Alessi Tuning Machines

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Classical Guitar Tuning Machines hand engraved and machined in Italy, Nicolò Alessi is producing some of the finest tuning machines available for the classical guitarist.

ALESSI Tuning Machines are created out of a combination of love and knowledge: on the one hand a passion for the classical guitar and, on the other, more than 30 years experience as an industrial designer. By these influences, his fine handcrafted tuning machines are produced combining elegance with precision performance.

I have personally had a number of guitars here in my shop using Alessi Tuning Machines, including his various Hauser models, his English design, Vintage design with Round Buttons and his Ramirez 1912 designs. Tight, precise, with miniscule and smooth adjustment, all while being made of the finest materials, I am continually impressed with how wonderful these machines are in the hands of the player. Gorgeous to look at, they absolutely compliment the finest guitar, being an integral part of the instrument. After all, besides the strings, the tuners are most touched part of the instrument. Your fine instrument deserves the best and these qualify hands down!

All machines (standard models) are 35mm on center post to post, 10mm of depth of roller, and average 112-113 mm in length of actual machine plate. Nicoló does not offer me schematics but I am happy to measure for you on the fly if you call me.

Competitively priced in the USA with FREE Shipping, you will not find a better value and long term investment for the guitar of your life as these machines are among the finest in the world.

Below you will find a hand picked selection of tuners available from Alessi that I personally chose based on aesthetics and my personal preference. I trust that you will agree that these babies are among the finest tuners in the world. Enjoy. Rich

Very Important – Another note of point. I have these machines in stock. I can measure them for you. I can photograph them. I can discuss them with you in detail, as I know the product.
There are other sites out there that simply list product, (a product that they do not have in hand), a price, and then say that it is a custom delivery and that Lead Time is about 5-7 days.
That is simply nonsense.
Nicolò Alessi builds these by hand. Lead time is at a minimum 2 months. My experience is more like 3-4 months. Yes, I said months.
Please do not bring up sites to me that have these listed but do not carry them. I carry a full stock, have numerous variations, and can communicate easily with Nicolò for any custom order.
I have also personally lowered the prices on these machines that is competitive with anyone else. I also offer FREE Priority Mail Shipping to the 50 US.
Thank you in advance for your understanding and consideration. Rich 631-335-5447