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Savage Classical Guitar – being one of the largest and most respected classical guitar dealers in the world, offers for sale some of the finest instruments available to the playing public. Peruse my catalog of available luthier crafted handmade classical guitars and see and listen to the difference that a knowledgeable and caring dealer can make in your decision process.

Feel free to call Rich Sayage at 631-335-5447 to talk classical guitar – flamenco guitar and acoustic guitar – it’s my favorite thing to do…helping you to find your perfect guitar at the best possible price.

Please use the Search Bar (upper right) to search for a Luthier Name that you’re interested in and wish to research. Also, under About (top menu), you can hover and see a Luthier Page of the makers I have available for your convenience, with info and listings links attached. That same link is available to you under Classical Guitars – Classical Guitar Luthiers

Please DO NOT Choose USPS Media Mail to ship a guitar – choose FedEx Home or Ground Delivery or any Expedited Method.  The more expensive a guitar, the more likely you should choose a 1 or 2 day method.  Thank you!

All guitars of any kind, price, category include Free Shipping to the 50US – a Premium Hard Shell Case – Polishing Cloth and extra strings.
The type of guitar purchased increases the value of the accessory package I include with every purchase – headstock tuner, humidifier, polish, arm sleeve, additional sets of strings, etc, all designed to help you enjoy, maintain and protect your guitar without nickel and diming you. This has always been my way of saying an extra thank you for doing business with me. Everyone I’ve dealt with has always commented and appreciated the “extra bag of accessories” I send with every guitar.

Thank you for visiting my site, my very personal classical guitar portal to the world. I truly look forward to speaking with and helping you to find your next extraordinary guitar.

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  • 2009 Michael Gee #561 30th Anniversary Spruce CSA

  • 2022 Matt Rubendall Spruce Ziricote 640mm

  • 2022 Paul Weaver 1943 Hauser Cedar EIRW

  • 2022 Manuel Adalid Torres #196 Spruce EIRW 640mm

  • 2014 Kim Lissarrague #206 Cedar Imbuya Lattice

  • 2019 Kevin Aram Marianela Spruce EIRW 640mm

  • 2019 John Ray #226 Cedar Brazilian RW 640mm

  • 2014 Gregory Byers Cedar Madagascar RW Lattice 640mm

  • 2022 Paul Weaver 1943 Hauser Spruce EIRW

  • 2018 Yuolong Guo #154 Echoes Cedar Ziricote

  • 2015 Jean Noel Rohé #69 Spruce EIRW

  • 2022 Giacomo Guadagna Anniversary SE Spruce Maple