another 6 in a 640mm scale length.  Also, a pair of his Torres Spruce EIRW in a 640mm scale are coming with them.  Awesome!
  • 2023 Jean Rompre #172 Cedar EIRW

    2023 Jean Rompre #172 Cedar EIRW

    07-19-2023 – All measurements are up to date.  Working on completing recordings for about 8 guitars, revisiting another 3 or 4.  Updates to follow.
  • 07-24-2023 – We’ve been having fun in the gallery, measuring, recording, cleaning up, etc.  The cats are hysterical, so much laughter and over the top cuteness.  A great summer so far.  Hope yours is great as well!  
  • 07-28-2023 – The 1990 Masura Kohno Special Spruce Brazilian RW 650mm has arrived as well as the Manuel Adalid Model 12’s in 650mm and 640mm
  • 07-31-2023 – I had a weird situation with an International Delivery, a tuning machine order, that went kind of bad, but turned out OK in the end.  Sent on June 20, 2023, it finally arrived yesterday to Italy.  USPS International.  Ugh.  OK, so the client thought the original was lost.  No worries, probably correct given so much time, I took it upon myself to send the order again on July 21, 2023, directly through USPS instead of PayPal’s Global Post, which ends up using the same service.  Well, wouldn’t you know it, both orders arrived together.  The client held me responsible for the shipping?  No argument, though there is a ton of argument, I let it go.  I just find it curious that anyone out there believes I have any control over any shipping company?  To be clear, I do not!  It’s just weird…LOL
  • 08-01-2023 – We have photographed the Adalid Model 12 640mm guitar – The 1990 Masura Kohno Special Spruce Brazilian RW 650mm – The 2023 Manuel Adalid Torres #290 Spruce EIRW 640mm – Measurements and recordings on Monday!
  • 08-06-2023 – High End CrossRock Cases 6000 – 5000 – 4000 Series and their 620 HSC are ordered and on the way.  All Black for most of the cases.  Maybe 1 Red 6000
  • 08-07-2023 – BAM XL2000 Cases of Various Colors are on order, finally!  It’s been a while.
  • 08-08-2023 – Kim Lissarrague of Australia has a 2023 Kim Lissarrague #398 Cedar Ziricote 650mm on the way, should be here by Friday. 
  • 08-13-2023 – Great weekend, played golf, working through injuries, ugh.  Still, had a blast.  Back to work.  Fulfulling orders, measurements, recordings, photography.  The new Lissarrague Australian Lattice and a new Ken Whisler 2023 Ken Whisler #48 Cedar EIRW 650mm are on the docket!  Nice!! 
  • 08-21-2023 – Cases from CrossRock are en route – 4000 – 5000 – 6000 Series
  • 08-25-2023 – A few great guitars are here – 1999 Paul McGill Cedar CSA 650mm and a 2022 Rafal Turkowiak #466 OM Acoustic Spruce Ziricote with Pickup
  • 09-10-2023 – Cleaning up the gallery, guitars measured, photos, etc.  Recording has been an issue as I have not really been feeling well of late.  Time to get back on that horse.  I’ll get it done.
  • 09-17-2023 – BAM Cases are back in stock after a trip to NJ today.  All available colors, plus a Panther BAM in Silver.  The 1954 Robert Bouchet guitar is ready to go, playing beautifully, setup and everything is wonderfully stable.  Beautiful!  
  • 09-21-2023 – I’m down in Orlando, chilling out and playing to end the summer time, which I enjoyed this year.  I’ll be back in the gallery on October 2, 2023
  • 09-30-2023 – Back in the gallery after a week off, playing some end of the year golf!  Looking around, I have lowered prices on 24 guitars, or put them all on sale, rather significantly!  Category – On Sale!  – Check it out and find a great guitar for even less money!  Yes Sir!! 
  • 10-03-2023 – Kenny Hill Players are back in stock – See our inventory.
  • 10-04-2023 – The Canadian Master, Jean Rompré is blessing us with not one, but 2 of his gorgeous guitars, #172 and #174, where the #173 is going to the incomparable Gohar Vardanyan.  They should be up on the site by this coming Monday, I hope.
  • 10-09-2023 – 5 guitars showed up on Monday.  Busy day, busy week, last week and this week as well.   Jean Rompré and Darren (Doc) Hippner sent 2 guitars.  Steve Porter sent #42 from 2020, but it needs a bit of TLC as she was improperly handled by another and rather insignifcant “dealer”?  Incompetence is not a qualification for being a dealer of fine instruments.  I’m personally addressing Steve’s guitar, as that is what it requires.  List at the bottom of New or Expected Guitars.
  • 10-17-2023 – Recordings continue as I have gotten up to the 1990 Masaru Kohn Special.  18 more to go?  My goodness, the guitars have been coming in fast and furiously!  On another note, it would seem that I am experiencing pain, heretofore, unacknowledged by myself.  It has become painfully apparent in this last week of recording.  It may be time to go to a doctor or admit that I’m getting old.  My playing has suffered greatly in this last year.  I am very much aware of this fact.  Ugh.
  • 2023 Matt Rubendall German Spruce Malaysian Blackwood 650mm

    2023 Matt Rubendall German Spruce Malaysian Blackwood 650mm

    10-25-2023 – A number of guitars are being and have been recorded.  1999 Paul McGill Cedar CSA 650mm is the latest.  Still quite a few to get through, over a dozen.  I’m back on it in full force, trying to get through the pain of playing, especially in my Left Hand 3rd and 4th fingers.
  • 10-27-2023 – Recording and cleaning things up has been priority one.  The pain in my left hand fingers persists, but more practice is helping a touch.  Recordings include 2023 Manuel Adalid Hauser #268 Spruce EIRW1995 Ottavio Caiazzo #80 Spruce EIRW2004 Robert Milburn #262 Spruce Malaysian Blackwood2007 Daryl Perry 1929 Simplicio Spruce Satinwood2022 Rafal Turkowiak #466 OM Acoustic Spruce Ziricote Pickup2010 Charles Dick Spruce Quilted Maple1990 Masura Kohno Special Spruce Brazilian RW 650mm2023 Johannes T’Kindt CL36 Spruce EIRW2023 Matt Rubendall German Spruce Malaysian Blackwood 650mm
  • 10-28-2023 – A few guitars have arrived, all unique and … it’s indescribable, sometimes, how great these guitars are that I accept into the gallery.  In other words, I got me a great job!  I am so blessed.  LOL  A 2010 Teodoro Perez #856 Maestro Especiale Cedar African RW and a special Steel String Acoustic by Flammang Guitars – 2014 Flammang #217 EL35 Spruce Mahogany Steel String this guitar is a blast and a beauty.  So much darned fun.
  • 10-31-2023 – Happy Halloween! to all.   LOL  It’s a fun time of year, no?  Gosh darn, the year went fast!  My people will be returning tomorrow where we can back to photos and such of the numerous guitars that are arriving and that have already been here for the last 2 weeks.  Wilson Burnham is sending a new guitar that will be here on Wednesday. 2023 Wilson Burnham “Nina” Bearclaw Sitka Spruce EIRW
  • 11-01-2023 – Photography has been completed, working on the editing and upload for at least 4 guitars today, including Wilson Burnham’s beauty of a Bear Claw Spruce EIRW, which did arrive today!  Gods, she is gorgeous.
  • 11-04-2023 – Working the proverbial “butt” off here in the gallery the last 4 days, 12+ hour days, catching up, getting the gallery and site tight.  Still much to record, but I’m getting there.  The pain in the Left Hand is rather severe, indicating a problem that can not be ignored.  Too much training and too much age on the ole man?  LOL  and Ugh.  
  • 11-07-2023 – Wilson Burnham is sending me his 1992 Gioachino Giussani “Pherkard” Cedar Brazilian RW ex-Angel Romero that he has given loving attention to in his inestimable restoring powers.  Looks to be a beautiful guitar from one of the great Italian builders.  It is also owned performed on by none other than the great Angel Romero for 10 years of his career, thus ex-Angel Romero!  How sweet is that?
  • 11-16-2023 – The 1992 Giaochino Giussani Pherkard Concert has arrived and is spectacular!  Such a warm, mellow and mature voice.  Guitar is almost pristine.  Ex-Angel Romero.  Superb!  Photography is completed for this guitar and the 2 Price guitars.  Listings to be created and then measurements/recordings.  Beautiful guitars.  I am a fortunate man blessed with a business that I love and 2 children I adore.
  • 11-20-2023 – The entire weekend and Monday were dedicated to reorganizing, cleaning and setting up the gallery.  Having removed a huge collection of books from the space is finally allowing me to think clearly, wrapping my head around the gallery.  In other words, my OCD was kicking my ass!  LOL  It is such a great, wide open space and now, we can make full use of it.  Yes!!  btw, the 2021 Thomas Friedrich Alpine Spruce with East Indian Rosewood  guitar arrived.  Gotdarnit, she is light, responsive, musical, well, she is a beast!
  • 11-23-2023 – Happy Thanksgiving to All!  I have much to be thankful for, including my 2 amazing daughters, incredible young ladies, gifts to me that I cherish.  The business I have created, which is more of personal journey than a business and all of the phenomenal people that have graced me with their trust and their guitars have my gratitude as well.  I am thankful for the few in this world that I value enough to call friend.  I trust you all have much to be thankful for as well.  My best, Richard
  • 11-24-2023 – Cleanup in the gallery is completed!  Photos and listing for the 2021 Thomas Friedrich Alpine Spruce with East Indian Rosewood guitar today 
  • 12-01-2023 – So, I seem to have lost a few updates for the month of December?  Ugh.  OK, so the 2021 Thomas Friedrich Spruce EIRW has arrived, as I wrote earlier.  Light, airy feeling, with a powerful sound.  Goes to show that a traditional build, from Germany, can be a powerhouse with superb voicing and balance.  The Italians and the Spanish get it, and clearly, Thomas gets it as well.
  • 12-06-2023 – Steve Porter of Mendicino, CA sent me a bit of an older guitar from 2020 that slipped through the cracks of a guitar deal gone South.  LOL…our good fortune, as Steve cleaned her, re-polished it and set her up with some help from myself.  Low, easy, fun to play and dang powerful with a beautiful rounded voice that projects!  2020 Steve Porter #42 Cedar EIRW Lattice – photos updated just yesterday.
  • 12-10-2023 – Cleaning up the gallery, in a big way.  Love it. 
    • 12-19-2023 – A quick trip to San Diego for business and some fun led to a few nice discoveries.  San Diego is gorgeous, first of all!  Torrey Pines?  Ridiculous!  LOL  A great piece of news from Claudia D’Ammassa who is sending us her latest 2024 Claudia D’Ammassa Spruce EIRW Concert Classical Guitar.
      • Michele Della Giustina has his latest Spruce EIRW ready for shipment in a few days!
  • 12-24-2023 – Another amazing arrival – 2020 Simon Ambridge #280 Spruce EIRW – a superlative instrument from one of the great English Master Luthiers.  In excellent condition with the slightest play wear on the top.  So much recording to do!  OMG…LOL 
      • Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to All!  Please enjoy yourselves, your families and the children.  It is all about the children, while being the best version of ourselves at this very moment. Blessings and grace to all and please be safe!  With our best wishes, Richard F. Sayage and my 2 incredible, driven and beautiful daughters, Dhiana and Samantha.  I might as well add RumRum Romeo Swiffer Cat, TumTum Mama Thumper Cat and Musawi Floofer Kangaroofer Cat!  Yes!  Merry Christams Everybody!  Rich
      • 2 guitars were recorded tonight, with so much fun had doing this work.
  • 12-26-2023 – Claudia D’Ammassa’s guitar is in NY, hopefully, delivery tomorrow.  Photos and listing will go up immediately.
    • A wonderful day spent with my daughter, Samantha, and then Dhiana joined us after work at the gallery.  Chinese Food, Video Games, Junk Food, and Rum, Tum and Musawi Cats made for a perfect day!  Hope yours was great as well.  
  • 01-01-2024 – Weird to write 2024.  That means, Happy New Year to all! 
    • OK, Claudia D’Ammassa and her Spruce beauty have arrived.  This is a gorgeous guitar.  Listing and photos will be done tomorrow as we are on holiday until Tuesday or Wednesday.  It is important to value other people’s time, allowing all to reset a bit, refresh the brain and the heart.  It was a great holiday week, spent with my girls, shopping, being domestic, eating out, taking care of a great lady who deserves everything good in life, but has had little of it except to work, provide and grind through life.  She did an incredible job.  Now it’s her turn to receive instead of just giving.  That’s all I can say about it.  Enjoy and be safe.  Richard
  • 01-04-2024 – 2024 Claudia D’Ammassa Spruce DT EIRW is photographed and recorded.  A beautiful guitar by the Italian Master Luthier.  btw, it got seriously cold up here in NY.  Yikes!
  • 01-10-2024 – Another year, still more work..LOL.  Recordings keep going, only about 12 to do now.  2023 Matt Rubendall German Spruce Ziricote 640mm2023 Manuel Adalid Torres #290 Spruce EIRW 640mm and 2023 Kim Lissarrague #398 Cedar Ziricote 650mm are recorded.  Gallery is always being cleaned, while we look for a “new” space to host the gallery.  The process is grueling, quite frankly.  Real estate is not easy of late.  Be well, we’ll talk soon.
  • 01-15-2024 – Recording continues with the 2023 Manuel Adalid Torres #291 Spruce EIRW 640mm just completed.  We are getting there!  LOL
  • 1980 Paulino Bernabe Sr Spruce CSA 660mm

    1980 Paulino Bernabe Sr Spruce CSA 660mm

    01-16-2024 – 2023 Ken Whisler #48 Cedar EIRW 650mm was just recorded.  A wonderful and easy to play guitar!
  • 01-18-2024 – 2023 Jean Rompre #172 Cedar EIRW is recorded.  Probably not well, but she is truly wonderful. 
  • 01-19-2024 –  2020 Steve Porter #42 Cedar EIRW Lattice also recorded.  Low and fast setup on this baby guitar!  Yes!
  • 01-21-2024 – The Luthier Listing Page and Home page have been updated to list current holdings.  More recordings today, including 2010 Teodoro Perez #856 Maestro Especiale Cedar African RW2018 Peter Oberg #158 Bull Run Cedar American Black Cherry2023 Wilson Burnham “Nina” Bearclaw Sitka Spruce EIRW
  • 01-24-2024 – 2020 Simon Ambridge #280 Spruce EIRW has been recorded.
  • 01-25-2024 – Photos for 3 guitars went up today, with a bit of a glitch, so we had to cut the last guitars short.  Photos are up but will need to be filled out next week, as one of my men here got a bit ill last night and this morning.  We did what we could and then he had to go home!  LOL  Poor guy.  Photos shoots are for 2011 Kenny Hill Performance #3230 Spruce EIRW 630mm2011 Kenny Hill Performance #3163 Cedar EIRW 630mm2006 Kenneth Brogger Torres SE144 Spruce Cypress
  • – Recording went up for our 2023 Wilson Burnham “Nina” Bearclaw Sitka Spruce EIRW
  • 01-30-2024 – 2024 Michele Della Giustina Spruce Ironwood is en route, should arrive next week.
  • 02-01-2024 – 2011 John Price #303FL Spruce Tasmanian Myrtle Lattice Flamenco has been recorded.
  • 02-03-2024 – The 1992 Gioachino Giussani Pherkard Cedar Brazilian ex-Angel Romero has been recorded.  Another superb guitar!  Only 7 to go?  LOL
  • 02-07-2024 – 2024 Michele Della Giustina #421 Spruce Ironwood 645mm has arrived.  What a beauty!
  • 02-10-2024 – A 2021 Wilson Burnham Teodora Spruce Cypress 645mm has entered the gallery, a Flamenco Hybrid sounding guitar that is easily played.
  • 02-12-2024 – The 2006 Luigi Locatto Spruce EIRW has been recorded.  Photos are all up to date on all guitars, as well as measurements.  I’m off to Orlando to get away for a week or so.  Phone, email and text are on and Ryan is in the gallery all week.  Talk soon.  Rich
  • 02-19-2024 – The 2006 Kenneth Brogger Torres SE144 Spruce Cypress has been recorded.  I’m back from Orlando, cutting my trip short as there was work to get done.
  • 02-21-2024 – Johannes T’Kindt sent us a beautiful Madagascar example of his work.  2023 Johannes T’Kindt CL44 Spruce Madagascar 645mm
  • 02-25-2024 –  The 2011 Kenny Hill Performance #3184 Cedar EIRW 650mm and the 1999 Thomas Humphrey Millenium Spruce Brazilian RW have been recorded.
  • 03-05-2024 – A 2022 Casimiro Lozano Cedar DT EIRW is en route
  • 03-06-2024 – 2022 Casimiro Lozano Cedar DT EIRW has arrived and it is super nice.
  • 03-07-2024 – All recordings are up to date!  A lot of work to get there as I fell behind.  
  • 03-18-204 – A beautiful Jake Fuller has arrived.  2019 Jake Fuller #107 Spruce Cherrywood – it is a beautiful guitar.
  • 03-21-2024 – A 2024 Lorenzo Frignani #264 Spruce Madagascar RW is en route
  • 04-01-2024 – 2024 Lorenzo Frignani #264 Spruce Madagascar RW has arrived early!  Nice!
  • 05-14-2024 – Apologies, as I have been run down a bit with exhaustion, simply just not feeling well of late.  Diabetes is kicking my butt, in a nutshell.  I’m fighting to get back on track physically.  All good.  3 sweet guitars have arrived – 2000 Fritz Ober Hauser Spruce Maple2012 German Vazquez Rubio #32812 Hauser Elite Spruce EIRW – 2023 Sebastien Stenzel Hauser Spruce Maple all in excellent condition.  The Stenzel is in New Condition. Photos in the next day with listings updated.
  • 05-16-2024 – A 2019 Kenny Hill New Century Model (Signature without the raised fretboard) is en route – 3/4 sized 640mm Spruce/Cedar DT with true tempered frets, standup model in a White Visesnut Case
  • 05-22-2024 – A beautiful 2012 Steve Connor #235 Cedar EIRW has arrived in the gallery.  Photos updated.  Waiting on my RH Middle (M) finger to heal from an extraordinary cut that has inhibited playing time.  Need to record at least 6 guitars!  Yikes!!
  • 05-27-2024 – Trying to get to the recording part of everything.  The finger still hurts.
  • 06-01-2024 – It has been a trying experience, where my right middle finger will simply not heal.  Probably due to a diabetic condition, insulin treatments, etc.  I am used to healing rather quickly, as I keep myself in superb shape, diet, etc.  Ugh, is the best expression.  Holding me back from recording.  Quite a few guitars have left the building.  Trying to restock, but I am so picky, it is becoming a slight issue.
  • 06-06-2024 – A 2023 Kevin Aram Della Spruce Bog Oak 640mm Torres has come back to the gallery, as the buyer realized he wanted a SUPER powerful guitar.   No worries, the guitar is in superb, showroom condition, priced down a few thousand.  Have at it!  
  • 2023 Larry Breslin Spruce Brazilian RW DT

    2023 Larry Breslin Spruce Brazilian RW DT

    06-19-2024 – Larry Breslin has sent a new classical guitar to the gallery.  Updates tomorrow, with photos of the Kenny Hill 3/4 sized New Century Ergo Model 640mm and the 2024 Larry Breslin Spruce Brazilian RW DT on Thursday.
  • 07-03-2024 – A superb sounding and playing Robert Vincent classical guitar arrived.  A lot of play wear on this one, but worth it for the sound!  My goodness!!  2010 Robert Vincent #160 Cedar Cocobolo
  • 07-05-2024 – Updates to recordings will begin this week.  For those who may not believe the high standard held here for our offereings, 4 guitars were returned this past week alone.  Not it, not here, no home for not so great guitars.  Apologies, but I am not sorry.  
  • 07-08-2024 – An original Paulino Bernabe Sr. from the 90’s I believe is en route.  Photos on Thursday if we can manage it.
  • 07-09-2024 – A beautiful traditional guitar from Italy by Toni De Stefano is en route.  2024 Toni De Stefano Concert Spruce EIRW
  • 07-10-2024 – Recordings have begun again. 2012 Steve Connor #235 Cedar EIRW  – Not the greatest, but hey, they never were…LOL  – It’s about you hearing the guitar unedited, unprocessed, ranges and all, just straight up raw recordings, flubs and all.  I’m doing at least 2 more today.
  • 07-15-2024 – Toni De Stefano and his guitar will arrive tomorrow.  Recording for the 1980 Paulino Bernabe Sr Spruce CSA 660mm is on the page.  Look for MP3 Audio
  • 07-20-2024 – Another beautiful guitar from Silvia Zanchi of Italy has arrived.  2021 Silvia Zanchi Concert Cedar Bocote – gorgeous!

 New or Expected Guitars

These lists of photography and other media will continually be added to, for the purpose of archives and easy search.  Additions will be at the bottom of each list.  Thanks, Rich



2023 Lorenzo Lippi #DN46802 Spanish Cedar Rio Rosewood

2023 Lorenzo Lippi #DN46802 Spanish Cedar Rio Rosewood

My best, always!  Rich – call me at 631-335-5447   – my personal email is here

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