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Michele Della Giustina _ Luthier

Michele Della Giustina

I was born in Vittorio Veneto in 1962, and I make guitars since 1991.

After meeting Japanese luthier Kazuo Sato I started working with Niibori Guitar Music Academy in Japan and in 2003 I was guest in their Tokyō headquarters for a seminar on guitar making.

In 2004 I hosted in my home for 2 months Hiroyuki Arai, a young student of the Japanese Luthier School, for an improvement apprenticeship. Once back in Japan, he started writing some reports about his experience in Italy.

My participations at two GFA Conventions (Montreal 2004 – Atlanta 2006) opened the doors to the American market.

After those exhibitions I was introduced in NYC and became a close friend of Ramon Zayas, the popular NBC news anchor, and I was introduced to many East Coast guitar players.

In 2007 I am a guest of the Shanghai Conservatory where I hold a lecture on violin making and where I can make my guitars known.

For some years I have been working on the restoration of historical instruments and since 2014 I have been the curator of the collection of ancient guitars “El Siglo de Oro de la Guitarra Española” owned by the GuitArt magazine.

Today my guitars are in the hands of musicians from Japan, the United States, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Colombia, several European countries and, of course, Italy.

I live and work in a house on the slopes of a wood with my wife Viviana, our son Vassili, and in the company of several animals.

My guitars are the result of the study of the great Masters of the past and a deep knowledge of the acoustic characteristics of the woods.

Michele is a very engaging and funny man, one of the earth’s people, very in touch with the woods he uses and the work he creates. Meeting him in Rome 2018, I was taken with how fluid and natural he works, talks and gets his point across. He sent me a guitar in late 2018 that blew me away. I’ve rarely been so taken with a guitar. It was old while it was new. It played like melted butter and sounds like a dream, one that anyone can appreciate.

You can see Michele’s work here at this link. I am delighted to represent this fine Italian maker and his creations here at Savage Classical Guitar. Richard F. Sayage

Michele (right) with me at the Roma Expo in 2018
Michele (right) with me at the Roma Expo in 2018