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Juan Hernandez Classical Guitars

“Juan Hernández Iranzo. I was born in Turís (Valencia) in the year 1948. I started learning at the age of 15 in Esteve guitar, and in that same workshop I became an official master luthier and later, I ran the shop as lead luthier and foreman.

Now, along with four more artisans, I am proud to present these beautiful models of guitars, handmade with time and patience: in them I have
Using only the most noble woods, my guitars have been finished with the most exquisite care.

Always built with the traditional Spanish manufacturing system. Given the limited number of instruments I produce, I can make any other model you request.”

  • taken from Juan’s personal site

I can attest to Juan’s quality in the Spanish Tradition.  His guitars are truly special.  I have 2 of his Romance guitars here, in and around $4K each and they are exquisite instruments, worth much more than the asking price.  Juan builds a truly exceptional guitar and at a more than reasonable price.

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  • 2023 Juan Hernandez SM Cedar DT Cocobolo