Michael Batell

Michael is an American living in Berlin Germany since 2008. Having built historical instruments from classical guitars to lutes, harpsichords and viola de gambas since the 1970’s, and a specialized background in engineering, has allowed Michael to produce instruments with very high tolerances, responsiveness, and aggressive yet musical expressiveness.

He brought 2 instruments to my studio in mid-March 2014, both of which I wanted immediately. One is here now, while the other, a Cedar is being shown to David Russell and Ben Verderey. The guitar will be sent back to me at the end of the month. My gut feeling on Michael Batell is “watch out”. He’s a builder who you haven’t heard of, but he’s been around a long time, building some of the finest, most refined sounding, yet explosively powerful and expressive guitars I’ve heard in a long while.

You can read more about Michael Batell here

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