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Over the years, in parallel with the traditional construction project, Matteo Vaghi has developed a guitar model that provides a more contemporary constructive approach that is less linked to the tradition called MODERN.

This model tries to offer guitarists and fans a guitar that is very easy to play, with a good projection and a fundamental note very present and immediate.

Shape and size are the same as the traditional models that it makes, the difference is in the working of the harmonic, the bands and the bottom. The harmonic tables are chained with the “lattice braced” method, which consists of a lattice made of wood or composite materials (balsa and carbon). 
The use of new materials helps the guitar to have a greater power, projection and volume. 
Matteo Vaghi prefers to realize the “braced lattice” in wood (fir), in order to give the instrument a wider palette of colors and a warm and less “synthetic” sound, a characteristic that is often associated 
with these types of projects.

The bands and the bottoms are made of laminated wood, that is a series of very thin layers of wood. This working for the sound box helps to have a “fundamental” of the present and immediate note, facilitates the projection of the sound and gives a greater structural stability.

Matteo Vaghi builds guitars with harmonic tops in fir or cedar, bands and bases in Indian rosewood, maple, ziricote and other essences, in order to offer the guitarist the widest possible choice of options to find the perfect instrument.

I met Matteo in Rome March of 2018. A great man, excellent builder, he was very warm, very much of the earth, well grounded. He has the lovely and gorgeous Federica Canta to help him with his guitars as a renowned Concert Artist. Poor guy! LOL Matteo is an excellent builder, using CITES free woods, and interesting configurations using all natural woods.

Please see our offerings of Matteo Vaghi and his incredible work. I am very pleased to offer Matteo’s work to the playing public through my gallery, Savage Classical Guitar.

Federica Canta & Luthier Matteo Vaghi
Federica Canta & Luthier Matteo Vaghi