October 2018 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

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Octob-r 2018 Blog Updates Savage Classical Guitar

Happy October everyone!  Hope you are all well.  The cold weather creeps into NY, rain and weirdness, once again.  Soon enough, it will be long sleeves and hot chocolate.  Gack!  LOL – end of October and Yikes!  We’re there…50 degrees and wind and rain…seriously?  Ha…yeah, Rich…seriously.

OK, on to business.  Guitars keep coming to me.  Most I like, some I return.  A guitar has to meet my exacting standards or it has to leave.  Very simple.

One of my guys here in the gallery did an analysis of guitar dealers around the world, classical guitar specialists.  Our closest competitor of fine classical guitars has 72 Concert level instruments available!   Very nice guitars indeed, if not a bit over-priced?

We have over 240 Concert Level guitars here, and I mean, they live here in my gallery, all filtered by me personally!  Yes sir, we are, without any doubt, the largest gallery in the world catering to a discerning clientele on both sides of the guitar, luthier and player.  Goes to show, taking care of people, I mean, really taking care of them, pays beautiful dividends.  Here’s the scary part…I’ve turned away many guitars in the past few months.  We could easily eclipse 250-300 instruments if I allow it.  It was on my mind, I had to say it out loud.   Thank you to everyone who trusts us with their beautiful guitars.

My journal entry for my amazing trip to Rome begins here.

My main focus this month is to do a ton of recording and video work, getting the site up to speed, again.

We have also provided for client financing through PayPal Credit.  In essence, they are offering you a 6 month loan Interest Free if paid within that time period.  Loan terms seem favorable as well, for those needing longer than 6 months to pay down the financing.  It’s a great option, one that might open the door to a special instrument you might have your eyes on.

I have re-introduced our own model of classical guitars – the Savage Classical Guitar Model 5 and Model 10 with a sale price of $2195 for the Model 10 and $1695 for the Model 5.  Madrid style bracing and build, it’s like a Ramirez 1A without all the fuss and muss.

I have also developed a line of basic but high quality strings under our labelSavage Classical Guitar Strings –  Very affordable, very straightforward nylon strings that anyone can use.  Total pound pressure of 80lbs (Flamenco – Low Tension) – 85lbs (Normal Tension) – 90lbs (High Tension).

Nicolo Alessi has sent a complete re-supply of tuning machines to the gallery.

Gotoh machines are fully stocked as well.

PegHed Machines have also been re-stocked -prices went up significantly.  Sorry.

New issues with International Shipping.  Very Important for International Clients, including Canada…Please note that we will NOT accept PayPal or any International Credit Card as payment.  All transactions must be finalized with Bank Wire Transfers for any amount over $1000 USD.  Please see our discussion found here and scroll down to Customs – Duty and International Shipping .  Thank you!

As always, our selection of quality classical guitars is unprecedented.  Really really.  See list below.  Yikes!!   I personally approve every guitar that comes across my threshold.  If a guitar is not up to standard, it is sent back.  I guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy a visit to my shop, appreciating the wide selection, where I trust and hope that you will find your perfect guitar.  Enjoy.

My best, always!  Rich – call me at 631-335-5447   – my personal email is here


An exciting development has actually happened, where the great Tony Acosta of Luthiers in NYC is getting out of the business, offering me the majority of his stable of classical guitars.  Customers of Luthiers should contact me personally for any and all Consignments and or sales going forward.
Tony and I agreed in principle to have his museum level guitars consigned here starting in a few weeks, where we will bring in 4-6 at at time, including Simplicio – Torres – and many other great historic names.
I’ve brought in Dieter Hopf – John Price – Tom Malapanis – Juan Hernandez – and many guitars from Manuel Adalid as well as his Esteve line (which I’ve already represented).

  • I updated the Classical Guitar Care page to reflect some further thoughts, as I’m getting some feedback about neck shrinkage, causing those sticky frets at the end.  Yikes.  Humidity is important.  The guitar (your guitars) need to be at and around 50% RH …. all…the….time!  One bad day makes a difference.  I work hard to keep the gallery at 50% RH.  The latest is the Vornado EVap 4 gallon version.  What a good machine (so far).
  • 09-23-2018 – a great Sunday, as a Fender Precision Bass in Blue Ice from 1972 almost mint condition and a Gibson Les Paul Professional from 1970 (1 of 116 made) showed up and are now part of the gallery.  Photos and descriptions are next.
  • 09-27-2018 – A new Kenny Hill Signature 640 in Spruce is en route!
  • 09-28-2018 – A 1968 Gibson L5 CES Sunburst in Very Good condition arrived at my doorstep!  It’s been a great month!
  • 10-10-2018 – a new Douglass Scott is arriving on Monday the 15th!
  • 10-15-2018 – General clean up and maintenance for the colder and drier weather happening here in the gallery.  We are expecting a guitar from Italy by Michele Della Guistina!
  • 10-20-2018 – Continuing work in the gallery.  So much to do?  Yikes.  A new guitar from Italy by Camillo Perrella is getting ready to transport.  Camillo sent me 2 videos with Flavio Sala performing.  A big smile, I can’t wait to see this guitar.  Flavio kicks it out of the park!  I’m doing a pre-announcement page for the guitar.  I’ll post a link as soon as it is done.
  • 10-24-2018 – A few guitars have arrived.  A 1974 Frank Hasselbacher Hauser Bench Copy – a 2009 Peter Oberg Cedar w/EIRW – and of all things, a Charvel Model 1A from 1989 in super clean condition!
  • 10-25-2018 – After taking care of numerous personal issues, I’m back to playing, recording and taking care of things in general.  A few weeks down time, and I’m back in full force.
  • 10-27-2018 – A Thomas Humphrey Millenium from 1987 arrived in the gallery.  Spruce CSA, she’s bright and powerful!
  • 10-28-2018 – A 1992 Douglas Ching showed up today.  Nice guitar, some play wear, but wow, a great guitar!
  • 10-29-2018 – Glenn Nichols of Retrograde Guitars out of Norfolk, MA is sending me one of his high end Jazz Archtops.  Photos and details to follow.  She’s pretty.
  • 10-30-2018 – Happy pre-Halloween?  LOL – Video sessions from Professor Douglas Rubio and Hannah Murphy are finally coming on line.  See updates below within the recording section of this update.

New or Expected Guitars

These lists of photography and other media will continually be added to, for the purpose of archives and easy search.  Additions will be at the bottom of each list.  Thanks, Rich



Listening with high quality headphones or audio equipment is always highly recommended


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