Darren Hippner

Darren has been a professional luthier building guitars full time since 1994. As of 2012 his total production is over 700 guitars.

He comes from a family of carpenters & cabinet makers and is a 4th generation carpenter/cabinet maker. His great grandfather emigrated to America from Germany working as a carpenter & cabinet maker. Both his grandfather and father were home-builders & cabinet makers so it was natural for Darren to learn the fundamentals of woodworking.

Having an interest in music he was attracted to the classical guitar and one day had an idea to build one for himself. As fortune would have it, he discovered a luthier nearby who was originally trained as a violin maker in Europe and then emigrated to America. Being a master luthier he successfully transitioned to guitar making. Darren was in his workshop admiring his fine guitars, asking questions how to make them and listening attentively as this master generously shared his knowledge & techniques. ..read more here.

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