Jean Rompré

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M first guitar was born in 1983 (It was a Gibson Acoustic Jumbo J-200 built with cedar and mahogany).

I was then thirteen.

Five others followed, built by myself, before I started my studies at the violin making school in Montreal in 1987.

I then studied in St. Irenaeus, Quebec City and Vancouver with, among others, Neil Hebert, Linda Manzer and Michael Dunn, as I continued my training, advanced manufacturing technique, Clasicos guitars, computer design, frequency analysis, etc.

Finally, back in Quebec, in 1992 I opened my studio in downtown Montreal.

Since 1994, eight classical guitars are produced each year, where they are sold in North America, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I am also teaching materials technology and guitar repair to the National Lutherie School of Quebec.
I am also a member of the Montreal Guitar Society and the Association of Stringed Instruments of America and the American Guild of Violin.

[Taken directly from Jean’s Website]

Make no mistake, Jean is a true artisan, craftsman and luthier, the kind that others might aspire to be. His workmanship, stellar, matches the absolute and almost ridiculous sonority and resonance of his guitars. Upon first seeing one of Jean’s creations, I was taken aback by the attention to detail. Never mind when I played the guitar. This is the kind of guitar that takes your breath away, or better, makes you hold it, because you don’t want anything at all to interfere with the sounds coming from your hands. The amazing thing about meeting Jean is that you are also struck by how nice he is, gentle to a fault, and humble. That’s OK, Jean, I’ll talk you up all you need.

  • 2004 Jean Rompré #92 Spruce Flamed Maple