Pierre Alexandre Bellest

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Pierre Alexandre Bellest, at the age of 18, started classical guitar at the Yvetot Conservatory, attending the classes of Isablelle Chomet and then Aurelien Colas.  In 2004 he obtained the CFEM.

“Passionate about this instrument and thanks to the friendship of Aurelien Colas, I built my first guitar, in 2006, at Stephen Hill’s workshop, in Lewes, UK.

Convinced by this experience, I joined in 2007 the class of “Classical Guitar Making” at Newark College, (Newark, UK).  Upon graduation, wishing to deepen my knowldedge in the filed, I entered the “Civica Scuola di Liuteria,”, in Milan.

This complete training allowed me to study several essential subjects for violin making, chemistry, physics, organology, restoration and the construction old and modern plucked string instruments.

In 2012, I set up my workshop in Yvetot, France.

  • 2021 Pierre Alexandre Bellest #71 Spruce EIRW