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“I build my guitars in the Spanish Tradition – ‘neck joined to body by slots cut into neck’. All instruments are handmade and hand finished. The French Polish Technique is used as a finish because I believe it enhances the total sound of the instrument. There is also a lifetime guarantee on the finish (under normal wear).”

All master grade woods are used and you have a choice of: soundboards, back and sides, binding and body styles. Ebony fingerboards are used exclusively on my instruments, but if you prefer something else, they are listed under Specs/Options. At present I use Rubner, Schaller, and Gotoh tuning machines. Gilbert, Alessi, and Rodgers tuning machines can be Installed as an option.

All of my Instruments are constructed with the exclusive use of hand tools.
Power tools are used only to bring the rough wood to working conditions.
I have nothing against the use of machinery(other than the noise) but I love the feel of an edge tool.. I also prefer to feel the wood as It’s being worked.

I have an extensive Inventory of woods. A large majority is kept in a specially climate controlled room while another portion is kept in the shop, where the humidity is at a constant 45%.
The shop batch is usually what I will be constructing Instruments with within a years time. Temperature and humidity must be constantly monitored.

[Taken directly from Rich’s website]

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    2007 Richard DiCarlo #785 7-String Cedar EIRW

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