Douglass Scott

My customers are usually classical musicians, but some are flamenco or jazz artists as well. I’ve made guitars for professional concert artists, students in university and conservatory music programs, music composers, professors of guitar programs, collectors, guitar teachers, avid enthusiasts and students of all ages. I’m interested in working with anybody who values the best playability and a truly musical instrument.

Perhaps needless to say, it’s the quality of the result that matters more than adhering to any particular style of construction. I make only professional quality concert instruments that are perfect in solo, chamber music, or concerto settings. They are equally at home in the practice room, performance hall, living room, or recording studio. I believe that a truly great guitar will excel in every situation. That said, I’d rather be pigeonholed into the “traditional” category than anything else. I make my guitars in the way that’s been proven through history to result in the most expressive, versatile musical instruments possible.

The three standard guitar models I offer – standard scale length, short scale length, and modern terz, are all incarnations of one fundamental set of design principles streamlined for different specific players and uses.

I focus on making my instruments stand out by simply making them outstanding. Not through frills, or by following fads. Scott guitars are my carefully studied effort to capture the greatest qualities of the finest instruments in history, and produce a sound that’s distinctive, yet very classic.

Although I’ve learned that a traditional approach to lutherie can result in the best possible instruments, I don’t actually specialize in historical reproductions. Each and every structural and aesthetic aspect of my guitars is carefully considered and dialed in. There is no such thing as an unimportant detail. It’s imperative that my instruments are easy to play, show a refined, timeless aesthetic, and above all, have an exquisite quality of sound that responds to every nuance of the player’s musical expression.

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