Kenny Hill Estudio 615mm with Cedar Top

By November 19, 2013 Customer Feedback
Hi Rich,
Classical Guitar by Kenny Hill Estudio 615
     Just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived safely.  Thank you for the nice case, the cloth and extra strings.
    About the guitar- I was gobsmacked when I opened the case.  I wasn’t expecting such a treasure.  I was thinking it would be like a student guitar.  But it has been beautifully crafted-no gluey edges or wonky woodwork  or sharp fret ends.
     The sound is crisp, balanced and projects beautifully- just perfect for the Bach Partitas.
     I still can’t believe the price point.  I was bummed when I hurt my hand, but this more than makes up for having to change instruments.  Thanks again for the easy transaction and the wonderful guitar.
Take care,

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