Savage Classical Guitar is now offering lessons with the following teachers: Richard F. Sayage and Carlos Quiros Rodriguez


DominicanRepublic_091206_068rfsayage_headshots_02Richard F. Sayage

I only offer lessons in my gallery location in Bohemia, and am making myself available for two days a week.

As of now, Wednesday evenings starting at 5PM (I’m trying to be flexible, but have a gallery to run as well!).  The other day is still up in the air, but will be firmed up by the needs of my student base as I create my book.

What are my accomplishments?  Huh, you know, it’s weird to list your own credits.  Who I studied with? Where did I go to school?  Name it in and around NY, I’ve been there.  Name guys from the 70’s and 80’s, yep, I probably studied with them.  I have 55 books to my credit, and 2 books of composition.  I have degrees in Music, Business, Economics, and Mathematics (and something else, but I’m not proving I’m a big ole nerd).  I’m a published author in other venues, and yes, it’s really weird to say all this out loud.  I’m not big on any of it.  I’m big on learning, teaching, and finding great guitars for people to play.  Standing on a box, beating one’s chest about this and that?  Nah, not for me.  Moving on…

Lesson rates are $75/hour for adults, $50/hour for younger students.

My thing is to conduct a class much like a Master Class for accomplished players, interpretation, angular attack, positioning, analysis, etc.

Younger and beginning students of the classical guitar will be prepped and taught a number of methods, including old school exercises focusing on the likes of Sor, Aguado, Carcassi, etc

True beginners of the classical guitar should purchase:
Classic Guitar Technique, Vol 1 (Book & CD) (Shearer Series) by Aaron Shearer – which should be available from

We will work from this very simple yet effective method book for a number of reasons, but especially because I like the fact that there are duets that we can play together, while you are learning the technique.  It can be a lot of fun and that’s the whole point while learning.

My basic philosophy is simple, have fun, work hard, practice hard, play like an angel.

My address is 385 Central Ave in Bohemia, NY 11716.  This is where our gallery is setup with over 200 Concert Classical Guitars and over 80 Conservatory Classical Guitars, under $2500.  We record audio and video here as well.

My direct line is 631-335-5447 – email is rich at savageclassical dot com


Carlos Quiros Rodriguez

Carlos is now our resident artist here at Savage Classical Guitar.  He is a former student of the incredible Rene Izquierdo.