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June 2022 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

2004 Jim Redgate #223 Cedar CSA RW

2004 Jim Redgate #223 Cedar CSA RW

The image above is our 2020 Ashley Sanders #67 Cedar EIRW (Lattice) an absolutely phenomenal guitar by the Australian Master.

5 Months gone where it seems to go rather quickly, no?  Why is it still so gotdam cold? Well, it is finally heating up here in NY, so that’s okay by me.  I miss playing golf for my down time.

I’m also hearing rumors that I retired?  No, I have not retired, with no plans for the far future of doing so.

I’m hearing rumors that I moved.  I have not moved, staying in Bohemia, NY at the listed address for the forseeable future.

Hope you are all well and safe in these strange new times.  The site is updated and quite tight.  Recordings are up to date, photography, measurements, etc.  I try to leave no detail out, all while photographing other aspects of the guitar that many disregard. Weird?  Same with the data for the guitar.  Action, weight, CITES eligibility, etc. Please NOTE that the organization of CITES has determined that musical instruments under 10kg of mass are not included within the restrictions going forward.  This has taken effect as of November 26, 2019. Brazilian Rosewood (CSA RW) is still highly restricted, but all other Rosewoods are off of “our” table.  Very good news, quite rational, and well, it’s about time.  We’ve all done good work toward this end, myself included, along with various musical agencies (such as League of American Orchestras and ANAFIMA) that represent traveling musicians, as well as Taylor Guitars, Fender, Gibson, CF Martin & Co., Collings Guitars, NAMM have all contributed to this updated world wide legislation that went into effect.

Over the past few years, my reputation in my business has grown to a comfortable level.  That is by no means an excuse to take it easy.  This means I work harder.   I’m getting some questions about me and my style of doing things. I like that. I know I’m separating from every other dealer out there by being very black and white about my business philosophy, the information and details about guitars, my zero tolerance for BS in the business, (and we all know there is a ton of that out there), basically, there are few experts out there that can talk, fix, setup and repair guitar, I mean really talk these little babies that we love so much, the classical guitar. Another thought….I photograph the guitars.  I record them.  I measure them.  I inspect them inside and out.  As a luthier, I understand these guitars intimately (I speak about this a bit more below). On the recordings…I’m not attempting to  display virtuoso technique for you.  This is about you being able to hear the guitar, all while I am able to understand it better, being able to explain my own thoughts.  I read, somewhere recently, on another somewhat prominent dealer’s thought process regarding recording, where it was stated that a recording is useless to you, so

2021 Samo Sali #193 Cedar EIRW DT

2021 Samo Sali #193 Cedar EIRW DT

why bother?  Huh?  How about clarity in the recording, naturally done, zero engineering, black and white information, just as I do in everything here?  Photos, information, measurements, play wear, repairs, full description, etc.  I simply do not understand laziness, in our personal lives or business, where I believe that is it, simple laziness.  I write somewhere on my site, that I do this full-time.  Where does anyone get off lightly, being lazy in this most personal business of classical and other high end guitars?  The answer is, not where I’m concerned.  By the way, my recordings represent the guitar naturally, where many say to me that the guitar they received sounds better than the recording.  I’m good with that (it also means they are better players than me, and I’m good with that too LOL).

Are you getting your questions answered in a polite yet expert fashion? No, then move on. Are you questions getting answered at all? No, then let’s move on. Are your emails being responded to in a timely and professional manner (or your phone calls)? No, then hells yeah, let’s move on. Call or write to me. You’ll immediately feel the difference. You’ll know what it’s like to “finally” talk to a guy that has your interest and the interest of the guitar at heart. It’s much like my sales approach, of which I have none. I listen, I have zero prejudice in terms of consigned or owned guitars, I put guitars in your hands, you make your choices, you make the final decision, I almost and literally have much of nothing to do with your decision making process. I’ll play it for you. I’ll talk to you about what you want or how much you wish to spend, but in the end, you have made your decision without any influence from me. Can we discuss the technicals of a guitar, hells yes, the more the better. How to care for it, how to maintain it, how to address possible and future problems, can we fix it, set it up, repair it, polish it, whatever you need later? I’ll say it again, hell yeah! That’s what an expert is in this business. I tolerate zero pretenders, and they are all pretenders, whether they want to hear it or not. Put them to the test. Get back to me when you hang up the phone in disgust. There, I’m done!

OK, on to business.  Guitars keep coming to me.  Most I like, some I return.  A guitar has to meet my exacting standards or it has to leave.  Quite simple.

One of my guys here in the gallery did an analysis of guitar dealers around the world, classical guitar specialists.  Our closest competitor of fine classical guitars has 80 Concert level instruments available!   Very nice guitars indeed, if not a bit over-priced?  The reality is that I have sold many guitars over the summer going into the Winter of 2021.  Our numbers are down, in terms of available guitars, but I am fixing that in short order.  As of right now, April 1,  2021, we have 120 Concert Guitars available here for your inspection. I also created a Conservatory and Teaching Room with guitars under $2500.  I’m not carrying anything under $1500 at this stage of our business as this is simply not where I wish to be in terms of price points.  Better guitars, top of their class, in every category!

All the guitars listed here, live here in my gallery, all filtered by me personally, with more on the way!  Yes, we are, without any doubt, the largest gallery in the world catering to a discerning clientele on both sides of the guitar, luthier and player.  Actually, I’m sort of running out of room (OK, I’m really running out of room, starting to look for another place). Goes to show, taking care of people, I mean, really taking care of them, pays beautiful dividends.  Here’s the scary part…I’ve turned away many guitars in the past few months.  We could easily eclipse 250-300 instruments if I allow it.  It was on my mind, I had to say it out loud.   Thank you to everyone who trusts us with their beautiful guitars.

We have also provided for client financing through PayPal Credit.  In essence, they are offering you a 6 month loan Interest Free if paid within that time period.  Loan terms seem favorable as well, for those needing longer than 6 months to pay down the financing.  It’s a great option, one that might open the door to a special instrument you might have your eyes on.

I have also developed a line of basic but high quality strings under our labelSavage Classical Guitar Strings – Affordable, straightforward and accurate nylon strings that anyone can use.  Total pound pressure of 80lbs (Flamenco – Low Tension) – 85lbs (Normal Tension) – 90lbs (High Tension).

2015 Kenneth Brogger Spruce Walnut

2015 Kenneth Brogger Spruce Walnut

Nicolo Alessi has sent a complete re-supply of tuning machines to the gallery.

Gotoh machines are fully stocked as well.

PegHed Machines have also been re-stocked – prices went up significantly (again).  Sorry.

New issues with International Shipping.  Very Important for International Clients, including Canada…Please note that we will NOT accept PayPal or any International Credit Card as payment.  All transactions must be finalized with Bank Wire Transfers for any amount over $1000 USD.  Please see our discussion found here and scroll down to Customs – Duty and International Shipping .  Thank you!

As always, our selection of quality classical guitars is unprecedented.  Really really.  See list below.  Yikes!!   I personally approve every guitar that comes across my threshold.  If a guitar is not up to standard, it is sent back.  I’m also the dealer luthier, able to assess, fix, repair, polish and setup a guitar so that it presents its best self to you.

I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to my shop, appreciating the wide selection, where I trust and hope that you will find your perfect guitar.  Enjoy.


  • I updated the Classical Guitar Care page to reflect some further thoughts, as I’m getting some feedback about neck shrinkage, causing those sticky frets at the end.  Yikes.  Humidity is important.  The guitar (your guitars) need to be at and around 50% RH …. all…the….time!  One bad day makes a difference.  I work hard to keep the gallery at 50% RH.  The latest is the Vornado EVap 4 gallon version.  What a good machine (so far).  Good enough, I ordered another machine, with a year supply of wicks for it.  Great machine.
  • Please NOTE that USPS Shipping costs for Express Shipping have gone up significantly.  We are setting up to change our shipping arrangements but we are adjusting to use of FedEx Ground/Home and or USPS Priority Mail, except for our most expensive offerings.  Our apologies, but the cost has gone up by almost 100%.  I will update accordingly and let you all know what is happening.
  • A number of beautiful guitars have crossed my threshold.  Yes, I said my threshold.  I do not and will not distance myself (as per many recommendations in the last few years) from my business and my website.  It’s all me with the assistance of a few select people, most importantly, Ryan O’Rourke of Table Talk and his current band, Inner Love  –  I take full responsibility for all things that may go wrong here, which rarely happens, but hey, I’m human too.
  • 2012 John Price #322 Spruce EIRW just arrived.  Nice guitar!
  • A 1998 Kevin Aram Torres Reba Spruce Maple arrived today.  I remain fortunate in bringing in some of the finest offerings!
  • A 2021 Pierre Alexandre Bellest #71 Spruce EIRW has arrived and is recorded
  • A 2020 Masaki Sakurai and a Kenny Hill Torres Maple along with an older John Price Lattice will be arriving shortly.
  • All measurements and maintenance for the New Year are completed.  Photography for new arrivals have been completed as well.
  • I got a look at 1994 Daniel Friederich owned by the nicest lady you have ever met, a teacher from the NYC area.  What a guitar!
  • I also brought in a 2010 Steve Connor #204 Pagoda Cedar CSA, which is now updated with photos on the site.
  • 03-04-2022 – So here I am, on the precipice of a huge move, then whammo, not moving.  My daughters really got to me, where they didn’t want to be selfish, focused on my needs, not wanting to tell me that they were unhappy with me moving 1100 miles away.  They are amazing young ladies.  So, no changes, I am staying put.  Now, I would like the support of the Long Island community, including professors in the various schools, teachers, etc.  We are here, we are quite good at what we do, from sales to repairs and setups.  Time to take advantage of the ridiculous resource at your disposal.  LOL  Rich
  • Update the Luthiers A-Z page as well as the Home Page.
  • 03-09-2022 – 4 Guitars came in today.
  • Matt Rubendall visited today bringing his 2021 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote classical guitar.  Photos and listing on Monday.  What a great guitar!
  • I put together a new piece of music, inspired by my assistant, Ryan O’Rourke and written for my 2 girls, thus the title, “My Two Girls”.
  • 2 more guitars arrived, shorter scale at 640mm and quite nice players.  
  • Luthier pages have been updated.  An incredible David J Rubio guitar arrived, a 1969 David Rubio #202 Spruce CSA
  • 03-25-2022 – All measurements have been updated, as well as the Luthier Page again.
  • 04-01-2022 – A few guitars out the door, I’m tired.  Going to leave early and enjoy a quiet weekend!  
  • 04-05-2022 – A new Jean Rompré will be here soon.  Jean wrote that he is putting the final touches on a 2021 Jean Rompré #172 Cedar EIRW
  • 04-12-2022 – An absolutely superb 1991 Thomas Humphrey Millenium Spruce CSA arrived today.  Photos and measurements are up to date
  • 04-20-2022 – Steve Porter is sending us a Small Scale 640mm Cedar on Friday – 2022 Steve Porter #48 Cedar EIRW 640mm
  • 04-27-2022 – I spent the majority of the week in Puerto Rico with my good friend Carlos meeting with a few luthiers.  Of incredible consideration is Miguel Acevedo and Edwin Aponte, both of whom are building guitars for the gallery.  I also had the chance to hang with the great Ivan Rijos for the evening, watching and listening to him simply shred the guitar with Carlos.
  • 04-29-2022 – Recordings are being uploaded for the 2022 Steve Porter #48 Cedar EIRW 640mm and 2019 Andres Navarro #1938 Spruce EIRW
  • 05–06-2022 – An excellent small scale Signature guitar from Kenny Hill is arriving on Monday. 2019 Kenny Hill Signature #4187 3/4 body 640mm Spruce EIRW
  • 05-08-2022 – A simple and heartfelt Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms in our lives.
  • 05-16-2022 – A number of guitars have arrived from Manuel Adalid and Esteve Guitars – Model 11’s – Model 12’s and a 2022 Manuel Adalid Torres #195 Spruce EIRW 640mm
  • 05-26-2022 – 2 new guitars from Edwin Aponte of Puerto Rico are set to arrive in a week.  These are great guitars that I have already played while visiting my good friend Carlos last month.
  • 06-02-2022 – Some guitars have arrived.  An Antonio Marin Spruce Brazilian RW – a relatively new 2017 John Price #365 Spruce Tasmanian Myrtle and a 2020 Michael O’Leary #245 Professional Cedar Ebony
  • 06-06-2022 – All measurements are up to date on the site.  A 2021 Jean Rompré #169 Cedar Madagascar RW arrived today
  • 06-07-2022 – Getting back to recording, catching up with a few guitars that needed it.  The Adalid Torres, John Price #365 and 2020 Michael O’Leary #245 are updated.
  • 06-10-2022 – a new guitar by Darren Hippner arrived, spectacular.  2022 Darren Hippner #1088 Lattice Spruce CSA
  • 06-12-2022 – A new Kenny Hill Signature 640mm came through the door. 2022 Kenny Hill Signature #4323 Cedar DT EIRW 640mm
  • 06-14-2022 –  a new and wonderful guitar from Evan Kingma arrived today 2022 Evan Kingma #20 Cedar Wenge
  • 06-24-2022 – Took some time off, got my game back to normal, took in the sun, beach, etc.  It was nice.  Recording a few guitars, getting the site back to speed.  All guitars are recorded, and I’m expecting a Jean Rompre shortly along with a new 640 Cedar Zebulon Turrentine next week.
2009 Daniele Chiesa Spruce Ziricote

2009 Daniele Chiesa Spruce Ziricote

 New or Expected Guitars

These lists of photography and other media will continually be added to, for the purpose of archives and easy search.  Additions will be at the bottom of each list.  Thanks, Rich



My best, always!  Rich – call me at 631-335-5447   – my personal email is here

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June 2022 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

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  • Doug Dewitt says:

    It’s true! It’s true!

    At Savage Classical Guitars, no matter who you are, or where you are from, Rich will treat you with kindness and respect. He is a man of Integrity, true to his word. He responds to inquiries professionally and quickly. I didn’t think I was able to purchase a guitar, (I found a way). I wrote him way too many emails, and he responded to every one promptly, kindly, and always with class. I’d say he was a class act, but he’s not acting. Trust him and he’ll get you where you need to be, with the instrument that meets your wants as well as your needs. I’m awaiting mine as I write this. Thank you Rich.

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