Johannes T'Kindt

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Johannes T’Kindt is an extraordinary young luthier with the training to build beautiful looking guitars and the soul to create musical, expressive instruments.

“At the age of 16, I started training as a luthier at the International Luthiery School of Antwerp (ILSA). After graduating three years later, I also studied the restoration of musical instruments. At that time, I started to work independently on various instruments and to experiment with different techniques and methods in my student apartment in Belgium.

In 2016 I worked as an apprentice with Master Stephen Hill in La Herradura, Granada. One year after that inspiring experience, I returned to La Herradura to continue working and learning with Stephen. While I was there, I came up with the idea of starting my own workshop in Spain.

In October 2017, shortly after obtaining my diploma in instrument restoration, I moved all my equipment and tools to Andalusia to create my own workshop in Dúrcal, Granada.
About one year later I moved to the neighbouring village, Nigüelas and started an old house with the objective to install a new workshop there. By June 2019 the new workshop officially opened to the public.

Johannes T'Kindt

Johannes T’Kindt

Like many other guitar makers, I rely on Antonio De Torres’ method for the handcrafted construction of Classical and Flamenco guitars.With respect to the Spanish guitarmaking tradition, I make handcrafted guitars with a modern approach to the tradition. Each instrument has a unique sound and aesthetics. I am particularily interested in historical instruments and that has encouraged me to make a copy of a Luis Panormo guitar, and restored several interesting instruments of the past. On the side I’ve made several other other instruments, such as an acoustic bassguitar, several electric guitars, some percussive instruments, etc.

The workshop is situated in Nigüelas, a Beautiful Andalusian white village at the edge of the Sierra Nevada. When I first arrived in the area, looking for a place to settle a workshop I was truly amazed by the beautiful surrounding as well as the convenient geographical situation. Granada city is merely twenty minutes away and the Costa Tropical is almost just as close by.

It’s a beautiful house, built in 1945, at the edge of the village, where the workshop came to be. Over the course of a few years we have been restoring the house and making it adequate for to install a beautiful workshop with the right amount of space, controlled humidity level and temparature. In the meantime the workshop was in a shopspace in the neighbouring village Dúrcal.

By June 2019 we officially opened shop and since then have been making many instruments in it. If you are interested in paying a visit to the workshop, please call or send an email in advance.

The entire creative process of the guitars happens right here in the workshop. From cutting rough stock, thicknessing the woods with precision, carving the neck, designing and making the marquetry and other decorational features, building the guitar up from the Solera, the sanding process, French polishing, stringing up and playing the first notes. A stable humidity level is paramount in the construction of musical instruments, escpecially guitars. We try to keep it at approximately 45 % at all times. without this stable humidity level the guitar will probably suffer cracks and other defects during it’s construction and more importantly in it’s life outside the workshop, wherever it would be.”

  • 2023 Johannes T’Kindt CL44 Spruce Madagascar 650mm