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Lennis Laviolette
Luthier, San Diego, Ca


I was born in Winnipeg, Canada a long time ago. I have been building
guitars since 1985. I was a land surveyor for a private engineering
company in San Diego.
I became interested in classical guitar as a kid in high school and have
remained faithful to that interest my entire adult life.
I have built 156 guitars so far. (Oct, 2020). Since my retirement
from civil engineering 13 years ago I have built about 8 to 10 guitars
per year. I have tried virtually every technique that I observed to be
successful by other luthiers. The consensus is to do whatever works
best for the luthier and work hard at refining your skills and
technique. I have worked hard at it and loved every minute of it.
I am proud of my guitars and I am very fortunate to be able to do this
I have built many guitars that have played on big stages by prominent
players. Most of my work is in the hands of dedicated students in
colleges, universities and conservatories.
I have succeeded with 7 string, 8 string, 11 string alto and 4 string.
A lot of my guitars are cutaway design built for jazz guitarists.
Good luck to you in your guitar pursuits.

Dianne and I have been married since 1972. I am a very lucky man.”

  • Extracted from Len’s website

My first offering from Len was a touch surprising, as the guitar is very good, well crafted, with elegant appointments. The guitar has an excellent voice, softly created, with gutty power and lyrical nature.

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2018 Len Laviolette #129 Spruce DT Ebony
2018 Len Laviolette #129 Spruce DT Ebony