David Daily

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I have been in the guitar building business for thirty years. The thing that has sustained me through all those years is my love for building guitars. There is a high when you are completing a guitar–carving the neck, hammering the frets, putting on the polish, anticipating a new instrument.There is really nothing like it. I have a lot of my own collections—camera equipment, stereo equipment, lps, boots. And I love holding a new piece in my hands. The beauty of these things can be just stunning. And a guitar is whatever any of that is squared.

David builds an incredible guitar. The sheer resonance, beauty and musicality coupled with relative ease of play can easily inspire any player to want to practice and become a better performer, the ultimate definition of what a classical guitar should exhibit. It’s my pleasure to represent David Daily and his gorgeous classical guitars here at Savage Classical Guitar.

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    2011 David Daily #512 Spruce CSA